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  1. Just switched to MPS Cup 2 Connect (for track mainly) which is a new tyre that came out last year. First impressions are that it gives a bit more feel. You can also feel it hunting cambers and ruts. Stiffer sidewalls so more bumps are transmitted to type cabin. And unsurprisingly the wet performance is noticeably worse. Now the ‘old’ MPS4S on a separate set of wheels for daily use.
  2. At the moment the value of my 410 Sport is running at about 70% of purchase price after over 4 years. Even if the Emira causes a big slide in prices (which I doubt) then it is still likely going to be worth 50% at over 5 years old. That is still pretty amazing in terms of depreciation performance
  3. Gadzooks

    Lotus Emira

    Saw the Emira at FoS today and managed to have a short chat with Russell Carr. I asked whether the engine position had changed in relation to the bulkhead and height compared to the Evora He said not really but went on to say that the 4 cyl sits a bit lower compared to the V6. Fairly long queue at the Lotus stand every time I went past.
  4. Agree that nearly new Evoras will take a bit of a hit. Even though I have the Sport 410 so 2+0 I am hoping that the more track focused nature will still differentiate it from an Emira and attract a different customer. Overall, I think that the Emira will help raise the profile of Lotus and potentially create some more ‘foot fall’ that might buy an Evora
  5. Good to see the 410 getting some exercise. I was thinking of getting the SSC Harness bar too @JimUK are you happy with it ?
  6. I think you get another 200 revs in Sport mode but by that point your ears are bleeding from the fantastic howl from the exhaust/engine 😀
  7. This looks about right to me. As another data point around the general market I have a 25th Anniversary Mx5 (no sniggering, I still have the 410) and in Jan WBAC valued it at £10,000 but last week it was £14,350!!
  8. Had the 410 on track with several Maccas (up to 765LT), AM, Ferrari Pista and several Porsche’s but I lost track of the number of people that came up to me to say how amazing the Evora sounded (static noise test was a ‘good’ 105db). I think the only other great sounding car was the AM GT8
  9. Yes it looks like you can only get the rears in the new compound but hopefully this will pull through to other sizes when the MPS5S comes along. I think the M2 runs the same rubber as 410 fronts?
  10. Agreed. I picked up the car from a service and came home in a snow shower. Even though the snow melted pretty much straight away the car was over steering at 20 mph no matter how careful I was with the throttle. Defo buttock clenching!
  11. One of the most memorable times on Cup 2s was going around a roundabout at circa 20mph when I felt the steering go light. I looked hard at the road and noticed that a lorry had been past earlier and had left a coating of dust on that half of the roundabout. The MPS4S aren’t at that level. They are good tyres and even held up well on a recent wet track day but they do rob you of some feel and increase the moment of inertia on turn in. I think you will notice the difference but, as you say, the upside is better all year performance and increased wear. Choices choices! The new BMW fit MPS4S might be the answer
  12. +1. I made a recent discovery and so am going to resurrect this thread for posterity’s sake. When I re-bought my 410 I noticed that it wasn’t as responsive as I remembered despite the dealer fitting new Michelin tyres. I had the geometry checked and it had too much toe in. I had lit changed to a small amount of toe out but it still didn’t feel as good as my memory was telling me. Then I noticed it had MPS4S rather than the Cup 2s and the penny dropped. Cup 2s make a big difference. They are Excellent in the dry, fine in the wet so long as it is warm but scary in the cold
  13. I love the carbon seats in my 410 they add to the whole theatre of the driving experience. In terms of comfort I got on fine with them so long as I properly adjusted the seat. However, since fitting the seat bracket that tilts the seat back it is comfier. Only Downside is that it is harder to put things on the rear bench as the seat back obstructs entry. So I use the passenger side.
  14. Yellow and black is a great combo
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