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  1. great job Paul.. that video looks damn fast, not driven that track but looks immense fun with scary little run off in places! enjoy reading about your race adventures... something id love to do if i had the finances and skill set.. Aj
  2. Justr love those AMG GT.. look stunning on the outside, & the interior is a super place to spend time .. whilst not in the same league we have an slk as a daily i often find myself steeling that for longer trips than my evora.. as i love the seating position and interior layout out, can only imagine the drama of a gt... always having a scoot around the local MB dealerships checking out the GT.s... is defo on my sometime list
  3. thats cool, no better a way to spend an evening than watching GOT... i was flicking through the sky movies and watched " solo" a star wars storey .. who was one of the main players.. Emilia Clarke so that was a nice little bonus...
  4. i quite like it, but if you got to use it for 500miles, got it out of your system and flipped it.. good work.. you said you were tempted to do that early on.. what followed it?
  5. if friday goes to plan and my guys dont need me saturday, i intend to come but wont know until friday evening..
  6. a simple skill , sadly soon to lost to the world of "behind the screen generation." . just like map reading... old skool rocks i bet if i show the majority of 20 years a tyre gauge they wouldnt have a clue what it was.. the ones in our 2017 mini clubman were utter rubbish. going off all the time, with no drop in pressure, .. had to replace 3 sensors in teh end (under warranty) BMW said they have shelf life of only five years if i remember..
  7. from reading the above post about the us ordering spec, just wow.. surely that cant be right? looks like chaotic way to run a business.. = epic fail surely lotus must have an open dialogue with its dealers? to advise on weekly progress and spec so that they can advise the clients.. we have internet and emails last time i checked?
  8. i just looked at mine @ 29k and look like new! perhaps i need to drive it harder
  9. how long would we expect discs last under normal use? milage wise,
  10. Waze is by far the best sat navigation tool available... its brilliant.. and always 100% accurate with traffic and re routing.. mapo arsealways correct.. IMO of course
  11. because it has no logic and nothing at all to do with emissions.. its just lies and bullcrap made up by muppet politicians cluelessly fumbling along with agendas to suit only themselves..
  12. welcome! thats lovely...
  13. so im reading this as if you get this belt, it enables you to remove the ac compressor and keep things in pace and running so you can service the compressor? is so great info!
  14. who needs bloody multiple leds anyway.. whats wrong with the simple replacement bulb, could be led if it needed to be.. why do these car designers come up with this unfixable crap... poor design & execution... not just lotus tho.. we are the idiots who keep buying them.. personally id like to go back to simplified stuff.. its why i love my early s2 so much... easy enough fix.. and i can work on it.. unlike my evora..
  15. agreed, if the high curbs damdge your car you can claim back damages from them for sending you there.. so they happily will send you to wide vehicles oh and be sure to have a rev out in the carriage
  16. just head left when through final passport control once your time is called... cant miss the sign its huge on the top gantry... no extra fee to pay... you wont creep down the train... that wont help the evora is too wide. it would be too close and damage will occur now matter how carefull you try. especially if you get double stacked... these are the oversize ones
  17. Classic case of too much health and safety making things worse.. without those those clowns both waving the cars from each direction on there would have been more common sense to check direction from the drivers.. marshals fault 100% and as as an organised event they should be responsible.. sadly all this will do is make it worse for future events.. as instead of saying yup we had a right plonker on the car control that caused that.. the muppets sitting in the office will just take teh view thats its far too risky to have a car event at all next time..
  18. make sure you go via to tunnel oversize vehicles ... ie caravans , vans and coaches... or cars with roof boxes etc as the metal tracks either side of the runway in the standard size are too close together to squeeze down without trashing your wheels
  19. thought id be a bit more helpfull (BTW i love pewter grey on cars) in all seriousness have a look on here exige ger.. or check out jon seals exige in pewter grey
  20. interesting info but a little late for the OP by the tune of 4 years...... :)
  21. Lovely car... dealership is one of the best if your talking about the cargo net and carpet in the boot, that rear upright section is only held in with velcro for easy removal as the battery is accessed behind it. the cargo net can be pulled taught.. i had some slight wear on my black seats at 25k before i swapped out to red... some black leather care treatment had them looking factory fresh.. for less than a 15 pounds and half hours work.. id get them to talk you through any imperfections they see over the phone.. i personally would have no issues taking her word for it and buying sight unseen from Lotus silverstone.. good luck.. they really are fantastic cars..
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