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  1. You're correct Mark, Singapore is very different from Malaysia but in that aspect it's similar. There isn't too much appreciation for the 'old' particularly when it comes to cars. Classic registered cars are limited to 28 days on the road per annum so there is no practical application to them as everyday transport. It's a brilliant place to live however, safe, clean and efficient. Great food and people, multicultural and dynamic.
  2. I envy you for the moorland area roads Dave. Don't have any of that here. The upside is that it's always warm and sunny in Singapore apart from the occasional torrential monsoon rains . I'll try to avoid those. Oh yea, did I mention the 28 days per year driving limitations under the classic car scheme? There is always a trade off.. Well, all said, Love the car, It's in good hands. Another one saved. They are priceless ?
  3. I do have an engineering background and like to get hands on buddsy, problem here is that real estate is even more pricey than cars :-). Houses with garages are rare and most ppl stay in apartments of various types. So DIY is not a real option unless it's a simple job. Not sure if my neighbors would appreciate me taking the engine out in the condo car park... Mark, as you correctly pointed out, car ownership is highly expensive in Singapore. There are a lot of taxes on a car here starting with import duty at up to 140%, road tax and a COE (certificate of entitlement - a piece of paper that allows one to put a car on the road for 10 years after which it has to be renewed for another 10 years etc. These COEs are traded and fluctuate in price with demand but typically cost 50-70k USD for 10 years). In Essence that sets a regular compact car like a Toyota Altis to run easily at over 100k USD. All this is designed to keep to car population under control and roads unclogged. Makes sense, public transport is very good and the logical alternative. The car was surprisingly affordable (by local standards..) it'll turn 35 years old soon and then it is eligible for a classic car registration which lower the COE tax burden by 90%. Generally local people don't understand the style, history and rarity of the Esprit (yet). New Ferraris, lambos and McLarens are very common here and this is what most people aspire to. Next thing I'll have to look for is a fire suppression system, local insurance companies refuse to cover fire in any car older than 20 years, another unique Singapore issue... running off an ipad here and haven't figured out how to load pics. Will post soon once I get to my PC nearly midnight here now, Happy New Year to you all folks!
  4. Thanks for the wishes and the replies folks. It has been red originally but was resprayed yellow some years ago. Mileage is at 76k (km that is). She had 4 previous owners which is a good sign, I think. Knowledge and servicing options are somewhat limited here in Singapore. Few mechanics left with relevant experience and a handful of classic lotuses only.
  5. I just bought a 1984 Turbo Esprit here in sunny Singapore. This is my first lotus. I've come full circle in a way, ever since I've seen a JPS S2 back in the late seventies as a teenager. Burned into my memory and stayed with me all these years. The car is in good running condition, has been maintained quite well but needs a bit of TLC to get it to a really good level. The forum is great and very helpful. Glad that there are a lots of good people keeping these fabulous cars on the road. I'll post some pictures soon. Happy New Year folks!
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