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  1. Hi all! Thank you all for the suggestions. It is indeed the sound coming from the roof rubbing where it joins. I believe some tape was added to stop the rubbing and supposedly this is what the 350 sport and 380 sports have as standard. It would appear even into the third year of building Exige V6 S cars Lotus couldn't care about the finished product as I am assured all cars leaving the factory now have this tape between roof and seals. The roof is pretty much silent with only the occasional crack (loud) sound which every time makes me think the firewall has snapped in half (this is what it sounds like) Now because its quieter in the car I can once again hear the lovely suspension noises. Its quite laughable really when you drive on flat smooth roads but your suspension is sqeaking/creaking away and the worst example is at 30 mph in say 4th gear you go on/off the throttle about 1% and it provokes the noise it is quite absurd. This has also been present since day one. Car also came back nearly impossible to get into reverse. Its never been a great shift for any gear however this had to be forced into reverse. It went back and got adjusted and its a bit better but worse than it was originally. Quite possibly worse of all - The car has an electrical issue that Murray Lotus and Lotus Cars are well aware of. Its a loose connection at the hazard button which can leave my hazard lights and indicators faulty (not working at all). Murray Lotus said this was well known and a design/manufacturing fault due to proximity of the gearshift. So it appears this has been swept under the rug and the new 350/380 sports having the new open gearshift surround also have a more properly functioning hazard button and also do not get affected by loose connections due to the redesign taking this into account. This has also been present since day one and its shocking they (lotus cars/murray lotus) think this is acceptable. Clearly the only solution is the new button/gearshift surround being fitted however this would require the new gearshift/cables to be fitted also and if Lotus cannot correct this serious fault on my car like they have with the new cars then I am left with only one choice. The car cant be road legal with such a serious safety failure of some of the cars most important controls. It would certainly fail an MOT and im concerned my insurer would be none too happy. If the car came back with this all sorted I was willing to start fresh and give it a chance to be the car I wanted when I bought it however its been nothing but trouble and a constant waste of time. I could only imagine the bill when these cars are without warranty... Im going to see what solutions are provided to these faults (they should have been fixed during the 2 week period they had my car) and if its more of the same then I will be getting a lawyer involved. There really is no other way of resolving the whole horrible situation. I love Lotus but this car is definitely the last one I will buy from them and has been nothing but a serious disappointment. Thanks everyone for taking the time to read
  2. All three press cars are stunning! I know this one doesn't have titanium exhaust however I was still amazed at the price because it does have the carbon stuff. If this is normal depreciation for press cars I can understand and there will be three very happy owners. I would lean towards the 380 at these prices although when spec'd up how I like it makes it £85k-£90k and that makes the 360 cup look a seriously good deal.
  3. That's where we are at now. I wont be taking the car back if its not 100%. Booked in for around the 10th Feb and I will keep the forum updated. I bought the car new/unregistered and as previously said its been a headache for all sorts of reasons since day one. I have listed the faults so many times when sending letters its also doing my head in lol. When I get a chance I will list them all here. Just for laughs im on my 4th steering wheel (about to be 5th lol) and my exhaust is on its 4th Exhaust Valve.
  4. Good Evening all! Just a quick post to say hello and at some point I will properly introduce you all to the most reliable Exige V6 in.. the world.
  5. Hi. Thanks for the welcome! No the roof is not the only issue. The car is only just over a year old and has had all these problems along with many others since day one. The car has plenty of warranty thus I wont be touching any of this myself. I don't believe its a problem with a well known solution otherwise why hasn't Murray Lotus sorted it after about 15 attempts All I can really say about the car as a whole is its not a quality product and im at my wits end. I have owned Elise 111Rs that were half the price and more than double the quality...
  6. Good evening everyone. Has anyone had these roof noises on their Exige ? I have had a few Lotus cars over the years but this is one extremely poor built car. I was wondering has anyone had this level of noise ? And if so what was the solution ? Regards Michael
  7. Or just wait for one with 740 miles to pop up at £70k ?
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