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  1. Hi everyone, I haven't investigated fully yet but hoping you can save me some time and expense. The door cards on my Elite are supposed to be held on by a number of screws round the edge. However, only a few of these remain on each side so that the cards are loose. I am wondering what the system is for securing the screws on the door side as simply trying a replacement screw doesn't work as they are too loose. Grateful for explanations/details from those of you that have dealt with this in the past.
  2. Thanks, it seems that our cars are made of a mix of Lotus, Ford, BMC and unicorn... Perhaps someone has found an alternative to the original chrome edging.
  3. Hi all, Bit of a long shot but having tried the usual parts suppliers to no avail I wondered if anyone had spare chrome edging for centre console (the wood effect part that holds the switches) for Series 1 car. Failing this a centre console with edging that they can bear to part with. Thanks!
  4. Sorry to hear about your suspension woes. I had similar issues (albeit several months ago now and pre-TLF) with rear trailing arm poly bush sleeves (too narrow) as well as a on the front lower wishbones bush sleeves (too long). As you say, best to check when ordering from your chosen supplier and be clear when ordering that the bushes a) have been checked and do fit and b) will fit without the assumption of a degree of user alteration. Am enjoying the car now so good luck with getting your suspension sorted as it will be worthwhile.
  5. Great to see the spotlight actually lighting up the dash. What was the bulb that you used?
  6. Hi Robert, your car coming along and looking great! Out of interest what was the part number for the edging for the bumpers that you used? Following your progress with interest as you seem to be tackling all the jobs that are facing me and great learning opportunity!! So big thanks for the detail and info that you provide.
  7. Hi all, sorry to resurrect this thread but I am thinking of maybe looking at a rebuild for a 5-speed gearbox that is getting noisy, particularly in 5th. Do these recommendations still stand for parts and rebuilding? Any experiences of rebuilding a gearbox or getting one done? Thanks in advance for your help!
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