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  1. cheers, i got the fronts previously too. just ordered the rears so will have a full set.. , dare say will come in handy, and save a few pounds later... oriiginals are getting on for 9 years old , surely gonna start leaking at some point.. cost more than that to have them refurbished by bilstein...
  2. oo ooo gonna love the bomb hole... some fast corners, some tricky ones, and a frustrating one onto the straight...
  3. got 4 day tickets, might go thursday with a m8 then sat with son
  4. loved f1 had attended many races from mid 80s, gave up going as the events are pretty lacking .. when sunday morning warm ups stopped so did i.. crazy money to pay to see three gp2 gp3 f1 boring races... still watch without fail on tv, but even thats testing me.. too much bollox about tyres, engine saving, hybrid rubbish.. luckily historic racing has taken over,, goodwood, revival, silverstone etc etc.. the racing is stunning and entertaining... i take my wife to goodwood, and even she loves to watch the races.. you can watch any car in the field, they are exciting to watch.. i challenge anyone to go to goodwood watch the races, and come back and state modern f1 is anything but utterly lost . such a shame.. but brought on by driven greed and not a single consideration for the fans..
  5. what really makes me frustrated is there is muppet jobsworth who dreams up this legislation.. and thinks its gonna do the job..
  6. what exactly do they even do..?
  7. i was actually referring to upgrading the whole car.. from na to 400 ... in that its a serious jump in cash, i think throwing a few more upgrades at my n/a would be more logical..
  8. with 400's twice the price of N/A you have to say N/A represent damn good value...they are seriously good cars.. ive given the upgrading some serious thought of late, and wonder if id be thinking after upgrading that it wasnt perhaps such a good idea as i thought it might be... hmmn
  9. i started watching it & continued, the last three were terrible & cringey to watch.. these seemed to be much more non staged.. still find CH a bit annoying.. agree that the old format of 3 cars adventure has run its course.. loved the cars though.. mk 2 escort for how much? how many people went on to south affrica ebay
  10. elise has now sold garage no 2 is empty not sure at mo Andy, still got my lovely evora, one always has to keep one lotus in active duties at all times.... it opens the possibilities for other lotus types 😉 lots of looking going on... upgrade or side grade but esprit and original europa's featuring highly in internet time..
  11. good work! ive driven brands in the wet , and know just how it feels heart in mouth every time round paddock... good track in the dry as you say.. can really push and get rewarded..
  12. love that couple of nice touches.. love what theyve done with the rear bench, given me an idea ...also changed the clock faces
  13. cool looks a easy option that, were the spekers a nice fit, and wht did you do with the tweeters this kit comes with? ase these the speakers its worth updating the alpine software via usb too
  14. dont think i would have bothered going out in my open cockpit in that...... looks very very frustrating
  15. was used for the launch pics
  16. loving the bonnet exhaust decals.. epic
  17. go and get yourself a can of gt86 silicon spray from halfrauds for a fiver, using the straw in the jooints, be carfefull not to get any on the alcantara... problem solved.. what your hearing is plastic to plastic, the spray lets it slide so no noise
  18. I had an x1 msport 225 bhp never again sold it after three months
  19. ive learnt a lot about potato peelers this morning....
  20. ha ha ok.. you definitely will if you drive them... good luck!
  21. just for info, you should test drive the k series engine, pre 2005 , it has much better spread of torque across the rev range than the base n/a toyota engine which needs to be reved high rpm to extract pleasing performance making it perhaps less fun on the roads.?. lots of arguments either way on the engine side..people will both with great passion but ino they are both great fun , i like both for different reasons, both very reliable if looked after.. go drive em both see what you prefer.. i thin the k series feels much more alive, quicker and suited the elise chassis better.. at this bhp level .. its also lighter so win win.. but only a drive give you the answers.. obviously a supercharged engine is a whole different ballgame.. aj
  22. quick polish up for the for sale add (see classified) just love this angle
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