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  1. I've had 2 Granturismos, the 4.2 and the 4.7. Yes, the sound and looks are stunning, but the dynamics don't come close to the Evora. Watch out for the depreciation as well!
  2. Must be something in the air about Grey GT410 Sports... just picked her up yesterday 😀
  3. Hi All, Previous Evora 400 owner returning with a Metallic Grey GT410 Sport. Look forward to catching up with other owners and hearing your experiences with the GT410 Sport. Early impressions are that it definitely feels more focussed, still sounds the nuts, and might be a bit sketchy in the cold on the Cup 2s! Are there any Nurburgring write ups or lap times here? Very Happy 🙂
  4. Out of interest, why is it only the manual with a LSD? Cost/space/layout?
  5. Took the opportunity with the improved weather to give her a clean and go for a drive ?
  6. I agonised over Red, Orange, Green and Blue for months! Love my Red and black pack now though. Although I still haven't seen orange in the flesh.
  7. F1 Rich

    Lotus Evora 400

    Might see you down there, mine's in for its 1k mile service in the morning ?
  8. F1 Rich

    Lotus Evora 400

    1 month in and I'm loving the 400! I did a first impressions vid with a friend of mine, see below:
  9. So I finally picked her up on Saturday after a 10 day delivery delay ? I've only done 100 miles so far, but loving the experience. Gearbox seems tight and purposeful (I was cautious after such mixed reviews of the manual). Really happy with my spec choice, I think the red with black pack really suit the lines and shape. Also loving the alcantara interior. Now I just need to find as many excuses to drive and get the 1000 mile running in done!
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