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  1. The Evora Sport 410 got rave driving reviews at launch but only 30 people in the UK bought one! Judging by the number of Emira deposits placed It doesn’t really matter what the reviews say as people are already sold. As is happens I also think the Emira will be a great drive and given the wider track but slightly heavier weight it should handle similar if not slightly better than the Evora. Plus a change in tyres and a couple of geo tweaks could make it a very alert driving experience - if that was what you wanted
  2. Just changed the wheels/tyres over from the slightly more winter friendly Michelin PS4S back to Cup 2s. What a difference. I had forgotten how much steering feel and immediacy on turn in that I had lost with the 4S Had an epic drive across Salisbury plain at the weekend and am looking forward to doing some more trips
  3. My Evora 410 Sport is about 104-5dB on a static test and that is measured when the valve is open. After a hot day of lapping at Castle Combe I asked the guys to re-do the static test and it had gone up to 112dB! This has limited my choice of locations and dates for track days but I have worked around it. I've done Silverstone, Goodwood, Hethel and Castle Combe. Donnington also has regular loud and even some unsilenced days. Overseas choices are reasonable too. Anyone interested in tracking their Emira would do well to sign up to Lotus on Track. I have also bought a Komotec 'can' which should take a couple of dB off the max but I haven't needed to use that yet. The Emira won't be as loud - not least because emission regs have changed since the Evora. I'd guess that 97-98dB is a reasonable assumption for the Emira
  4. Just adding to the knowledge bank regarding tyres. I am currently running Pirelli Corsas at the rear (to use them up rather than bin) and MPS4S at the front. The Michelins are way better in all conditions but the Pirelli seems more sensitive to the cold. I keep getting unexpected oversteer moments as the rear lets go without warning as the front tyres/steering tells me there is enough grip. Whilst it makes for ‘interesting’ driving it does underline that Michelins are the way to go
  5. Whilst the title isn’t wholly true it is true that Gordon Murray is working with Xtrac on a new gearbox for his new T33 car. The gearbox has the ability to do instant gear changes and is currently being tested in an Evora mule. It would be great if this became available at some point but given that the T33 is a £1M plus car it’s gearbox is unlikely to be cheap.
  6. Colin, if you think that an SLC is the way to go then defo take a long test drive. My wife has one (and yes the long bonnet and low splitter can be a problem for parking). It's a good GT car but not a sports car. We had an SLK55 at one point and even that handled like a boat!
  7. Set up is likely a major factor. My Evora Sport 410 is only circa 50kg lighter than a 400 but I deliberately chose it as a better track car compared to an Exige 350 after trying both on track. Plus it had the benefit of more luggage space for trips
  8. @Bruss @Doug Ashley The green one is a Sport 410 but I didn't like the side stripes so had them removed. It does have all the other usual bits inc the carbon seats (good spot!). There isn't a specific colour they are all 'bespoke' and funnily enough the photos 2 and 3 were attempts at matching the first colour! Probably shows how difficult it is to do a good colour match
  9. For those looking to find a bronze wheel colour to go with racing green - please see my various attempts above. It's currently on the bright bronze version (last photo). But black for everyday rubber
  10. It’s a matter of personal opinion but I hated the IPS on track when I drove an IPS Exige 350 back to back with an Evora 410 manual. Objectively IPS changes gear faster than a person but subjectively it feels like you are waiting for the gear you need - which is frustrating on track. The key area being downshifting in braking zones coming into a corner
  11. Just switched to MPS Cup 2 Connect (for track mainly) which is a new tyre that came out last year. First impressions are that it gives a bit more feel. You can also feel it hunting cambers and ruts. Stiffer sidewalls so more bumps are transmitted to type cabin. And unsurprisingly the wet performance is noticeably worse. Now the ‘old’ MPS4S on a separate set of wheels for daily use.
  12. At the moment the value of my 410 Sport is running at about 70% of purchase price after over 4 years. Even if the Emira causes a big slide in prices (which I doubt) then it is still likely going to be worth 50% at over 5 years old. That is still pretty amazing in terms of depreciation performance
  13. Gadzooks

    Lotus Emira

    Saw the Emira at FoS today and managed to have a short chat with Russell Carr. I asked whether the engine position had changed in relation to the bulkhead and height compared to the Evora He said not really but went on to say that the 4 cyl sits a bit lower compared to the V6. Fairly long queue at the Lotus stand every time I went past.
  14. Agree that nearly new Evoras will take a bit of a hit. Even though I have the Sport 410 so 2+0 I am hoping that the more track focused nature will still differentiate it from an Emira and attract a different customer. Overall, I think that the Emira will help raise the profile of Lotus and potentially create some more ‘foot fall’ that might buy an Evora
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