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  1. Summer blast round the Brecon Beacons
  2. Castle Combe. But it was a private hire so more flex on noise limits - as fewer cars
  3. Just do it. You won’t regret it. Nuff said.
  4. Took the 410 on a track day with lots of other nice machinery (GT3s, Macca 570, 650, Ferrari 488 etc) and 2 people came up to me to tell me that the Lotus was the best sounding car there. One owned multiple Ferrari’s (but had brought a Megane Trophy R for the day) and the other owned Porches. It probably helped that the 410 was pushing out about 107 dB.
  5. Carbon seats. I spent 5 hours driving to Norfolk. Spent the next day driving round Hethel and then drove 3 hours home. No back ache, no leg ache, no problem. I think a lot depends on arm and leg length rather than any ‘personal padding’. If you can get the seat back far enough so that your thighs are on the seat base and still have any easy reach to the steering wheel you are good. On the occasions that I have had the seat even one click too close I have had an aching right leg after an hour or two. So for all you potential 410 buyers this is your ideal excuse to get the dealers to gi
  6. Cup 2s seem to be more temperature sensitive than water sensitive. I believe that their ideal operating temp is above 14 degrees. I went round a wet Heathel test track yesterday and had no problems because it was a warm day. As opposed to crabbing down the road at 20 to 30 mph after a snow shower in March. Tyre wear is good. The rears were changed after 5k miles and 3 track days. Fronts still have some life in them.
  7. I would argue that the 410 is way more than some thin seats and carbon bits. It is a significantly sharper drive than than a 400 especially when driving at pace.
  8. I tried the auto on track and hated it. I found that it really spoiled the experience and it cemented my decision for a manual. it seems others may like it!
  9. Auto is way too slow for the track. It seems like an age before you get the gear you want and you lose the ability to block shift gears. It needs to be a manual if you want to have some proper fun on track. Keep the auto for pootling in heavy traffic
  10. Apologies for the late reply. Yes it was a private event at Castle Combe. Low numbers of cars made it a bit more flexible on individual noise levels. Next event is 21 Jun so if anyone is interested pm me and I will see if I can get you an invite. Usually lots of exotica 675LT, 488, GT3 RS etc so you will end up paying a bit more as these guys do not like to be out on track with lots of cars. However still enough cars for some banter.
  11. @C8RKH points out that the 410 has the little chubby by the steering wheel potentially for a phone. I tried it and unless you have a v short phone it doesn't stay there for long. Andy - you will find that out for yourself after the running in period!. Revving it out is sooooo much fun. Also, I am at the 5k miles point and the engine is starting to do more pops on the overrun - but not many
  12. Another Racing Green 410 with the carbon seats (which I am very happy with). Side stripes removed as didn't look right in grey but as per above - could look good in yellow (which is not a standard option) Tracking the 410s together will be difficult as standard exhaust too noisy. Got told off at Silverstone as 103db drive by In the wet!
  13. Driving through town a white van coming the opposite way flashed his lights and flashed his lights. A thick hairy forearm then poked out of the window followed by a hand signal - a big thumbs up!
  14. I went passed (in opposite direction and in a green Evora). Everyone was out today!
  15. I can also vouch that Cup 2 tyres are not very good in the snow after being caught out in a snow shower after picking the 410 up from a service. Crabbing along at 20 to 30 mph was a bit too 'interesting' for my liking!
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