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  1. I’ll do that as well at times Fabian and I’ve only been at it a couple of years now. Nothing compared to you. The old girl keeps me off the couch and doing her type of yoga. Add Singapore heat and humidity to it for extra flavour. Masochism in a way but I still like it. My neighbours have declared me crazy some time ago. Who cares, they don’t get it.. It’s the journey, not the destination. The destination will be epic with your car. Can’t wait to see it finished.
  2. Could not find a VIN plate
  3. Keys are in. Looks like it’s ready to go to a better home... either that or it’s off to the scrapyard.
  4. The story continues. The owner eventually called and I went over for a look. The interior is in salvageable condition. The binnacle and instruments are clean. Looks like a UK S1... engine and gearbox are in, together with rear brakes and discs. No idea if there’s oil in the box. Carbs are missing and engine intake is open to elements with the carbs missing so it’s gone. Did this car start as an S1 and made to be looking like an S3? Looking at the paint, it could have been orange original, then white followed by red and blue... S1 doesn’t tally with the rear wheel compo’s though. Couldn’t find a VIN plate to verify. To make Long story short. The whole heap is available at basically no or little charge. The owner want to get it off his yard. He’s a nice chap. Anybody interested in it to part it out? There are certainly parts that could be re-used. Lotus rescue?
  5. DMCs are cool. I agree. Wouldn’t mind having one to complement the mighty TE. They’re unobtainium where I live, think there is only one in town, locked away somewhere. @krytensmeghead Might shed some light, he’s located kinda close to you Mark.
  6. The rubber boots on my driveshaft are brittle and on their last leg. They need replacing. New ones are on the way. The plan now is to put the rear up on the ramps, crawl under and get both of the driveshafts out. Access is fairly good. Once the bolts are out on both the outboard and disc sides, will the driveshaft assy come out clean or is there any clearance issue with the wheels still being loaded? Any difficulties to anticipate on removal?
  7. A couple of months ago I installed a new fuel pump and added a pressure gauge to adjust the pressure. The pressure gauge wasn’t low cost. 36 USD from Amazon. I left it in there to monitor over time. Beware. Turns out they can leak... scary. Well, I caught it in time, ripped it out and added some lightness.
  8. Thanks for the comments folks. White is right. Love the look of your car Wayne. The yellow on mine looks ok in photos but not in reality. It’s a fairly low cost respray by a PO. It’s not even a proper lotus yellow but a metallic lighter version of it. I can’t wait to get it off later this year, especially with the awful black triangle below and the incorrect body coloured bumpers.
  9. I think it’s a local owner by the look of the house, with an affinity for British memorabilia
  10. That’s as close as I could get to it. Interior looks more like an S2 like Mark mentioned. Steering wheel doesn’t look original to me
  11. It’s scorching hot here all the time. It’s a strange kind of peel. The way it bubbles makes me think It might have been wrapped at some point. All side trim is missing too/wrapped over. Sorry sight
  12. Came across this sorry state S3 N/A in a backyard in Singapore. Never thought it would be possible to find anything like it here... it’s been sitting there for decades by the looks of it. It’s been modified with turbo sills and has 4 stud compomotives on the rear... Engine and box seems to be still in. It’s got the black badge so probably an 83 car. Did the S3 have a 4 stud compo option? Seems odd. There was nobody around to speak with so I left my number. Let’s see if somebody calls...
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