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  1. Hey guys, I'm still having problems with my 93 Esprit. The car still dies like it is running out of gas and I have to keep feathering the gas peddle to keep it running. The problem has gotten progressively worse from an intermittent problem to something that happens all the time. The fuel filter has been checked and the gas is good. I thought that it was the fuel pump, after checking the old pump I found the pressure came to 40lbs but bled of to 0 within 20 seconds of turning the ignition off. After replacing the pump the pressure is 45lbs and it takes much longer for the pressure to
  2. Thanks for the heads up. I was thinking that the fuel pump was on its way out. Does anyone know how difficult is it to replace the pump. Thanks..
  3. At Infineon. Looking forward to the race..

  4. Hey folks, Started having some problems with my 93 and could use some help. After my transmission rebuild I thought that I was down on power, the car would run fine but it just didn't have the kick that I remembered. My mechanic said everything was OK so I put it down to driving my Viper more and getting used to its power delivery. After a few weeks the Lotus started to stumble a bit while I was in slow traffic (below 10 mph) I had to pump the gas peddle just to keep it running. On the way back from the mechanic (3rd time replacing rear oil seal) the car started running rough about 10 mi
  5. Thanks Fes, The check engine light does come on when the ignition is in the on position and goes out as it should when the car is running. I think that you might be right about the wastegate, it does feel like I'm down about a third of the power that I should have. I'll try to have a look at the wastegate and cross my fingers. Thanks for the help
  6. Yeah I know 8 months is a long time but I had a new toy that also needed some work and only so much money... The gas tank was nearly empty when I parked it in the garage and I filled it up right after getting it back from the shop. I check the connection between the airbox and turbo and everything looks fine. Thanks for the help. Steve
  7. Thanks for having a look Fes... It does just seems to be holding back. it seems like it takes forever for the revs to come up. The car was of the road for a good 8 months , I'll try some injector cleaner and see if that makes a difference. The clutch was just replaced, but I don't think it's slipping becase the revs take a while to build... It feels like I am only pressing the gas pedal about 3/4 of the way down. It did just pass smog in California so I don't think that it is unburned gas. Thanks for the help folks.... I can sure use it
  8. After getting the car back on the road after a tranny rebuild I have no power. If anyone could have a look at the Free Scan file and let me know if they see anything I would be very grateful. Best regards, Steve drive 1.csv
  9. Here it is drive 1.2.csv
  10. I just got my baby back from the shop after rebuilding 1st and 2nd and now there is no power. When 2nd gear gave out it was running great tons of power, now nothing. I am a complete idiot when it comes to these things and could really use some ideas. Here is a rundown of what happened... I was getting onto the highway vigorously in 2nd gear when at about 6000 rpm it gave out (2nd had always had some issues). All of a sudden the car felt like it hit a wall, almost felt like someone had hammered on the brakes. I thought that the hose between the charge cooler and intake had come off as this h
  11. For Sale.... Kidney Children Wife Dog.... Willing to trade for a new Esprit
  12. Yep, the red hose was taken care of a long time ago. Thanks for all the help guys, as usual this site shows that there are good people in the world and that they all just happen to drive Esprits'
  13. Thanks for the replies guys. I think I'll just get the damn thing rebuilt. Since I purchased the car a few years ago I've had a few issues before with second gear. Occasionaly it just had a hard time getting into second and would clear up and be fine for quite a while. I've taken it easy going from first to second but I think that the time has come to throw some money at the problem. Is there anything I can do to improve the reliability since I'm going to rebuild the transmission anyway, and if anyone stateside that has had theirs rebuilt could give me an estimate on what it cost them I would
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