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  1. SJ sportscars has them among many others. You can find them online Anne.
  2. I have that same long stud on mine Adam and it seems to serve no purpose.
  3. Old vs new. The esprit is quite a bit lower and wider than the new Alpine.
  4. Harry on his way back to the UK. Nearly flat out..
  5. Good luck with the rebuild Fabian, if you have the carbs apart again, check the one -way valves in the accelerator pump covers. Make sure they move freely when you press down on the spring loaded ball with a needle. I had one of them blocked with fuel deposits and it caused a stumble.
  6. An alternative could be to use green LEDs to get the same effect and better visibility.
  7. If you refer to the A pillar inner trim, yes, that one just pops off (pull them straight toward the center if the windscreen) but only if you remove the upper front cross trim (the bit that holds the mirror) and the upper door trim iirc. Not difficult to do, a couple of screws, peel back the door seals to reveal the screws for the upper door trim, the other screws are visible on the inside. Door adjustments is per body mounted plate as Dave has pointed out.
  8. Did you undo the screws (and nuts) of the fuse boxes as well? Once all is loose and screws removed, there’s a bit of persuasion needed. I would not call it force, just wiggle it out. At least that’s how it worked with my glove box.
  9. Yes, it’s the same app I’m using. There is an iOS version Dave. The tension increases on the belt as the engine warms and expands. That’s how the flutter disappears. With a cold engine at startup the flutter is possibly a combination of (too) low tension and harmonics at a certain rpm level. My blue belt still exhibits a very slight flutter at times only in the first few minutes after startup in the 1800-2000 rpm range. I should probably tighten it a tiny bit more, But it’s nothing that really bothers me. I always make it a point to let her idle until the water temp comes up, usually 7-8 minutes before I drive off. Can’t rush the old gal...
  10. Since a proper borroughs gage is unobtainium here, I apply the gates carbon drive app. I find it useful, consistent and reliable. I applied the krikit gauge as a backup
  11. People are usually guarded with advice when it comes to these issues since there are many variables (type of belt, ambient temp, condition of tensioner etc). For me, If it flutters, I’d tighten it. I think every belt stretches to some degree after initial install. I’d go a little at the time (1/4 - 1/2 turn for example) measure the frequency and document it. You’ll probably notice that the flutter will move up the rpm range with each tightening itineration until it disappears. If it whines when the engine is at operating temp, you’re too far and you can roll it back. If you do this systematically and in small steps, you’ll be safe.
  12. Yes, that’s correct. Original pre 85 dampers are nla. I’ve taken the post 85 dampers and removed the spring platforms. A small workshop closeby parted them off on a lathe. Works for my 83 LTE. Either that or aftermarket dampers, those are the choices.
  13. Gis

    New big fat Esprit

    It’s a pretty mad but it seems to be a form follows function type of approach. That said, Elon’s S1 prop certainly had an influence on it.
  14. Origami not oregano obviously damn autocorrect
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