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  1. Lol, didn't know mileage was so devisive! i was only passing on the information that the cracking guys at Williams automotive gave me about the car. it has had all of its recalls completed but there was no record of any clutch change and if it did need to be done I should budget in the region of £3k. now admittedly it may carry on happily for another 64k but post TVR I didn't want to risk it. Will admit, the exterior colour doesn't really flick my switch but the interior imo is stunning. Had it been black with that interior I'd have had it and risked the clutch.
  2. Just as a heads up, this one is now available again. I was first reserve and the seller messaged me this morning to say it was back on the market. I may have gone through with it but after some investigation, it has no records of a clutch replacement in its 65k miles, so budget on a potential £3k bill in the not too distant future.
  3. Unfortunately the aqua one is already sold, there's a £10k deposit down on it to be held till the prospective new owner gets back to collect it in a fortnight
  4. Lol, it was a nice car! I know I've said LE, that was just an assumption by me as it's fully loaded, sport/tech and premium pack with reverse camera, so I assumed it was from what I'd read. The only thing that I wasn't 100% on was the black interior, it made the whole car if that makes any sense? Had it had ivory interior which is what I really wanted then I would still have it now and this thread would have been a lot shorter! They're a good bunch down there, give them a bell and ask for Jules, he's a cracking chap and he'll see you straight. p.s. if you do buy it, you're not allowed to post pictures on here till April!
  5. Rgr, so no neons under my tray spoiler, gottit! But seriously I was thinking or exhaust, diffuser and bargeboards as a starter. Funnily enough I'm at the NEC Autosport show this weekend and Remus, akopovic and milltek all looked at me as if I had a chicken on my head when I asked if they did systems for lotus! What is the universally recognized supplier within the Evora community for the best sounding system?
  6. Well, this certainly isn't PH! I was expecting at least a bit of slagging off for being a dreamer/time waster etc ;-) im genuinely taken aback by the responses folks, thank you. Some really good threads on this forum and dare I say, it's a very similar vibe with the lotus scene as there is with the TVR folks (that's a compliment) I'm looking forward to joining the ownership club and getting stuck in. BTW, I do like to mod, tastefully mind! Is that acceptable in the Lotus world? Cheers, Benn
  7. Ooh...I'm a proper member now! Ta very much I'm currently in green with the Army Air Corps based at RNAS Yeovilton but when I finish in march I'll be moving over to the RNR!
  8. Evening folks and thanks for the replies, must admit I do still feel a bit of a muppet for the roller-coaster ride I've given myself over the last 24hrs, it gave the guys something to chuckle about at work today so all wasn't lost. With regards to the interest in how I came to the conclusion that I wanted an Evora after a TVR is an interesting one. Previous to the Cerbera I had this little number: A 4.3Ltr Straight Six TVR Tuscan, it was great fun but still left me wanting for something So I swapped it for a immaculate 4.5Ltr V8 TVR Cerbera, this was a totally different beast, being the daddy of the TVRs and having the big old V8 it just had so much torque Even had the edge over some surprising other marques 2016-08-17 09.52.31.mp4 But it was costing me far too much to mechanically keep it on the road, forgetting tyres, fuel and insurance etc, I was paying almost £3000 every year just keeping the thing running. So it had to go. I then made an agreement with my better half that rather than just buy something immediately to replace it, I would use the money to clear our debts and put into the house then when I got my lump sum of leaving the forces I could take the money back out and buy a car (hence my feelings of remorse with the first post!) I've been looking at the Jaguar XKR 5ltr as its a lot of car for not a whole lot of money, but have been put off by two things, the depreciation which is phenominal and also the fact that, as much as it looks nice and has a very nice cabin to sit in, I just don't think it's "special" enough. I took the new V8 mustang out and was left feeling decidedly cold, so I've since been looking at tuned and modified imported ones. I've also looked at the Maserati Grantourismo but having gone on the forums and chatted to owners I fear that it'll cost me similar prices to the TVR to maintain. Porsches do very little for me and besides, having come from TVR I could never