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  1. Kimbers need you to drive the new V12 6.0 litre Europa (dam'n there go the secrets!) to Stoneleigh next year so as JLP would say "make it so" and get well soon. I'll stick on the soft stuff next time we do an event, just keep Bibs out the way. Take care mate have a fab Xmas. Gooner
  2. Olaf where did you see this on our list @
  3. If any of you cannot make the event yep we will have an e-order form so you won't miss out (fingers crossed). We will monitor anyone wanting daft quantities so to try and keep it fair too. Me and a few of the gang here will be there, hopefully a couple of tech bods will have a Q&A 'clinic' (we all need a clinic now and again) so you can chat while your order is air lifted from the warehouse. I'm hopefully gonna do a few Warehouse tours too. Prob have to have Names in a hat (no Marks or Spencers please!) so you can come see all the Lotus bits. About 50,000 Ft2 of them! T
  4. With Yellow are not genuine factory mats. If you have a V8 Lotus do the mat in carpet colours black, red, blue or green priced at
  5. Gaskets seem a tad pricey! Wait until monday next week i guarantee the factory will drop the price to
  6. Hello to you. I'm new to the site and have a mate who's in charge of Aftersales at the Factory. He's been there 21 years and looks it!! Many cars after a prang we're fitted with the right or wrong bonnet. Indeed if 6 slot were not in stock and vice-versa 2 slot the other was fitted as they interchanged. I think it was hoped many owners would not notice and many didn't !! The beauty of not have a VIN point for reference is it can remain one of lifes great mystery's. It's a great forum and you are all a good bunch! Off to pack long underwear for Stoneleigh now. G
  7. Doesn't matter which one as may I remind you Mr James Bond (you know that chap who saved the free world lots and lots)...welll he drove both types and he's pretty cool !! Please do not start on who's the best 007 as it know who. Must go i'm meant to be at work! Gooner
  8. Tony I've had the original build data for your cars dug out at the factory... 77040260H was built May 11th 1977, body colour in Red. Engine # AC 77704 13680 77020155H was built Feb 20th 1977 body colour in white. Engine # 7702 13475 Both were originally destined for North America (as in the USA) You no doubt will know the 7702/7704 bit is the year/month. As for origination of the rack we know it came from British Leyland. We'd modify it quite a bit tho from its original form. Great dealing with these older cars it makes me feel young again !!! Gooner B)
  9. 6 slot bonnet (B085B4357J) was introduced from chassis number 82 D 1061 2 slot (C082B4629J) was a styling update and also mainly the one used on American spec cars usually on High Comp cars to make 'em look different! S3 Esprit NA copied the above. Hope this helps. Gooner
  10. Hi what year is your car? Give me your chassis number and i'll check it out. Gooner
  11. Hi Chuck check out getting the factory to make them. They'll fit and cost a lot less than $1,400. Expect circa $600. I know as i work here !!! Also to collect them did you know our USA HQ is in Duluth GA? Equally you have a local dealer dealer Lotus of Atlanta you'd actually collect them from. Once you order from us it'll take us about 4 weeks to make them. Gooner (UK)
  12. There are 3 models available from Lotus in Stevens style, part numbers LOTMOD0115/16/17 available from the factory webstore (new stock on order). Gooner.
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