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  1. Dear all

    Firstly thank you for your support on this to get it remade.

    Anyway good news first, we have ordered a batch of castings within the last week. The 1st 12 pieces are due here in October with the remainder following on afterwards.

    We've ordered more than the orders total to allow for scrappage and also any latecomers (just a few mind!) who may want one too.

    Soon as they turn up i'll be back to advise.

    Now the bad news...well there is no bad news!

    Cliff a special thank you for you for starting this off and all the behind the scenes work carried out, saved us a ton of time.

    Best to all


  2. Hello Mark

    Springs for your car are in Factory stock assuming its still standard & original (best) spec.

    There were up to 6 options on 88-92 Esprit, denoted by colour coding on the spring. You should still be able to see the colours, again assuming they are orginal parts.

    I think you should have either white/red/purple or yellow/red/green. So 3 colours on the spring.

    If this is the case you'll need the ones we re-engineered here at the factory just a few years ago under part number LOTAC05412. These are rightly only sold in pairs and this is what you should replace not just one side.

    Price inc vat is just

  3. Just to say thanks to all for attending, it was great to see so many of you.

    Personally i do hope that the vast majority of the parts are now tucked aways in owners garages for their own use and not immediately up for resale. The idea of this is to get these directly to the owners to help keep all these great cars on the road, not just Esprits but all the cars we had sale bits for.

    I'm glad the semi 'on-line' way of doing the orders worked and we found it so much more efficient to pick the orders and hopefully you did not have to wait too long!

    Bibs/Kimbers thank you both for your kind help with getting this together i will make sure me and Mrs Gooner are available for a small tincture on the next Hethel event.

    Finally if you missed it, the list will be updated and on the 60th site within 10 days so you can see what's left.

    We only had one issue and that was Sunday after we closed! a +2 Elan owner needed some help which we gladly gave him, sadly his car was not able to be fixed so one of the ASO gang took him and his son home only to find out he's an Esprit owner too!

    Our best wishes to you all.


  4. Ah that might expalin it, they had two sites one in Cambridge and one in Salisbury. So as it was Haydon we may not of filled in the detail as we did not know which one!

    BTW i was a right pillock this morning, i put out wheelie bin #3 - garden waste then got in my car and reveresed straight into it within 20 seconds of putting it there!! In the good old days all the waste went into one bin paid for under one lot of rates. Now i have 3 bins and the garden one i pay

  5. Glass back yep for that one. That was fitted to all prior to 92 model year.

    Sounds like someone had a 'good idea' at some time and coverted it !to NA spec!

    ABS is not odd for a 91 car.

    The build book is a tad odd tho on this one...... as there is no selling dealer information which whilst not of great importance is interesting. Does the car still have the service book with it? If so be interesting to see who did the 1st one....

    There is nothing about it being a Company Car here either.

    As we all know Lotus built just about 10,674 Esprit's and of that about 10,674 of them had something unique. So to find a 'specification of interest' is quite normal.

    Neil :)

  6. Hi Alan/Bibs here's what the build book says!

    1. Car was passed to sales Oct 24th 1990

    2. Engine # is CP910 9010 27568, do you still have the original motor?

    3. Paint is Red ICI code A23

    4. You should have a nice glass roof and air conditioning

    5. Also Sand Leather and sand coloured carpets

    Now the bit you wanna know......on the Paint shop check list of items to paint for this car we have.... Bodyshell Qty 1 (that always makes me giggle, how could someone of ever counted two!!)....doors qty 2, pods qty 2 etc etc and Rear Spoiler qty *......* means it did not and should not have one so save some dosh and leave it as nature intended.

    Keep on trucking :)


  7. What's the Vin number, i'll check out if it was an SE or maybe a special that did have a rear wing from new.

    From 88 Special models we're a'plenty mostly with rear wings. For example 88my Ltd-Edt'n USA A082B4879J with 65mm plinths and 1,035mm centres and non USA Commemerative 89 to 91 B082B4931J 65mm height again but spaced at 800mm centres.

