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  1. The Emira isn’t a competitor to the Boxster GTS according to EVO magazine. Their recent review of the 2023 Boxster (which is the same model as 2020!) says: —— At £70,700, the Boxster GTS seems like astonishingly good value given that it shares the same engine with the more expensive 718 Spyder. An Audi R8 Spyder costs over twice as much but is no more engaging to drive. Same goes for the new Mercedes-AMG SL. And if you think the slightly cheaper BMW Z4 is anywhere near the same league as the new flat-six Boxster GTS, think again. Truth is, at this money the GTS has no serious rivals. ——- Is this the famed EVO Porsche bias or just sloppy journalism?
  2. Completely agree ref the theatre of driving the Evora. It's a far more memorable experience.
  3. Went to Porsche Experience Centre to compare Boxster GTS 4.0 with a 2.5 S on their handling circuit and 'ice' track. Interesting results. The S had PASM and Sports Chrono and both cars were on same size MPS4S tyres. The S had more roll in the corners and needed some concerted trail braking to make sure it turned in. Mid corner it was very easy to send sideways (damp track) both deliberately and sometimes accidentally. Brake feel was excellent in terms of feel but a fair way short of the stopping power compared to the Evora. Steering feel was good but not as good as the Evora. You felt grip levels through the chassis rather than the wheel. However, it was still effective. The GTS felt more polished. It cornered flatter and was easier to get turned into corners. The braking felt slightly stronger but still not up to the Evora (in fairness the Cup 2s do contribute a fair bit to stopping power). There was more opportunity to rev the engine compared to the S as both cars have the same torque figure but the S arrives at 1900rpm rather than 5000rpm. This meant that it was easier to balance the GTS on the throttle and you had to be much more deliberate to send it sideways. It also sounded better than the 2.5T in the S but still not a patch on the sound of the Evora. Plus the shorter gearing in the Evora let’s you have more opportunity to use the revs. In terms of laptimes I don't think there was much between the Boxsters. On a tight circuit the S might even be quicker due to the easy access to torque but the GTS feels more at home. On the ice (low friction) circuit both Boxsters had great balance and were way easier to control over the limit compared to a Lotus Elise,Exige or Evora. In the dry I know that the Evora has near identical lap times to the previous 981 gen GT4 Cayman so probably similar or slightly better lap times compared to the new GTS. In the damp or wet the Boxster would be the fastest for me as you could feel more confident to drive it up to and over the limits. The Evora has more spiky on limit handling and unless you have reached driving God’ status you won’t be at ten tenths. BTW - I never noticed any shimmy from the Boxster chassis despite the lack of a roof. And it almost goes without saying that the interior was much nicer than the Evora. Though I took the opportunity of being in Silverstone to call into the Lotus dealer to see and sit in an Emira. The interior felt a similar quality to Porsche and it had a neater, cleaner design,
  4. They aren’t a problem for rain or washing. The only odd thing is when driving at night you think people behind are flashing you but it is just their lights moving between the slats. Also one of those tailgates might be one that I rejected when I first bought the car. It had a 10mm air bubble in the lacquer. The replacement wasn’t 100% either as had a couple of small faults in the weave. So take a GOOD look before fitting.
  5. If you are after racing green then there are only x2 of them out of the 30 x 410 Sports in the UK!
  6. Greg’s Race Parts is probably a decent alternative
  7. Happy to be in the tiny percentage. I preferred the Evora over the Exige as a track come road car. Looking forward to seeing some Emiras on track. Though they will be crap Only joshing - please return all toys to their respective prams 😁
  8. This! I used to have a Mini GP2 which was a fantastic thing round track but I never felt the compunction to put down people who bought a Countryman because such a ‘huge’ car was off brand. I feel the same with the Emira. It attracts different folk who want some Lotus DNA but without the compromise of previous Lotus. That’s why the varied reviews worry me. It makes it too easy for folk to bring out the old trope of Lots of Trouble….. I really hope that Lotus grip the QC or lack of prep before they start handing over the keys to real people (not journos).
  9. Silverstone, Donington {which has noisy days up tp 108dB} and Goodwood {occasionally has 105dB} through Goldtrack. Hethel through Lotus on Track. Also Castle Combe but that is by invitation via a car club. So not loads of options but enough to keep things interesting
  10. Grin inducing gratuitous exhaust noise. Clip shows Porsche Turbo S followed by AMG GT R then Evora Sport 410.
  11. I have not used it as I've been selective about picking tracks but it is supposed to take 2 or 3 dB off
  12. Preaching to the choir as I have bought 2 (well same one twice). BTW had trouble with quality of carbon boot but fixed under warranty.
  13. Mctaff is very much in the majority. There are circa 25 people in the UK who think that the 410 Sport is acceptable (well acceptable enough to actually buy one)!
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