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  1. Here is what I typically use Motor oil: 10W60 fully synthetic, castrol, redline or others gearbox oil: Redline MT90 or equivalent Spark plugs: NGK BPR6ES brake and clutch fluid: Dot 4 Trunnion fluid: Redline fully synthetic super light shockproof gear oil 75W90 🙂 Coolant: Any quality coolant suitable for aluminium engines, Evans waterless coolant could also be a good option.
  2. Sold for 96K. Including premium around 100k USD. Not bad. Still a bargain compared to any run off the mill, mass produced 911 though.
  3. Interesting 88 Turbo for sale on BaT. 165 miles from new. Looks amazing. Time capsule. Will be interesting to see where it finishes, currently at 60k+USD.
  4. Here’s an update on the condensing radiator install. Topped the system up with gas and it works well. I’d say cooling capacity is similar to the old single large serpentine condenser. It’s not extremely cold but that has more to do with the fan blow volume of the evaporator. It’s adequate for normal days here. Mind you we are at 28-34 degrees C here all year round and high humidity. So if I ever want more power, I could double up the condensers in front and go with the parallel piping connectors of the later V8. For now I’m happy, simplified it and added lightness 🙂.
  5. 👍 Really cool car David, good luck with the resto. And welcome to TLF.
  6. Harping back to the early esprits with the fonts, it’s interesting to see how they leverage the past, including the 007 reference. By the way, the Emira looks really good in white.
  7. Twin turbo as seen at Goodwood park hotel today. Unfortunately minus the Goodwood racetrack..
  8. To add to this thread, it’s possible to remove the old condenser on G cars without draining coolant or oil. I dropped the radiator cassette using threaded bar in the middle position of the cassette. Removed the mid cassette screw, inserted the long bar, then removed the other screws and gradually lowered the cassette until I had sufficient clearance to get the old condenser out. My coolant hoses had sufficient flex to accommodate it. The size of the old condenser is 89x26x4.5cm. The new parallel flow unit from CBS is 48x25x3cm. There is a 1/2 gap between the condenser and the radiator (same as the old setup) I used the cable tie method from CBS to secure it and added a holding bracket as a backup.
  9. Pulled the old condenser out. It’s a large piece at 89x26x4.5cm body size without connectors. The new parallel flow one is about half that size. Wonder if that sufficient for our hot and humid climate here. Will find out once the gas refill is complete next week.
  10. Hang in there and get well soon mate.
  11. As part of the upcoming Emira launch in Singapore, my 83 Turbo Esprit is in the Singapore Lotus showroom this week. 😀
  12. Thanks Joachim. Whereabout close to the black forest are you located? My father’s ancestors go back to a town called Oberkirch. Must be close to you. I was there a few times as a kid, some epic roads going into the hills from there.
  13. Gordon, have you checked the condition of the two flap vacuum solenoids? They might look ok from the outside but they have a diaphragm in them that may be dried out and cracked. Both of mine were gone although they looked fine. They are difficult to find & replace. Did the PO put in new AC hoses or are you still running with the old set? Old R12 hoses are also prone to cracks and leaks after 40 years.. Old compressor or new one? As far as PAG oil is concerned, there isn’t any precise volume info available, to the best of my knowledge. When I converted my system (new 134a compressor, new hoses, new modern evaporator) I measured what came out of the old hoses and took an educated guess. There might be some info on the compressor label but even then you don’t know how much you have spread in the rest of the system. Look up the existing threads on R12 to 134a conversion in our forum. There is some good information in there.
  14. Welcome to the forum Joachim, good story and really nice cars. 👍
  15. Nice job with the RF suppression engine bay foil shielding @madmax. I don’t believe in the turbo blanket covers apart from perhaps cosmetic effects, at best. Personal opinion, obviously.
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