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  1. I wonder if Mr Blair is paying 40% income tax on his new 'mutiple' jobs too??
  2. Hi think you'll find the Lucas one went obsolete a few years ago, it was a 55amp Lucas 18CR, you could try an automotive electrical wholesaler they may have recon ones. The Lucas one was all markets but not the USA. Fitted to S1's also was a Motorola one @ 55amp, this has been superseeded by a 70amp unit back in June 1994. This was fitted to USA cars only on S1 but to all S2's everywhere. As it says above it'll also fit yours. Lotus part number A907E6320F sorry not sure what the Motorola one is. If you wanted to know as well the factory still have them in stock. If you have a p
  3. Buddsy Stop trying to find it cos we have most of the bits in stock. They came off the Elite/Eclat and beofre that a BL application. PM me your chassis number and i'll sort you the bits and a square of leather too. I'll also give you an indication of price as well, they're not-a-lot! Happy days Gooner
  4. Hello all Some early Turbo's had 3 decals these being the 160mm 'tall' ones. (see parts list E082T0325J page 12.05A) One on each side and one, you guessed it on the front, under the nose badge. We only have black ones left part number A082U4833F that sell at
  5. Hello all Sadly the watch is no longer available. It is due in part to supplier changes and adjustments in marketing of the product into most markets. We are now working on new designs with a new supplier for the next generation of watches. I'd love to tell you when we will have these new ones, how much and take your money!! But as Mum always told me to be honest it's best you get this information when i'm happy to give it. In the mean time thank you all for your support. On a seperate note for those unaware we are currently moving the Parts back from Bristol to Hethel to go
  6. Bibs happy new year dude !! I'll email you seperately all the official dealers with lots of details of who's who. For Japan, Australia, South Africa and USA/Canada you'll need to get these from the websites. If you get stuck let me know. Keep happy Gooner
  7. I've sent some info to Bibs, wath this space. Gooner.
  8. Give Miles Wilkins @ fibreglass Services a call (tell him Neil at Lotus told you too). He makes the chassis for us now J079A4000F and has all the jigs/fixtures. He may, i'm not promising, be able to supply you some. Gooner
  9. We no longer service the manual rack but have transferred supply to Miles Wilkins of Fibreglass Services one of our Aftersales Dealers who specialises in the mature models! His number is 0044 + 1243 554422. Of course any rack you buy from miles is between you and is not endorsed by the Factory. Part # refs would of been E082H4020F RHD and 4021F if you take control from the other seat. Happy shopping Gooner
  10. if you get really stuck mail [email protected] they know all kinds of clever ways for getting them out...!!! Gooner
  11. Simon i've sent you an e mail....... Gooner
  12. Mate Sump plug for Lotus use goes back years and years A036R6014Z (type 036 was original 1960's Elan) plug with fibre washer A075W4055Z, both are Lotus part numbers not common to other makes, tho no doubt as it's a standard NATO issue thread other things will wind in it. This is for the 4 cyl 6.5 litre capacity sump & also V8. The plug and washer we have lots in stock all the time. Ther larger 7.4 litre sump for 4 cyl's used a Socket head plug and O Ring A911E6343F & A912E6694F, again we have zillions of these i've checked with the techhy boys and the key to fitting it is tighten
  13. Phil you have a very interesting one... This car was built with engine number CC7770613878, Trans axle no. 0443, body colour Silver. The car was never signed off the production line properly but passed to engineering on 18.07.77 with Colin Chapman being listed as first owner. It was then passed to Len Street LTD where it was sold on 01.01.78. Bet you feel in the 'elite sector' now!!!! Gooner
  14. Dom here you go.... Engine number AC7770613867 Colour Lagoon Blue L0 12 Build date around 11th July 1977 Hapy days Gooner
  15. Dom as Jim Rockford would say...."i'm on the case".... Gooner
  16. Phil gimme your VIN (chassis number) i'll get your original build book here at the factory and give you the details on your car when it left sunny Hethel. Tho 7707 (July 77) sounds a little late to be the 1st...but who knows... see ya Gooner
  17. Hi all Sale list is now on the site with order process to collect via nearest or preferred dealer. It's still really busy and I'm happy that parts actually got to those who needed them. Would be sad to see bits turn up on e-bay, hopefully thespeculators were spotted, luckily our part numbers tell us the car as well, if you noticed I asked everyone what car they had & the year, my 3 grey cells then were able to confirm if the order was genuine or not!! Hope to see lots of you at Donington, i notice there is a thread on it seperately so my 2d worth will
  18. You prob know anyway, but Lotus has a new Dealer in HK Richburg in Wanchai, just in case!!
  19. 10.45am Sat 20th and still here !!! Got a bit confused on Mags (Olaf yours are safe). Only 4 sets left so be quick. best to all Gooner
  20. seen it you should have one back now too! Gooner
  21. I'm still here !! Tuesday almost as busy as monday lots of happy people. Sorry if some bits were a tad different to what you were expecting, and glad some of you got a Brucie-bonus when you opened the box! Special thx to Malcolm for doing the tickets to avoid carnage! Used same system yesterday & today. Processing lots of internet/e-mail orders now, got to call Kimbers as well mustn't forget. Thanks especially tho' to all of you for coming down and supporting us. Great to see you all and humble apologies if we were not able to spend much time with each of you.
  22. The parts sale is from the ex-Proton showroom on the front of the Lotus/Proton parts warehouse...not heard one complaint about that Gooner still busy and sober.
  23. My hangover has gone....hooray Opening times (mon 15th) for my chums in large 2 seaters Bibs has the details. For those who cannot get there Monday it's open Tuesday - Friday 9am to 4pm & Sat 20th 9am to 2pm as i have to get home; told her indoors i'm only popping out for a pint sunday 14th. After the saturday what's left will be on the website with an order form to download, fill in and post/fax/ e-mail into us. These will be shipped to nearest dealers for collection. Be prepared tho if you live a long way away via the dealer may not be v
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