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  1. Do Lotus have an 'official' online shop do you know? Or is it a case of calling up local dealer and getting them to post some out? Don't fancy making a big journey for something so little. How much did they cost you Lee?
  2. Hey guys, Had my eye on an Evora for about 2 years now...finally bit the bullet and nabbed the one for me.. Picked up my red Evora 400 last friday, my cheeks are now beginning to ache, I've not managed to drop this smile since then.. Look forward to interacting with you all :-) James
  3. Has anyone fitted the badges to their 400 yet? I was contemplating getting a set for mine.. Is there where people get them?
  4. After reading some of the issues you#ve had James I cant help but think to myself 'What have I let myself in for?' Does anyone have a list of the items which should be checked on the 400 or have been recalled and due a change? I mentioned the seat runners and MAF sensor cable to my dealership and the response I got was that both were checked and were okay... though after stepping out of the car I do remember hearing a slight creak.. Keep at it James, persistence will prevail and don't back down until you are 100% happy with the outcome.
  5. I don't even have the Evora yet in my possession but on the test drive I had 3 kids in the back of the car in-front all up on the backseats waving and giving the thumbs up as I pulled up behind them at the lights. Also had lots of rubber necking and second looks from people in other cars and on the footpath! Looking forward to seeing what other reactions I get, love the fact that it connects with people and makes people happy! One of the reasons why I went for the Evora over other marques.
  6. Macetrix


  7. Ah ha... I see, I will be sure to drop a message to Lotus Central and get them to check the current state of affairs. I noticed a little creak when I stepped out of the car at the end of the test drive! Boo!
  8. A clone of Colin's stunning motor to add to the registry soon, pick it up in a week or two!
  9. I've just put my deposit down on the above said Evora Guys, the seat 'thing', are people referring to the creak you hear when getting out? Is there a fix for it as I would like Lotus to take a look before I pick her up if there is. Looking forward to joining the club, been looking at the market for a good 2 years now! James
  10. Interesting, thanks for the tip. What's the issue with the seats? Do they creak or something else? Funnily enough this YT video was posted earlier which I think is the car in question..
  11. Thanks for the responses guys, much appreciated :-) What's the issue with the MAF sensor? not read about that one, the seats too? Had my eye on an evora a while now, it's nearly time to strike..
  12. Has anyone any experience/knowledge on this car? Any thoughts welcome :-)
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