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  1. I got the dash fitted a couple of weeks ago. It’s mega. now I can easily see coolant temp and fuel level, quite useful on track. I’m 6’4” but I can see the shift lights fine, indicator lights are blocked by the steering wheel but I’m not too fussed about that. Going to get the binnacle trimmed in leather to match the rest of the dash.
  2. I’m also 6’4” and I fit. mine is left hand drive, so my knee isn’t against the gearstick on the motorway. I keep thinking about removing or replacing the rear view mirror, or swapping the seats for Tilletts, but it’s standard for now.. size 48 feet, I can drive in sensible trainers, unlike my caterham which I could only drive in race shoes.
  3. I use the magnetic vent mounts too, very easy to use and my phone has never fallen off. Steel plate on the phone will probably prevent wireless charging but that’s only a problem if you use it, and there’s new types of mount the don’t block the coil. waze is very handy, helpful reminder of the speed limit, your speed and where the cameras and problems are. Nice to get 10 seconds warning of a broken down car or debris in the road.
  4. Here’s a link to the Instagram vid. I thought the same regarding LSD, seemed quite keen to spin both rears but couldn’t find any mention of the diff on the lotus website or elsewhere..
  5. I bought one off amazon called ‘Guluman’, it’s worked perfectly for me but isn't the nicest when it comes to design and quality. Since then I’ve used a few different ones, I recommend the ones from ‘NOCO’.
  6. My original battery died when only 6 months old, car is plugged into the CTEK whenever Not being used for a few days. Think Lotus fitted rubbish batteries at the time. Discovered the battery was dead on the morning of a 1000 mile road trip, the little lithium booster pack I’d just bought saved me, I thoroughly recommend them. Replacement battery I got is nothing fancy, whatever was on the shelf, but it’s been faultless.
  7. Hi Nick, unfortunately I’ll probably be in America in November, but if my plans change I’ll let you know. Be good to get on track before the winter.
  8. Mine did something similar just after I bought it. The latch pin on the boot lid had twisted a bit and was catching on release mechanism. I pulled the lid in various directions and thankfully it released.
  9. Welcome to the forum! I got a sport 350 because I wanted the geo, slatted engine cover, and exposed gear shift. My other requirements were cruise control for road trips (can be retro fitted for not much cash), and air con. Done a few trackdays in mine and the only thing I’ve done is replaced the brake fluid for Castrol SRF. Happy hunting
  10. That’s a stealthy one Welcome to the club! The shift lights are in the Rev counter, the red blinking of the immobiliser is one of 3 that light up as you approach the redline. I’ve done a few track days in mine and the only mods I’ve done are fit a towing eye (which you’ve already got) and swapping the brake fluid to Castrol SRF. I never got brake fade, but I tend to share the car with my gf at trackdays so I upgraded to make sure. Enjoy!
  11. I had my first few track days in my new 350 not so long ago. I was on a 3 week road trip with my gf so we didn’t want to stick it in the gravel, or worse. Did a few laps accidentally in tour mode, the throttle is noticeably lazy and the traction control intervenes swiftly if you attack a chicane with any gusto. Sport mode helped me out a time or two when I was a bit keen on corner exit in the damp. It’s definitely used the rear pads a bit, but brake pads are cheaper than bodywork. Didn’t have any brake fade, but swapped to Castrol SRF for good measure. Looking forward to getting a proper feel for the car and turning everything off. The exige is so much more capable than my old caterham, plus I have a roof and cruise control
  12. Useful info! I'll be driving from the Alps to the UK via the Eurotunnel, then back across on the Portsmouth-St malo ferry after a couple of trackdays, a wedding and the goodwood revival. I'm hoping the splitter isn't a problem on the ferry, if it is I'll let everyone know here.
  13. Has anyone tried the Tillett seat runners? I'm considering swapping to a Tillett B5, but I need to keep adjustment so my girlfriend can drive the car. If I can have a better seat, on runners that are tight, and gain a bit of room I'll be a happy chap.
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    Welcome! Nice collection of cars you've had :-)
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