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  1. sending you love and strength .. . good luck with the sale..
  2. dont kow on the image but get that sorted so you can update us with pics as you go👍 sounds fun...
  3. to be honest i have no respect for any politicians any more.. clearly they have no respect for each other or anyone other than themselves.. they struggle to get anything passed as they all squabble about themselves.. i fed up with all the backstabbing... personally id prefer a dictatorship pm to some extent.. candidates put themselves forward and their ideas,, we vote for them , what they say goes. total power.. give two year term.. after that we get to vote again for them to stay or a new pm with new ideas.. at least we may get some progress and agendas implemented.. never going to happen i know, and unrealistic too, but with our system no one can do anything , other than quit when the going gets tough.. at the end of the day ive given up caring what they do, just so long as they do something!!.. what ever happens the world will not end, we wil carry on perhaps we need a huge reset i mean just to show you how pathetic our system is, 6 months before May became PM she was pictured outside her constituency village hall , campaigning to remain! saying how this was so right for the country.. then 6 months later shes PM saying we need to leave... it just leaves confusion and no trust in our system
  4. brilliant video...lovely driven lap .track looks very very fast 40-46 secs, that looks like a tricky combination of corners where coudl easy get wrong ..... 1.09 secs - airborne.....💪 must get out to this track somepoint...
  5. love red interiors alcantara or leather.. the s1 lotus recaros cs
  6. ahh difference from s1 to 400 then.. mines pretty mint on the s1 and looks similar to those pics, pictures can be miss leading ..perhaps i need higher rating glasses 😂
  7. eh, that look brand new.. its shiney leather from factory ?. youve obviously not seen any evora in the flesh.. there lovely places to be.. your in for a treat..
  8. thanks guys seems im not alone then, im gonna rule out anything with these spec seats for the time being.. guess im spoilt with my current s1 evora and elise 2 seats.. which offer more padding..
  9. Hi will just about got a wave in! , it would be a 350 if i did go for one.. i think the 410 is probably too quick for me on the road to enjoy it to be honest, i think i prefer the power delivery and fun of my elise up to 60mph .. the power delivery of the 410 just goes completely mental at 4000 and above.. i imagine would be fun on a track for sure.. ahh cool so different... thank you,, will see if i can get some time in their 350 demo when it comes avaliable..
  10. it was this car..
  11. eh? the s1 seats are incredibly comfy recaro cs with lots of adjustment , sit much lower, tilt turn you name it.. what do you need to change?
  12. currently own an s1 evora and elise s2 . called in at lotus colchester today, to enquire about a 350.. possibly as one car to replace two.. they currently have a lovely 410 demo that was available for a test drive.. i really struggled with the seat, and was experiencing high discomfort in my lower vertebra, it was hurting! not from an ache or position more lack of padding..i was pleased to get out! .we did swap seats on return to the forecourt and whilst the lower back section has little or no padding, it definitely seemed much better in the passenger seat, (no pain) we both felt this was significantly better this side.... im wondering if anyone else has experienced this? perhaps a small manufacturing defect? in the drivers side? or just my specific build and bone structure.. whilst wouldnt put me off as its easy enough to get a bit of re trimming with additional padding post purchase.. i suppose its almost like my elise without the lower back air support bit pumped up... or sitting in a go kart without a rib protector on?? drving my s1 back home with the amazing recaro CS in was like floating in a bed of cotton wool .. i immediately took the elise out my early 2001 and even that felt so much more comfy with no pain... this even with what are allegedly (not my view) the less comfy earlier seats very impressed with the sales guy. Matt i think.. nothing was too much trouble, very knowledgable one of the better experiences ive had in car dealerships for sure.. im going to get a 350 priced and specced up, see where were at, thoughts ? ta
  13. sierra cosworth has racing pedigree, looks fantastic (not saphire) did these cartons actually do /win anything, or were the just a big lump of car with a fast engine for execs at the time?
  14. how on earth did these cars ever get to be worth 75k let alone that ridiculous 124k..
  15. might wanna put your milage you got out of it, be helpfull for others to know
  16. this threads shocking, just read through from the beginning granted it started 4 years ago, maybe this forum wasnt visited as much but there is some outstanding impressive lotus car ownership lists on here! that didnt even get a thumbs up! now rectified by me at least
  17. im glad you did revive this thread ive not seen it before.. your ownership storey is impressive too
  18. brilliant video, music and drone footage laid out lovely
  19. silverstones just dropped their blue one form 48k to 42k
  20. very sorry for your loss by the sounds of it that little doggie has had the best spoilt 12 years ever ... rip little one
  21. I saw that the meting contained radicles and thought it might have been your series... i was going to go to the strattons open day which is always good, then may shoot across to snetterton for the afternoon....
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