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  1. Deposit was morning of 7th July (or whatever the day after reveal was). Cheers
  2. Could you put me in reserve? Planning to order a magma red car. Obviously delivery (and dropout) dependent.
  3. I Googled it as hadn't heard about it myself, but apparently that's now the official name in China. Cheers for that, those are probably the best pictures of it online. Lots of details that you're squinting to see in other images.
  4. This crazy guy may be as close as we get
  5. I wonder if they're now forgoing the phone calls due to the sheer numbers vs the small staff doing the work. Or maybe they noticed that everything they've been saying has been parroted on here multiple times so no need to phone anymore?
  6. Cheers for that, looks to be more than serviceable. Suspect I'll have even more real estate being a comparative short-arse at 5'7".
  7. Personally I don't need much out of a car interior. It just has to be comfortable and ergonomic, and at this price point I like to see some nice materials (which seems to be the case for the Emira). I would have preferred old-fashioned instruments over the TFT dash, though it does give the opportunity to do give useful data to the driver so as long as it's nicely laid out and tells me what I need I don't mind too much. As for the LCD in the centre console, well I think a touch screen in a car is a stupid idea. It sounds like Lotus have tried to keep the important controls as physical buttons which gets my approval (not that they were looking for it!). My overall opinion is; it looks fine. Same for the Porsche. I also quite liked the Evora interior, though the Emira does feel slightly more cohesive, I suppose thanks to them being able to tweak something off-the-shelf from Geely. It may be worth adding that I'm in the minority of people that see the simplicity of the Elise/Exige interior as a good thing.
  8. You wonder where they've cut corners for the price they're offering it at. That interior doesn't exactly make up for not seeing the bodywork, and American interiors aren't exactly known for their refinement or build quality (in fact there are already people complaining about the interior quality of this very car). But if you want a very big engine with comparatively low specific output I bet this will be a good shout.
  9. Hopefully someone can get some better shots (looking forward to Ade's promised video). From this picture alone though I'm quite disappointed, I'm now erring towards blue out of caution as I can't picture what the other's will look like on the car.
  10. What time is the event tomorrow? I'm excited for it and I won't even be there. Having to wait 'til November for my turn
  11. marclurr

    Lotus Emira

    I think the catch is that 660cc 3-cylinder engine. I'm sure it has its proponents but I've never met any 😂
  12. Loving that bit of supercharge whine too. If it's similar to my old XKR there will be a fuse that can be removed which will stop the valve from closing (open was the 'off' position). However on that car the ECU map took the valve into account so in theory performance would be a bit weird, though I only noticed the fuel economy get a bit worse. I guess we'll see what happens with the Emira.
  13. The below is taken from the terms and conditions on the personal configurator page. My interpretation is; you're giving Lotus an idea of what you're going to want so they can organise their production line for the best throughput. Paying the £3k configuration fee is essentially you saying "this is probably what I want", and if you go ahead and order that they hope that you can have your car a bit quicker. I think ultimately they might still try to fulfil orders in deposit order, but it may not be possible if your spec clashes with how they've configured the production line.
  14. I suspect they're going through in the order recorded on the Lotus deposit system. If I remember correctly there was some confusion about what the early deposit holders should do so were delayed a few days in the "official system". It would be extremely disappointing if they reneged on their promise to honour the early payers. The lady mentioned a cut off date of 5th November so to my mind the order of phonecalls is largely irrelevant, but it would give a bit more confidence in the process if the order was perfectly preserved. Edit: how many times can you write the word "order" in one post?
  15. Just had mine too, placed my deposit on 7th July.
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