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  1. Hey everyone! I just got a great deal on an s2 Elise that has some front and rear damage...overall the car is in great condition and the dealer is offering it to me for 6,000€ and I can probably get it for I was looking for front and rear Clamshells and that got me it possible to install the new exige front and rear clams on the Elise? It's basically the same platform and the only other part that i need to have the complete exige look is the side skirts..I mean the doors look like they are the same in both cars...I know that they cost quite a lot but for the price I'm going to pay for the car, it's not actually that bad. I wanted to spend around 20.000€ to get an Elise and now I can have the beautiful Exige stilling and then I have like 10,000€ more to spend on all kinds of stuff...I want to go turbo with a larini exhaust and then do some suspension and brake upgrades and maybe even a bit of work in the interior...but the question remains...can I put the exige clamshells on the Elise?
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