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  1. To my understanding, the transmission should come complete with the hubs.
  2. Thanks Steve. Yes it is the Esso Mobile Pegasus. It’s a bit of a reference to old days. Besides the Union Jack that’s the only ‘non standard’ item in the car. The yellow looked ok in photos only. In reality it was a poor paint job, a non-lotus color and with incorrect color coded bumpers. It was pretty awful close up. So in essence, I’m really happy with the new look. The general public reactions also confirms it.
  3. Thanks Henry. If that ever happens again, make sure you look me up mate.
  4. Here’s an update on my car 😁 I really like the new color.
  5. Rare 610E on fleabay now
  6. Actually they were not canned Barry. Only by Lotus. The Eterne became the AM Rapide and the Esprit looks like today’s Huracan. They took the core of the design as their own. As they say, copies are the best form of flattery. Bloody shame though. Wasted opportunity with some real leading designs...
  7. Agree, they looked really good and distinctive. To me the Evija, while spectacular, is too far out designwise, hope the new 131 type is more grounded, especially so if they call it Esprit. Wouldn’t like to see an Evija ‘light’... the cars shown on the autocar cover leave me cold, tbh.
  8. Welcome to the forum Ross. Cool cars and a good story. Seen you on Instagram as well, you put that turbo to good use recently👌. Good to have you on TLF.
  9. Here’s the info on the led relay box of the relay that I installed recently. That should point you in the correct direction. Look up the cable colors in the lotus electrical diagram and connect them accordingly. Bear in mind that some led relays are sensitive to RF interference. Mine was working fine at idle but started to misbehave at higher rpm. I had to swop it for a different type. The connections X, L and P were the same.
  10. Yes, it’s unavoidable. I kept it to 2 small holes only for the one cable tie in the upper centre of the photo. The other ties are using the grill mesh as an anchoring base. The tube isn’t heavy so that makes it a little easier. Bend radius is an issue however. Most installs go around the fringe of the cover. I wanted mine to centre over the carbs so the current setup is the best compromise I could come up with.
  11. It’s a 2m long system in my case.
  12. Just installed a blaze cut system. I still believe that the best fire insurance is keeping the carbs and fuel lines well maintained. However, a backup doesn’t hurt. Happy Christmas folks 🎄!
  13. I find that the colour coded bumpers make the car look longer and wider and somehow detract a little from its essential shape. This is of course a completely subjective and personal view. I do prefer the satin black bumper look and it will also be correct for an 83’ TE. After 4 years of ownership, I’ve pretty much gone through the whole car and I’ve invested a small fortune in parts and countless hours to get her to a good level. It was needed and worth it. The car is in great shape now, drives and sounds great. The upcoming respray will complete that journey.
  14. Yes Kevin. It’s been resprayed by a PO. To be honest, yellow isn’t my cup of tea. I’m planning for a color change with correct black bumpers and mirrors soon.
  15. At an Esso tie-in photoshoot with some Singapore classic car club members today. The lovely E-type is chassis #1 with the 4.2 litre engine. Nice contrasting colors.
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