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  1. Happy. Found a copy at Zurich airport. I’m heading back to Singapore today and straight into a two week quarantine. It’s a surreal experience to fly these days. 28pax on an Airbus 350 Coming into Europe and a similar or possibly lower number heading back today. Stay safe folks and have a good summer.
  2. Well, I think that’s a bit of an understatement Fabian. With or without the racks this is likely still the #1 copper fire turbo esprit out there. It’s like a new car with incredible attention to detail.
  3. Is that a copper-bronze self lubricating bearing?
  4. I find the two tone combos a bit loud so I went with a classic, time tested setup
  5. On mine the ports are sideways, toward the rh fuel tank
  6. You’re right Steve, it’s a completely different engine surround. Lots of unusual bits around the engine Bay. A standard cover will never fit. My 83 is a hot climate car. It’s built like a UK version, very few differences.
  7. probably been posted before but there’s some brilliant pictures in there.
  8. @Bibs despite being logged in I see ads popping up. Has there been changes to the site or is it a malfunction/bug?
  9. That’s how the under tray looks like. It covers the front part of the engine with the belts, the fuel pump and the cross over fuel pipe etc.
  10. Probably been posted before, but here it is. Lotus 49 “first time out” 1967 And a review by tiff needell
  11. Andrew, there’s lots of underside pictures on BaT. Have a look at the links below. There isn’t all that much difference between these cars, they all look alike from below.
  12. I replaced my front seal a couple of months ago. Pressed the new one in to the desired 2.5mm gap. As a consequence it does protrude a little at the front as you can see in the picture below. Make sure you get it in absolutely square. That’s crucial. It took me a few attempts with a DIY press tool. No leaks so far.
  13. They are great items. Very good build quality. I just put a 610 into my car. Found one on eBay a while ago. It was cosmetically in very good shape but needed work. It had a ground fault that needed mending and I changed all the capacitors. Added a small Pioneer amp to it and aux input plus a few fully reversible “extras” where the blank equaliser cover sat. Looks great and sounds great too. Love the thing; it adds a lot of flavour to the cabin.
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