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    99 Lotus Esprit V8
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    LSD, HighTorque ECU, Wilwood Brakes, BOV, Engine Bay Fire Extinguisher, Straight Cats, Momo Steering wheel, Boost pressure column, wheel spacers, and much more
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  3. I would like to query Evora owners if they would be interested in a product that would make cleaning and storing an Evora easier. Problem: #1: I love washing my car, but the painstaking of covering the Grilles so that water does not enter the engine bay or outlets is troublemsome and hard to do. #2: If it rains or there is large amount of dust in the area, there is no way to cover the Grilles unless with a complete car cover. Most of the time, it is a problem to put a car cover on all the time at the work place. #3: You cannot put a car cover on immediately after use because the "Hot Air Outlet vents" expel very hot air that would melt a cover. #4: You can't put a cover Solution: #1: Designing and producing a product that will cover these Grilles and make them impervious to water or dust entry. They will be sold as a set 6 (for the tailgate engine bay hot air outlet vents) and possibly 8 total (for the 2 Front Exit Grilles). #2: The product could offer ventilation as well due to the design. It will not be designed as a product for a running engine but could be used on an engine that has recently been turned off. #3: If it is desirable to put a car cover on right after use, it would be possible to cover the car immediately by installing the specialized cover that will be designed to continue venting hot air but at a cooler temperature that would not hurt most covers (covering materials that would and would not work would be researched and listed) #3: There would be unique features such as: Different colors Specially molded to the exact shape of the particular Grille. Different types just a product that covers (Non-Ventilated Cover), only to be used on a cool engine. a product that covers and disperses (Ventilated Cover) heat for use with car covers or immediately after engine use The product will give the ability to wash the vehicle with the ventilated covers installed, and due to the design of the covers, not allow water to enter the Outlet Vent. Summary: Depending on the feedback of this initial query, I will conduct a poll with more specific questions. Thank you for your time!
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