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    Tanks done - brakes done - suspension done - color change?
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  1. Brilliant car Dave. We’re all a bit mad. But that’s cool, the esprit is such a piece of art one has to be a bit mad to truly appreciate it. Guess having 8 pots instead of 4 makes you twice as mad as some of the rest of us. Good luck with the car. Enjoy it!😀
  2. Great Color combo. Silver with red leather. Very nice 👍
  3. Gis

    '81 dry sump distributor help please

    Yes, my 84 has an AB14, the book is correct
  4. On second thought, make sure the clutch hydraulic system is fully bled.
  5. Sounds strange. The 2 systems (clutch and shift) are separate. Unless the clutch doesn’t separate fully, but I’m sure that’s crossed your mind. On my 84 I had to adjust the length of the shift rod that’s attached to the gearbox at the back (side to side motion on the shift lever) a little from time to time. That’s cured any gear select issue. In my case it affected either 1st/2nd gear or od/reverse. The cables may drift a tiny bit. Technically, if you’re able to put it in reverse you should be able to select 5th as well. But again a small length adjustment of the gear link rod might just correct that. I have the same SJ slave in my car as yours, no issue with it apart from some work getting it to seal correctly. Works fine after that. Have a look at that gear link length first and tweak it from there.
  6. Agree with Neil and Steve. It’s a good task to DIY. Plenty of documentation around on how to do it. Very rewarding job once you’ve completed it.
  7. On my 84 I have the bulkhead speakers only and nothing else. No perforations in the dash and no speakers in the doors. Interior is original as far as I can tell. There were probably quite a few different audio specs available at the time... That said, I wish the first owner would have ordered the roof mounted cockpit stereo...😬
  8. Gis

    S3 Turbo Engine stops

    That’s good news. Hope the car runs fine now. At least a more lasting fix. Consider that there is more crud to where it came from so at some stage you’ll have to look at the tanks again. Also replace or clean the strainers or you’ll have carb clogging issues sooner or later. Happy driving mate 👍
  9. SJ has the smaller knobs too, albeit with a slightly different circumference pattern. The cover is identical apart from a white dot.
  10. Gis

    S3 Turbo Engine stops

    I think 5k for tanks is excessive. A set of alu tanks will cost you 500 pounds plus shipping. That’ll be like 1-1.5k aud approx. It’s a doable job. With all the work you’ve done already it’s worth sorting it. Also, the pressure regulator spits all excess fuel back into the tank and the whole system is ventilated via a breather pipe. With a single closed tank in the back you might be sucking on a vacuum... hang in there mate and sort it. It’ll keep the value of the car and cost a lot less in the long run. I’d never consider swapping engines. Going electric in the future and dress up the old lump and put it in the living room perhaps some day yes 😉, but there’s very few G cars down under and yours looks really nice. The LTE and delorean combo is a killer by the way. Really nice 👍
  11. Gis

    S3 Turbo Engine stops

    The speed limiter usually sits atop the RH rear wheel arch. It’s connected to the same cable string that runs from the ignition box through a grommet and up into the right hand ‘cable channel’. The 3 pin connector is flat and wide, black in color. Mine doesn’t have a limiter. So if yours has a limiter just disconnect it and see if that makes a difference. Good luck with the troubleshooting glen. It sounds a bit like a wild goose chase. Did you actually change the tanks or still operate with the extra tank in the back? I still think it’s a fuel starvation issue by the sound of it, but that’s just guessing.
  12. Gis

    New Member fr. Canada

    Here she is. I’m not that fond of yellow and especially not with that black air intake. POs.. so she’ll be classic white eventually 🙂. Work in process
  13. Gis

    New Member fr. Canada

    Very nice car Andy, welcome to the forum! Got an 84 too, currently in yellow
  14. They’re a good upgrade. Make sure your booster, master cylinder and vacuum supply is in good condition.
  15. Gis

    Just joined

    What a machine...she’s stunning!