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  1. The other half & I hope to make this one. Regards, Tim
  2. Count me & the wife in, we'll be eating as well See you there, Tim
  3. until

    Sorry guys, would have been difficult make the meet anyway, but must confess it slipped my memory. Can we not set up some form of email or text reminder ? When the meet was mentioned or discussed on the old regular forum I always got an email notification that someone had put a post on there, which doesn't seem to happen if things are posted in the events calendar here. I found it acted as a reminder plus prompted me to log in to say if we could make it or not. I know it's that time of year as well, but attendance does seem to have tailed off a bit since the meet's have only been mentioned he
  4. I'm not sure about tonight, only got home from a long weekend at a show with the Norton club late last night, so a bit knackered, & I then have a hospital appointment this afternoon which may leave time a bit tight. If we can make it we will, if not, see you all next month. Cheers, Tim
  5. These are the best I can offer, more arrived after they were taken though. Cheers, Tim
  6. Yes, a cracking evening again. Looking forward to the next one, but not sure we can make July. Cheers all
  7. Hi Guys, Been away for a long camping weekend in deepest darkest Suffolk with the Norton club. No mobile phone signal or internet , so only just picked this up. Mrs O & myself plan to be there & will be eating. Cheers
  8. We will be, we also have some friends from Nottingham staying in the area who are hoping come along to see us, so could be 4 of us. Tim
  9. I hope to be there, most likely with Mrs O
  10. I've been looking for something to do on the FBHVC's 'Drive it day' & have decided, somewhat last minute, to go to Kersey mill near Hadleigh, Suffolk. Mrs O & I were staying in the area last year when this event was staged for the first time & it attracted a good number of cars from all era's, but there were only two lotuses there, our S4 Elan & a sunbeam Talbot Lotus. The weather wasn't as kind as it could have been, but we never the less had a good day, with a look ro
  11. I/we've got to take the daughter back to her digs at Easton between 6 & 9pm on Easter Monday, ready for her course to start again the next morning. Poor planning if you ask me, but it means we'll be in the area so could join in if it's the usual evening get together & nosh. Also happy to consider other options if it's a bad night for others. Regards, Tim
  12. She's a teenager, probably didn't even notice, I'll pass on your apology though. His name is Trevor. He's apparently had that elan since the seventies, but it was in one hell of a state, it had stood outside with only a small tarp to cover it for years. I helped him to restore it & got it back on the road late last summer. The body was probably one of the worst I have ever tackled, it was two mismatched halves, badly joined together, with horribly flared wheel arches & loads of damage. Doesn't look too bad now though.
  13. Yes, another good evening, just a shame about the days weather ! As Mrs O was stuck at work late, I thought it would be good to catch up with my daughter, as she is in digs at Eastern college. To my surprise, she was keen to tag along, mind you, that was probably the offer of a free feed . However, she enjoyed it & wants come again. That's going to prove fun when they both want to come along & the weather is more conducive to a 2 seater rag top
  14. All being well SWMBO & myself will be there again, hopefully in a Lotus this time. Tim
  15. We went through this middle of last year. We'd only been with BT about a month & lost our broadband, but the phone line was still working. Was told that couldn't happen, so it must be something in our house & we would have to pay their charge if that was found to be the case. After going through everything I could think of, I agreed to pay if it turned out to be our equipment. Two missed appointments, so two mornings wasted waiting in for them, then eventually an Openreach chap did turn up, 11 days after the fault was reported. He went through everything in the house & gave it all
  16. Yes, a great evening, thanks for making us welcome. It was good to put some faces to names & have a good old mardle. +1 on the food also. Tim (& Lena)
  17. Certainly willing to hear more Perhaps we can have a chat Monday at the BIH if we both make it?
  18. @ChrisJ Thanks for that, yes, I was using a more general vehicle enquiry. Found it's MOT history now But it doesn't explain why details can't be found in the search I was using? If I enter a vehicles reg number & make, ignore the V5 doc ref box & hit search, I get info, like date of first reg, year of manufacture, engine size, type of fuel, colour, whether it's taxed or sorned, if it's MOT'd & for how long etc. Gives you a good bit of info on a car you're looking at as a potential purchase & can help tie up a description & pictur
  19. Well I'm off to sulk now Doesn't work for me. I figured it must be a cookie thing or something on my laptop, but I've just checked all my vehicles & they all show up fine. Grrrr That's not so bad then, I prefer to have the power at the bottom end. Would there be any reliability &/or economy issues with such mods? I'm looking for a car to use more or less as a daily driver & need it to be reliable above all else.
  20. Well that's strange, I checked it back in about November last year, then again this morning before I commented in my post, & again just now & all I get is this, GOV.UK Vehicle enquiry BETA This is a new service – your feedback will help us to improve it. Vehicle details could not be found Vehicle details could not be found as it has not been possible to locate the vehicle details, your enquiry cannot proceed and has been cancelled. If you want to check the vehicle record held
  21. It's been on the market since about August last year, & yes, for some reason they had it listed as an Eclipse? I like the exterior colour, but personally, not so much the interior, & wasn't sure about the engine mods, I'd rather have tractable reliability than outright power, wasn't sure what it would behave like. It's a bit far away from me to go look at it just on spec Another little anomaly, it's listed as a 1988 car, but date of first registration is stated as 29/04/87. I sent a couple of enquiry emails for more details, but got no reply, so tried doing a DVLA search on i
  22. All things being equal Mrs O & me will be there, but this weather will have to improve somewhat for us to be in a Lotus, the road to our house is a muddy farm track at the mo ! Need it to dry up a bit & the bloody sugar beet season to finish Also, if we are going to get there anywhere near 7-7.30 pm, we'll need to eat at the pub, do we need to book for food? Regards, Tim
  23. Good advice there Dan, Good advice there dan, that's what I always TRY to do That does look like a very nice Eclat, regarding the mileage, I'm looking for an Excel & every bit of advice I've been given is to avoid low mileage garage queens, go for a car that has been used regularly. Regards, Tim
  24. Put me down as a definite maybe, but might need a memory jog nearer the time though Might not be in a Lotus though
  25. Hi Mervyn, I don't know is the simple answer, do you have a '73' badge with the laurel? I don't recall seeing one & I've always preferred the earlier '72' badge for this reason. I've looked through everything I have & can find & can't actually find a picture of a '73' badge with the laurel. My first thought was that they had done away with it (the laurel) because of space, the more years they had to add on, the less room there is for such niceties, but then we get to the '78' badge, & the laurel is back, so there endeth that theory. You may get a more authoritative an
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