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  1. Managed to resolve it. The audio cable insulation earthing/ground between the Panasonic 610 main and external amp casing was disconnected. Somehow picked up a signal from the EL panel.
  2. It has sold. Lasted longer than I thought. Asking price was on the higher side I suppose. Did anybody on the forum get it? Would be cool to have it in the fold. They do look best in a Turbo Esprit
  3. Looks real good. Just ordered the set from the TLF shop
  4. Welcome to the forum! Some good hands-on work ahead then. Keep it systematic and hang in there. It’s very rewarding.
  5. Welcome Marc. Really cool car!
  6. There’s a Panasonic Cockpit 610E for sale on EBay. It’s the E version with the equaliser. They are rare and sell fast. Bit of a strange title so best check with the seller first before any bidding. Seems in reasonable condition but as always with these items; most likely needs work.
  7. Andy, I followed your lead with the electroluminescent panel and it looks great. Very even illumination and the panel looks like I’ve never seen it before. So far so good. The downside is that I have a slight radio buzz that’s caused by the converter. I understand that it’s a DC to AC converter that drives the panel. Did you do any modifications to yours? A Diode added perhaps?
  8. Looks very clean well looked after.
  9. Interesting bolt. Mine has standard hex bolts. Yours look in good shape though. With the correct tool this will work. Looks like a torx head or something alike. Unusual for sure.
  10. Happy to be of some assistance Mark. You’ll get them out. Just be careful and systematic. A Long breaker bar and no hammers advisable
  11. Mark, nice car. I reckon it’s the similar as on an S3 or early turbo. Remove the wheel and the safely spline & nut on the hub. Take out the brake pads and undo the brake caliper and move it out of the way. You might need to deal with the dust cover as well here, not sure how that looks like on an S2.2. If there’s no overlap with the cover, you should be able to pull the hub with the disk straight off. I remember there being 5 screws at the back that bolt the disk to the hub, in your case it’ll be 4. They sit in a recess at the back so you need a correct slim nut to undo them. Make sure you
  12. Happy. Found a copy at Zurich airport. I’m heading back to Singapore today and straight into a two week quarantine. It’s a surreal experience to fly these days. 28pax on an Airbus 350 Coming into Europe and a similar or possibly lower number heading back today. Stay safe folks and have a good summer.
  13. Well, I think that’s a bit of an understatement Fabian. With or without the racks this is likely still the #1 copper fire turbo esprit out there. It’s like a new car with incredible attention to detail.
  14. Is that a copper-bronze self lubricating bearing?
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