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  1. 48 minutes ago, Mctaff said:

    started working now... seems a bit flaky though re feeding figures correctly into finance calc... firstly the figures didn't come through into the calculation... and now I've refreshed the page its forcing me into viewing hire purchase figures because the value of the PX is greater than the max PCP amount!

    I was having a similar problems with the finance tool, the PX value wasn't feeding into the HP calculation page (even though it showed on the left hand side) but it worked for PCP. I ended up just taking my car out and using the expected value as the customer deposit. PCP was coming out insanely expensive even with a high value trade in (in fact it exceeded the max allowed deposit so they were giving money back) so I think HP is the only valid option in that case, which is what I was expecting. 

  2. 11 minutes ago, TomE said:

    If you want to make any changes then call them asap.  The emails sent to people who've requested changes suggest that specs are now locked in for the June batch.

    It's pretty poor.  We were told at 2nd deposit we'd be able to make changes up until 3rd deposit.  Now they've decided we don't need to pay that and also appear to have decided that specs as at 2nd deposit are "final".  But without asking everyone if they want to make any changes or being clear that there is a deadline (which now appears to have passed).

    I'm happy with my spec but I know others are waiting for the promised colour pictures and confirmation on the ambiguity on diamond cut wheels, for example.  Others are waiting for the finance info and some would like to know pricing on i4 FE and Base V6 + option costs.

    The early adopters are taking a level of risk, with no test drives or press reviews, but don't seem to be getting much in the way of consideration of that or the info needed to help make deciions and reassure them.

    Cheers for that, it looks like quite a lot has passed me (and many others I suspect!) by. Thankfully I wasn't looking to modify any part of my configuration, just got a little FOMO when I heard others were getting emails 😆 I was looking forward to finance information but given we can drop out at any point until 30 days before delivery there's plenty of time to spin the man-maths and pull out if the numbers don't work out for me.

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  3. 37 minutes ago, Emiralust said:

    When they phoned you, did you make any changes? I think the email i received was only because i made changes

    That may explain it, I didn't ask for any changes. Though if I remember correctly the person said there would be a new link given to a configurator for us make any final changes (which may change the delivery date) and lock in the configuration. I was just expecting an updated version of what we used to pay the second deposit. If they're telling people that their configuration is now locked in perhaps they've decided against that approach. Anyway, roll on w/c 24th, hopefully there'll be a juicy update for us :)

  4. 8 hours ago, TomE said:

    Unfortunately too late for people with June deliveries, who have been told this week their specs are now locked in and any further changes mean delaying delivery.

    I've was told in December my car is scheduled for June delivery but haven't had any contact since to confirm my specification. Wondering whether I should bother trying to contact them or just wait it out?

  5. 1 hour ago, TomE said:

    Thanks @marclurr, will add you to the list.  Out of interest, when did you pay your deposit?

    @James Baly I'm surprised they're saying 12 July deposit is a 2023 delivery, as I know people with later deposits have been told Q4 2022.  Are you going for V6 or i4?  Happy to add you to the reserves list.

    Latest is as follows.


    • TomE, Hethel Yellow
    • PhilCP, Seneca Blue
    • Evotion, Nimbus Grey
    • Wake, Hethel Yellow
    • Frickin_idiot, Nimbus Grey (deposit 16 July so delivery timing tbc)
    • Mctaff, Verdant Green
    • Pugwash, Magma Red
    • Non-TLF participants: 1x Seneca Blue, 1x Magma Red, 1x Nimbus Grey


    • maclurr, Magma Red, deposit date tbc
    • James Baly, Nimbus Grey, paid deposit 12 July
    • 2x non-TLF reserves with post 8 July deposits
    • 1x future Emira owner who lives on the Island and may have his car in time

    So currently there are open slots for 1x Verdant Green and 2x Shadow Grey plus the reserve list.

    Deposit was morning of 7th July (or whatever the day after reveal was).



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  6. Personally I don't need much out of a car interior. It just has to be comfortable and ergonomic, and at this price point I like to see some nice materials (which seems to be the case for the Emira). I would have preferred old-fashioned instruments over the TFT dash, though it does give the opportunity to do give useful data to the driver so as long as it's nicely laid out and tells me what I need I don't mind too much. As for the LCD in the centre console, well I think a touch screen in a car is a stupid idea. It sounds like Lotus have tried to keep the important controls as physical buttons which gets my approval (not that they were looking for it!). My overall opinion is; it looks fine. Same for the Porsche. I also quite liked the Evora interior, though the Emira does feel slightly more cohesive, I suppose thanks to them being able to tweak something off-the-shelf from Geely. 

    It may be worth adding that I'm in the minority of people that see the simplicity of the Elise/Exige interior as a good thing.

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  7. You wonder where they've cut corners for the price they're offering it at. That interior doesn't exactly make up for not seeing the bodywork, and American interiors aren't exactly known for their refinement or build quality (in fact there are already people complaining about the interior quality of this very car). But if you want a very big engine with comparatively low specific output I bet this will be a good shout.

  8. Loving that bit of supercharge whine too. If it's similar to my old XKR there will be a fuse that can be removed which will stop the valve from closing (open was the 'off' position). However on that car the ECU map took the valve into account so in theory performance would be a bit weird, though I only noticed the fuel economy get a bit worse. I guess we'll see what happens with the Emira.

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  9. The below is taken from the terms and conditions on the personal configurator page. My interpretation is; you're giving Lotus an idea of what you're going to want so they can organise their production line for the best throughput. Paying the £3k configuration fee is essentially you saying "this is probably what I want", and if you go ahead and order that they hope that you can have your car a bit quicker. I think ultimately they might still try to fulfil orders in deposit order, but it may not be possible if your spec clashes with how they've configured the production line.


