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  1. +1, I think the 410s look better without the fussy stripes
  2. Same with my 410 as was registered Feb 17 therefore falls under the old system. However, am expecting that to change as the Treasury goes for a cash grab!
  3. @62dave thanks - that's also good to know. I'll defo give the db eater a go to see if I can get the best of both worlds. The standard exhaust is such a giggle that it would be a shame to lose it.
  4. @windymillercongrats on the new car. I am sure you will enjoy it at whatever speed you use it. I remember going around a roundabout not long after I got mine and sensing the grip level change. When I looked at at the road surface there was a coating of dust from a dump truck. There aren’t many cars that can give you that level of feedback
  5. @Gashead1105 good to know that 2bular works well. I am still torn about whether to change anything as I LOVE the noise on an everyday basis but it then limits my track choices.
  6. Yep. Bought the 410 as I thought it felt better on track than an Exige 350. More stable under heavy braking and no need to arm wrestle with the steering wheel! In terms of consumables I did around 2 x track days and around 3000 miles on the rears before new tyres needed. Brakes excellent - held up without any problems. No fade during each session. Didn't need pads replacing even after 4 x track days and 7000 miles. Main problem is that the 410 exhaust is too loud for most track days. I'm going to get a Komotec db eater to see if I can get the noise down to 102db which should open u
  7. It can be fun. I took it on a run through the Swiss alps in the Summer and I never got board of revving it out in the tunnels (my wife might disagree) but the corners were no great fun and the brakes overheated coming down from the mountains! It has a lot of pro's as a fun cruiser but (IMHO) it's not much of a sports car
  8. I had one for a while. Great fun in a straight line, makes a fantastic noise but awful in corners. You need to wear a sailors cap and shout things like hard-a-starboard before attempting to turn in. The V8 is a boat anchor over the front axle and it does not like changing its direction of travel. Its a one trick kinda car
  9. I think the depreciation numbers above are about right. I reckon the 410 lost 22k in the first 2 years and then another 12k in the last 2 years. So another 8k ish over the next 2 years. Hard to tell as this year is the last year of production for the Evora so that might slow depreciation a little. Overall a much cheaper car to own than a Macca 570, defo as much fun (but not quite as fast)
  10. You get the equity back ie the value of the car less the finance. However, you will probably have to arrange the sale of the car yourself ahead of the final payment date if you are not getting finance from a car dealer
  11. Thanks Colin. Photos to follow
  12. I had a new Evora Sport 410 on a 50/50 deal. It took some extreme man maths to make the case and I justified it as ‘you only live once‘! I had a great time in the car and loved every minute but had to sell it when the other 50% needed repaying. Given the whole COVID thing I am having another ‘you only live once’ bout of man maths and after considering getting a Porsche Boxster GTS or an Exige 350 I have gone for another Evora Sport 410. In fact it’s the same Evora as I owned before. So, 4 owners but my twice. Should be getting delivery on Friday from Lotus Silverstone. Can’t wait to get
  13. Summer blast round the Brecon Beacons
  14. Castle Combe. But it was a private hire so more flex on noise limits - as fewer cars
  15. Just do it. You won’t regret it. Nuff said.
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