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  1. Yup totally understand and I’m just thought I’d flag what came up on the call.
  2. So this is what i thought but the chap on the phone said that it was 3 months and the 12 months warranty would cost an additional 450GBP.
  3. Thanks appreciate the information!!! I do love the idea of a manual also means the options available are far greater (not many IPS around). The only blocker is that it will be my only car (very much a weekend driver) and i need my Fiance to by able to drive when i can't so an auto feels like a better option. My slushbox on the Audi was very unresponsive (even in sport) so do want to try and get a test in on the IPS incase i really feel its frustrating. Thanks, Josh
  4. Thanks for this really appreciate the response and your information. So i spoke with the dealer and got something that conflicts slightly so would appreciate your information / others here. The exhaust he said was a standard one which doesn't tally with my information or what you are saying (he coupled this with the fact there was no sport pack on it). My question is why would it have an Evora S exhaust and Evora S wheels (he also said this was from factory but i initially though they were standard Evora wheels). Agree with the paper vs. actual analysis. This car has been for sale for a while now so imagine others are conducting the same exercise / struggling to derive the bits on the car. J
  5. I saw this as well (the red one) and though priced at 27 it really lacks any additionals sadly (no packages at all). I do think the white one is slightly overpriced at tech + prem package but felt like that was the additional for being an approved car. Sadly speaking with them just now only has a 3 month warranty.
  6. Hello All, Many moons ago i came to this forum looking to trade in my Audi for an Evora. A number of things happened which meant i could not complete. But now i'm back and pretty adamant this is the time to buy one. In part i just wanted to say Hi and that i'm hopefully going to be joining the club very soon! Beyond that i wanted to get some advice on the following specs / cars. When i was searching before this forum was amazing and even threw up some cars people might sell / would be selling that matched my criteria. Criteria I'm looking at the 30k range and ideally an IPS as i live in London and it just makes life easier. I'd be willing to spend more for the right packages (sports + tech + premium). From what i've read i should really be looking for the sport at a minimum and the tech as a bonus. My intention is to swap at normal double din out for apple play and connect my dash cams in so not too fussed. Potential Option I've found a few cars that i'm interested in including the following: this seems to have a lot going for it and the price seems okay. However i'm quite confused by the exhaust as i can't tie it to a specific pack / upgrade based on the research i've done. Would anyone have any info on this? General Questions Beyond this i've toyed with the idea of a MY12 due to the changes that were made but given i'm looking at an IPS i don't think the gear linkage issue really impacts me and the rest seems cosmetic. Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, J
  7. @CocoPops Thanks for this. Would be interesting to know if the work has been done or not to it given its now on the market for 29K. If i go have a look this weekend out of curiosity i'll post back. Although interestingly the garage has been pretty difficult about setting something up for a test.
  8. Love the look of the first one third one looks quite interesting given the upgrades. However, i was initially looking at the N/A but might now consider the S. Whilst i don't normally "do the math" i do try to stick to a budget on known costs
  9. Hi, Yes it did have a red interior... AU59AEL
  10. @C8RKH Thanks for this very comprehensive post. I would also be interested in a blue one so if you wouldn't mind PMing me the details that would be great. the one i've looked at is here, although lacking the sports pack i just love the grey. I'm currently trying to find out about the service history, most of its miles appear to be in the last two years 10K+ a year.
  11. Not even a tts alas just the 3.2v6 Quattro. Appreciate the help and comments so far.
  12. Hi, Thanks very much for this. is there a way to check recalls on a vehicle on the spot as i am under the impression the VIN is needed? This is the kind of info i was after and what im more concerned about. I've done a lot of research in terms of what i'm after in a car but my concern is more about where i buy it from. given it is not a standard car i want to make sure i'm ready to action it when i see the right one. Thanks Thanks, I've had a love for NA v6s for a while so my current audi was a no brainer. But i want something that is more fun to drive and a bit more of a challenge. Having had the opportunity and to drive an i8 for a bit i realised that set up and a NA v6 would be my dream and it pointed me to the EVORA. Having done my research, all bar testing one, i think i'm ready to look at making the choice.
  13. Hello All, i've dug through a a number of posts on here and a few other forums and have put together a reasonable list of things to consider however, i thought i'd post to get a good idea of what to look out for as the main focus does seem to be on later model vehicles. Current budget suggests that something around the 59 to 60 plate would be in order and there is one i have my eye on however, it is not at a main dealer. Given this is the case and it has some 45k miles on it i was wondering what i should really be looking out for and checking. is going to a main dealer for second hand, like silverstone, really the better approach? I was also wondering if someone could clarify what was included in the sports, tech and premium packs as exact information appears a bit light and i wanted to confirm. i've really fallen for the Evora and love the set up. Any pro tips would be greatly appreciated as i will start doing viewing this weekend. Regards, Joshua
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