    There were more rear wings on your shape of car than my wife has complaints about me.....maybe that is an exageration!

    If yours did mean to have a wing i'll check vs the VIN and if it did i think it'll be the B082B4931J. Sadly this is no longer serviced, but at least you will know!

    If it was not meant too, leave it as standard, i tihnk they look better without anyway.

    Toodle pip :)

  8. Hi Ian

    Temp sender unit is screwed into your water pump, check out page 40:13 in the S3 parts list (A085T0325J).

    Voltage Stablizer A079N6027F, item # 23 on page 17:03A in the same book.

    For what they are, they are not a ton of gold and are both in stock here at the Factory. Prob end up costing you more chasing around to find them elsewhere, and if you do not find exacty copy calibration it'sll be worse that where you are at the moment!

    If you need any more detail pm me.

    All the best

    Gooner :P

  9. S2's and VX220's are easier to get in and out as the 'sill-line' was reduced to aid entry (no comments please!) to help slim-line racing athletes such as me and Mr Bibs.

    VX220/Speedster went into production same time as S2 (very late 1999), it was not based on the S1 but was engineered at the same time as S2 with of course some generic carry overs from S1, it however is generally not the same car as S2 when you look at part number detail. (S2/Vx220 are part numbers 116,117,120,121,122,127,130)

    The new Europa (part numbers 124) has similar characteristics to the Turbo Speedster/VX220 as it runs the GME 2.0 Turbo engine/transmission.

    S2 early models up to 2004/05 had the Rover K series 1.8 120ps twin cam and 143ps VVC (very very complicated!) engine. Basically the same unit bar trick stuff in the c/head.

    S2 Elise/Exige from 04/05 run the Toyota 1ZZ 147ps and 2ZZ 190ps and supercharged 220ps engines. Interior was revamped also for the 2004/05 models with better HVAC, Air con (if spec'd on build), leccy windows, air bag again if Spec'd on build.

    Now which one to buy. Politically correct answer now following.....The one YOU like the best and for what ever budget you have is in the best condition. As ever always look for a FSH and check HPI, its not a write off or ringer etc. These checks cost a few quid but trust me i know of some very expensive lessons that have been learnt by some buyers in haste.

    Finally if you go for an Elise look out for the special editions, often a near similar price but with extra kit 'exclustivity'.

    Hope this helps

    Gooner :wub:

  10. Hi Malc

    Sorry you did not get them, but they had not been sold. We keep all the wheels (about 1,500 of them!) in 5 x 40' containers and for these 4098F's we only were showing 2 on stock.

    When we went to pick them we could not find them.

    I'm getting the stores lads to check all 5 containers and if they do surface you can have 1st offer again.....

    I'll be in touch.


  11. Hi all

    all thats left will stay on the web for you to order with delivery via nearest dealer. As Bibs/Kimbers have said too we shall have some time too for you Esprit people and the Elan/Excel clubs too to come in for another sale event.

    Prob be in the new year on a saturday/sunday and the tues/weds as well. It will also remain on the WWW too so those who cannot make it in person have the chance as well.

    In the mean time if you go to the list is as it was b4 the sale but there is loads left and I need to update it. However feel free to email my mate here [email protected] with anything you want from the list and he will confirm whats what. hopefully this'll save some time waiting for the update.

    Finally sunday was really busy shame me and the ASO gang never got out to see the show but from 7am to 8pm it just flew by, luckily some nice man brought in cream cakes for us to nosh and keep us going!

    I also think you may of missed the new 60th merchandise range as well, so we've sent the brochure pdf to Kimbers and Bibs so you'll see that soon as well.

    Thats enough from me now i can hear the snoring from here!

    Toodle pip

    Gooner :scared:

  12. If you read page 4 (i think) of the parts book (on the forum somewhere in pdf) it gives a breakdown into how the VIN works.

    It's not random and does make sense, trust me!