    Priority Order Terms and Conditions means the terms and conditions governing priority orders and which can be found here

    If you choose, during the Configuration Period, you may tell us what options you would like us to manufacture an Emira with. Our intent is to be able to offer you an option to buy an Emira matching your configuration at the point you place your Order. With production planned to meet your desired Configuration we hope to be able to reduce the time you might otherwise have to wait for delivery of your Emira.

    You agree that by Configuring and paying a Configuration Fee you:

    are not agreeing to purchase an Emira and we are not forming a contract with you to sell you an Emira. Your ability to Order and purchase an Emira will remain within the Order Window described in the Priority Order Terms and Conditions and will be subject to further terms and conditions of sale which will be communicated to you at the time you place your Order;
    will not be compelled to Order an Emira matching your Configuration. You may change your mind and Order a different Configuration or request a refund of your Configuration Fee. Nothing in these terms and conditions compels either party to enter into any further contracts of any description;
    acknowledge that our only obligation to you is to either deduct the Configuration Fee from the price you pay for an Emira (should you decide to Order) or refund you the Configuration Fee;
    acknowledge that that the Configuration Fee is merely to allow us to undertake preparatory tasks in anticipation of production and accepting an Order from you so that we may plan production in the way that we reasonably believe is most likely to satisfy demand as soon as possible following receipt of orders;
    We will use commercially reasonable endeavours to manufacture an Emira which matches your Configuration as soon as is commercially practicable after 30th April 2022. We will decide Emira production schedules at our absolute discretion taking into account all relevant factors including the availability and supply of components and our capacity to manufacture. During the Configuration Period it will only be possible to Configure Emira’s with a V6 engine. You will be advised of the opportunity to Configure other engine variants at a future date.

    Configuration options and prices may be subject to change between the time we receive your Configuration and the time you place your Order. We will inform you of any such variations prior to you Ordering.

    If you have paid a Priority Oder Fee you do not have to Configure or pay a Configuration Fee, you will still be able to place a Priority Order, however if you do not Configure during the Configuration Period you acknowledge that we will not have had the same opportunity to plan in advance production of an Emira matching your desired Configuration and therefore you may have to wait longer for an Emira which matches your desired Configuration.

    Any information indicating price, specification, options, or performance are indicative only and subject to change.

    We reserve the right to vary or cancel these terms and conditions or any activities they govern without notice, however when there is a change we will use commercially reasonable efforts to notify you in advance but this may not always be possible.

    You may request a refund of the Configuration Fee at any time in writing. A refund will be made to you within 14 days of receipt of your written request. Refunds can only be made to the individual who has paid the Configuration Fee and to the account that was used to make the payment.

    Where a Configuration Fee is refunded to you we will only be liable for the sum paid and we have no responsibility to pay you interest of any kind for the duration of the time that we hold the Configuration Fee. We accept no liability for interest charges even where you have used credit to pay.

    Our maximum liability to you under these terms and conditions will be the sum of the Configuration Fee that you have paid to us.

    These terms and conditions are governed exclusively by English law and the courts of England and Wales shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any disputes that arise between you and us.


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  10. I suspect they're going through in the order recorded on the Lotus deposit system. If I remember correctly there was some confusion about what the early deposit holders should do so were delayed a few days in the "official system". It would be extremely disappointing if they reneged on their promise to honour the early payers. The lady mentioned a cut off date of 5th November so to my mind the order of phonecalls is largely irrelevant, but it would give a bit more confidence in the process if the order was perfectly preserved.


    Edit: how many times can you write the word "order" in one post? :)

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  11. Fingers crossed my phone call comes today, placed my deposit around 11am the morning following the launch. That said, it sounds like some early depositors haven't received yet. I wonder if they've partitioned the list up and someone with later deposits is moving a bit quicker than someone with early deposits? In any case I wouldn't be worried, they're not exactly going to start building customer cars tomorrow, if they're really going to fulfil cars in the order deposits were placed they kind of need the full list of committed buyers locked in before starting. That said, the anticipation still gets me on edge 🤣

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  12. Pictures rarely do inclines justice, but I imagine turning left there would nearly always result in a scrape on my Exige, especially as the camber of the road effectively raises the height of surface at the noise point. And it looks to be on a main road and blind bend so you can't exactly hang about doing 1mph. Looks like a really lovely place to live though!

    Edit: And going up I think would be alright tbh, but the nose of the Exige is quite a bit shorter than the Evora, so less likely to foul on the way up.

  13. I was planning to go with alcantara with contrast stitching on the seats as the flat leather just looks a little bland to my eye. I have part leather part alcantara seats in my Exige and they look perfect but they do only have ~11k miles on them. Going to go for the leather steering wheel as I prefer the feel, and it can be neglected for a bit longer and still look good. I've seen some truly horrendous examples of neglecting an alcantara steering wheel, as can it become matted from soaking up oils and moisture from your hands. But equally it can look excellent if kept nice and clean, so that decision really comes down to preference and how likely you are to bother looking after it :)

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  14. Just now, exeterjeep said:

    I have had this issue with the gt430, up and down my driveway which was quite noticeable for a few seconds, until I had SWLC make some set up changes, it is much better. (already posted about this in an Evora thread)  But there is still no way I can get down onto the road in the same way as I could in my Evora S.

    We may have different definitions of "reasonably steep" :) The first day I had my Exige I did lightly scrape the underside of splitter coming off the driveway. I now come off slow enough that the dampers don't compress, but I appreciate that sometimes this isn't enough. 

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