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  1. I have checked my 360 Cup and it actually has this wrap around thingie bolted to the floor on the driver's side So I might end up using it. Most probably on the passenger side they were concerned about weight and they have decided not to install it. But if you look at how it is bolted it is not that much better than the "improvised" solution. And if they are supposed to carry a lot of load, this means you are doing it wrong - as on 4 point harness they don't even exist and it is basically the same thing. Still a solution, where the loops would be somehow connected to the runners would be better (also looked better) than the holes through the floor. Maybe just a "small harness bar" between the runners and make a wrap around installation?
  2. Found photos: Doesn't look that great from below. I'll do it anyway
  3. Hi, I have ordered the 6 point addition to the 4 point harnesses (I have a Schroth rotating buckle already). I need advice from someone who has done it already: where is the best place to attach them? I have ordered these: Thank you Samo
  4. It would be great to know if the springs fix this problem... Maybe they should send two pairs to Cyprus - I have two cars with these problems, that are not in hibernation
  5. Fro me the best upgrade on 430 are the seat runners. Does anyone know from which car the Evora's runners are? It would be also great to know how much adaptation is needed for them to be used in Exige/Elise. I suppose buying them from Lotus is almost impossible - like the rest of the spare parts.
  6. Maybe the runners are the best improvement of Exige so far
  7. The future looks like 450 / 460. In 2018 for sure. It will get more problematic after that as Lotus most probably can't afford changing the internals of the engine. And new Elise / Exige is not around the corner yet. Can they afford to change this relatively old engine for something more modern and with less emissions - because this is what makes Exige really expensive?
  8. I find them better than Nankangs on my Elise. With a good geo very predictable with a lot of grip. Almost like semislicks. So predictable that I just drive with traction control off. Very resistant to overheating and they last quite long. They are definitely on the top of my list of tyres to test also on Exige. I still have a new set of ZZRs on one set of wheels and two sets of Michelin P4 for the other one so haven't ordered them yet. But will definitely test them also on Exige this year.
  9. Looking at Michelin's web site it is quite difficult to figure out how these two tyres are different in construction. If there is no Aramid in PS4, then Michelin shouldn't advertise that Aramid is used in PS4. This text: "Technology: a hybrid belt of Aramid and Nylon ensures optimum transmission of steering instructions onto the road" can be found on this web page:
  10. One more thing you should consider when you decide about the front tyres for your Exige: in 205/45R17 PS4 has fuel efficiency E. In 215/45R17 it has C. Which means that most probably 205/45R17 is softer. And you get enough thread life to match the rears. So wider tyre might not necessarily mean more grip.
  11. That's interesting. Is there a good comparison of compounds and technologies used available somewhere on the internet?
  12. PS4S are not available in Exige sizes. They don't make them for 17" nor 18" wheels. I'm also not sure there is a really big difference between these two tyres, except in sizes and price points. Thread pattern is the same. And as they don't come in same sizes it's really difficult to compare them.
  13. I'm on my 4th set of PS4s in standard sizes. More camber will be much more helpful than raising the front to get a 1cm wider tyre. Try them. I'm sure you'll like them. The only tyre I know I like on my Elise, but haven't tested on Exige is Advan AD08R. The reason I am hesitating is because there is nothing wrong with PS4 and I know no other tyre will last so long (almost double compared to Corsas). Unfortunately PS4 doesn't come in Elise sizes. Best regards Samo
  14. It's really difficult for them not to know. I have my third Elise/Exige. All with the same problem. Different dealerships were fixing it under warranty. Someone had to pay for it - but fixes were of course not permanent.
  15. I am 179cm tall and I do a bit of "entering the car yoga" - I get in and out without moving the seat. There is quite some space behind my seat especially in Elise with standard steering wheel (would need to bring it a bit closer for use with harnesses). But as it is just me (and rarely someone else) driving my Elise and Exige the rails don't see a lot of moving back and forth. Only at dealership. Still both my seats are rocking. If I use harnesses this is less disturbing. If I use seat belts, it is very disturbing. So I don't think moving the seat a lot or using it full back is necessary for this.
  16. I've stopped hoping for Lotus to resolve this. And it looks like no one went into exploring the aftermarket solutions. I see plenty of runners here that theoretically could be used: Someone should make adapters for some more serious runners and sell the "uprated runners set". Regards Samo
  17. Elise and Exige have same headlights. I wouldn't convert them to 55W HIDs as they might not be much brighter but will produce more heat. It's better to buy a 35W kit with high quality ballasts. Dipped beams are shaped properly, but because of the lens that is too small not bright enough. High beams and driving lights work great. And having 6 HID lights is just enough for fast night driving. Exige unfortunately doesn't have driving lights (and I still don't know why). I have found a great add on HID driving lights from Hella that produce even more light than Elise's driving lights converted to HID.
  18. Regarding discs: bigger is not necessary better. For Elise I've bought plenty of different discs including a bit bigger two piece from AP Racing. Now I am using EBC's BSD discs. Not only they are cheap, but they are the only discs I was able to wear down to minimum thickness without resurfacing them. Most probably BSD discs don't come in Exige V6 sizes, but what I wanted to say was that different discs might solve your problems. My car came with grooved two piece floating discs. And they work really well. That's why I'll just stick to them and not change them for bigger and theoretically better discs. I'm sure you don't brake too hard. I don't think that's possible
  19. I had recently two new sets of tyres on two sets of wheels: PS4 in standard sizes and Cup2 in 215/45. And I have placed the front wheels side by side and the difference in diameter is somewhere between 4 and 6mm - not very easy to measure, as the tyres are not flat. Which means the front ride height would increase 2 to 3 mm.
  20. This is my third Lotus (plus one Caterham - which is utter crap in terms of reliability). I haven't owned a single Porsche yet. I buy cars because of their price/performance. To sell a lot of cars Lotus also needs to attract people like me. You could say I am a loyal Lotus driver, but I am not. I would buy a Porsche if they would offer better performance for smaller price. Because I don't doubt they have beaten Lotus in terms of reliability long time ago (if not forever).
  21. Maybe you are comparing it to a wrong car. Porsche GT4 is a better comparison. I know they have all been sold out. But there is a new one on the way. Base price for the old one was GBP 64451. This is the car that competes with Exige. And it's getting harder and harder to justify that Exige is a better deal. For me the important part is that on Exige the roof comes off. Not many will consider this as a big enough advantage.
  22. Many other things on this car are also not required, but buyers "know" they need them
  23. In my calculations (that include a slightly higher tax on increased CO2 emissions), this car is 50% more expensive compared to 360 Cup. They should at least include the GBP 1400 baffled sump for this money which was standard on 360 Cup. It took lotus a while to sell 360 Cup cars - as they were expensive. That's why I was able to get mine for a nice price. Do they expect to sell 60 of these "gold plated" cars now?
  24. I've just tested Cup 2's on my Exige today. Have used 2.0 front and 2.2 bar rear hot pressures. This tyres hold so well that it is dangerous - because it makes you think you have superpowers Even though I'm not sure I'll be buying them in the future as even at daytime these tyres enable you to be crazy fast. At night time there is no way I'd be willing to push them even close to the limits. On the other hand: after two sets of PS4 - with those I can exploit the limits also at night which makes it more fun. But what a great tyre... I was amazed. Let's see how many miles I'll get out of them.
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