go to Porsche after all the banter there is between the two marques owners clubs and forums. So I was back to looking at the Jags and an imported Mustang....Until I saw an ad for an Evora. The last time I'd seen one in the flesh and up close was in 2012, I run a charity rally every 2 years and a chap turned up to do the rally in one. My main concern was that it was going to be woefully underpowered for me, both TVRs had almost Boeing 747 thrust from standstill, I do a lot of charity passenger rides and I loved seeing the reaction of people when their heads were thrown back and they were pinned to their seats during the acceleration demonstrations. When I arrived at the dealership to look at the car I was taken back by its beauty, they are stunning cars in the flesh aren't they! They gave me the keys and I sat in the drivers seat, my initial impression of luxury soon started to dissipate when I actually realised how spartan the cockpit is, at least in comparison to the Jags or Massers. When it came to starting it up, I loved the dash dare I say, very McLaren. The controls were somewhat out of reach initially with me missing the indicators and wipers a few times, but once I got used to it, it wasn't an issue. Within minutes I was feeling disappointed, as expected, this car was well down on the performance I was used to, I did a few launches from standstill and went up the rev range with very little G-force pushing me into my seat, this car definitely wasn't for me... So what happened? Why the hell did I buy it? The last 10 minute of my test drive, something magical happened. I was driving in 3rd I think and I came to a small set of twisties I was at 4k rpm, I put my foot down slightly as it was damp and the car rocketed around the bend! Somewhat taken aback I took the next bend faster and slightly increased speed as I progressed, the car went around those bends like it was on rails, I was flabbergasted, the TVRs would have had me facing backwards at those speeds on a greasy road. I'd discovered what this car had over my TVRs, usable power! I was in a car that I could actually put my foot down and concentrate on the road direction as opposed to the surface quality, the Evora had everyday usable fun and it had it by the bucket load. I won't try to deny its not as fast as the TVRs as it clearly isn't, but I think I may have just started growing up and something has twigged inside me that I don't need to have the brag of high BHP now, I've been there and done it, now I want to actually start my driving experience and you know what? The Evora did that, as unbelievable as it sounds, that last 10 minutes won me over in that car and I think it will help me relearn how to drive properly, how to work for the power and use it properly and I'm actually looking forward to it, so come April I will get one but this time with uber excited kids and a smiley wife in tow so we can all enjoy the experience. Sorry about the war and piece entry, hope it made sense and cleared things up! Cheers Benn p.s. so how do I blag this full membership offer then? May as well hang around
  9. Thanks for all the comments folks, but it may appear I was somewhat premature! I'm going to have to cancel it and let someone else have a bite at the cherry. Cut a long story short, I'm ending my time in the forces after 23 years and will receive my lump sum on departure in April, part of which I am using to buy the Evora. My best mate who was also the driving force behind this persuaded me to take a loan out for the 3 months prior to get the car now, all well and good until I sat and worked out that due to interest being front loaded on loans it was going to cost another £1500 at least just to hide a sodding car until I could properly use it. So with a heavy heart, I need to call the dealership this morning and cancel But silver linings and all that, if anyones looking to sell or P/X their Evora in April please drop me a line! Sigh...
  10. Evening folks, I've been looking for something to replace my TVR Cerbera with since it went last November and have been looking at Jaguar XKRs and Maserati GTs. On Thursday last week happened to scan through PH classifieds and saw the Evora so started some investigation into the models and foibles etc. Went for a test drive this morning, my first time in one. Rang them back this afternoon and bought it! Its only a N/A LE, as budget couldn't stretch to the S, but I love the look of it and even more so once the garage repaints the wheels in anthracite for me, looking forward to being back on the road. Just one snag though.... ... the wife doesn't know I have it and I now need to hide it somewhere until April which is when I said I'd get something else. Wish me luck!
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