    Basically (from memory as i'm not at work for a little while) its made up as follows:

    17 Digits:

    digits 1 - 3...'SCC' = sports/motor Car

    digits 4 -6 are the model so...'082' Esprit...'089' Excel...'026' Elan RWD...'100' Elan FWD and so on (this is also the Lotus type number)

    Digits 7 - 9 are the engine type so...'910' 2.2 Turbo...'912' 2.2 NA...

    Digit 10 is the year of manufacture, J is 1988 i only ever remember that one then count up or down! yes K would be 1989 then, L 1990

    Digit 11 is H. This means it was built at Hethel, Hethel is a small village outside Norwich that houses a mad Aftersales team amongst others.

    Digit 12 is the 'Market' it was built for. So 'D' is Domestic for UK, without a book i can't remember the others but you'll see them in the parts book.

    Digits 13 to 17 are the unique VIN for your car. I think if it starts with a 6 its a USA VIN tho thats my brain cells at full stretch and i could be (prob) am wrong.

    And that chums is how the VIN is worked out, so after all that yeh you're right it prob is a bit odd!!

    Finally this is my 1st time emailing from home, have installed BT Broadband anywhere package with the PDA for away from home free calls and WWW, it really is rather good too!

    Toodle pip

    Gooner :lol:

  13. Hello Mark

    don't give up just yet, i'm gonna do something for you as a one off.

    Our Factory Training man Tony is one of the most knowledgeable bods anywhere and i'm gonna ask him to give you a couple of hours and see if he can help you.

    As you prob know i'm one of the Aftersales gang at the factory and i've had the ok from the Head of Aftersales to do this.

    So pm me your details and lets see what we can do.

    He may 'f' a few times but trust me thats a good sign!

    Look forward to getting you fireing on all 4.


  14. Hi give me your chassis number and i'll check out what book you need. Altho your book may seem to be 3 yrs older than the car the actual gap may not be that long.....????

    The part number for a 96 V8 handbook is AC82T0324J, you should see this reference on Page 1, thats the page with the Car picture on it.

    We do have 7 in stock so if there was a particular piece of info you wanted you could have a scan of that page to help you.

    Good luck


  15. Wow what can I say thank you all so much.

    I have now been at Lotus for exactly 1/2 of my life can you believe it? having started when i was 22 1/2 now a ripe old 45.

    In that time i have seen so many changes and ups and......well not so rapid ups.

    I'm sure this next era is gonna be a great one here with all the exciting stuff going on, there's a real buzz about.

    Hope to see tons of you at the 60th party this year the kettle will be on tho the birthday cake may be a bit 'ard by then.

    Take it easy and have a great time in all you do.

    Thanks again.

    Neil. :clap:

  16. Well done dude.

    I work from home now and again its a great way to get a ton of stuff done when of course the present Mrs L and my delightful girls are out.

    Look forward to your call to buy lots of 2 seaters!

    good luck mate.

    Neil. B)

  17. Hi

    Send me the following by PM and i'll contact him for you. Then ask him to contact you in turn, trust me it'll all be neat.

    I need please...

    1. Your details

    2. Your car details

    3. Your issues you need

    4. Your location, as if you are not on the west coast it may be better for me to get one of our other two Field Engineers to contact you. We have one in NY and one in GA, all 3 are great guys!

    Oh and finally you'll probably not know me, but i'm from the Factory and ultimately the Aftersales staff at Lotus USA are in my gang too.

    Fully appreciate you may want to 'check me out' before you mail me personal info so please do so, ask Bibs or Kimbers they both know me well.

    All the best :)


  18. Hi

    The earliest we still have in stock is the S3 Esprit one untrimmed at A085V5716P.

    They are made from ABS plastic and need to be a bit flexible to fit the individual cars characteristics!!

    You could have a look at an S3 and see if it'll do the job, if so then you can get it untrimmed (new) from your nearest dealer.

    Our RSP is

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