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  1. Just to throw my two penn'orth in, went to London the other day with no A/C. No spanner on dash. No fix on restart. Sent a 'clear all error codes' via generic OBD reader/software and A/C kicked back in and hasn't failed for a week or so. If this is the dreaded B1422 error due to mismatch between crankshaft and compressor rpm does an ECU update simply increase the tolerance or fundamentally readdress the issue? What causes the mismatch? Wet or greasy belt? Sensor? Inertia due to rapid increase of rpm (e.g. blip of throttle) with lightened flywheel on 400? Jus' wonderin'.
  2. As a footnote to my previous posts in this thread: popped up the M4 to London yesterday and had NO A/C. No spanner on dash though. No codes on generic OBD reader but then there wouldn't be unless you've got Lotus software I suppose. Bit suspicious since the HVAC was out a few months ago to replace the "hedgehog". Will try sending a "clear all codes" command tomorrow in the hope that it might work but I suspect it will be a return trip to Hoffman's.
  3. I can recommend this one: It has worked well with all the iOS apps I have tried.
  4. A similar thing has happened to my 400 twice. On the first occasion it suddenly wouldn't rev past 4,000, engine fully warm after 10 mile run. Eventually pulled over and a restart fixed it. The second time after a similar run it dropped out of Sport and revs were limited to about 2,000. This time it cleared itself after 10 seconds. On both occasions no dash lights and no fault codes. Mysterious.
  5. At Culverhouse (West) Cardiff this morning and saw a 60 plate grey Evora S with an Evora 400 badge. Strange? DVLA still have it registered as an S.
  6. I had no warning symptoms when my speed control module failed but what you describe could well be early signs. As you know it's a front clam off and HVAC unit out on a RHD car which is a pain.
  7. The carpet at the end of the passenger footwell IS the fuse cover. Held in place by 3 (or 4) quarter turn screws. Fuse MC7 on the bottom right is the one you need to pull.
  8. I know it's some time since the last post but just had the resistor module (the "hedgehog") replaced on my 400 due to fan stuck on full. It's definitely a front clam off for RHD cars and Lotus quote 7 hours for the job but Hoffman's said it took a fair bit longer. A/C and coolant have to be drained so I understand and HVAC removed. Lucky it is still under warranty.
  9. The other day I was driving along an open A road when a sports bike (not sure what it was) came up behind me and sat on my rear right quarter. I thought he was trying to get me to "go for it" but in fact he was just having a good look at the car. After about 2 miles he tired of doing the legal limit and accelerated past me, giving me a big thumbs up on the way! Even bikers can have good taste in cars!
  10. If my 400 has the same boot latch setup you can close the latch with a suitable tool (key blade works fine). This turns off the boot light and keeps the alarm happy. Lower gently. There's a lever on the latch to open it again prior to re-closing.
  11. Hi Mark, Noticed an Alpine TUE-DAB1U unit in your pics. If you manage to get decent reception with it I'd be grateful to know which aerial setup you used. My windscreen aerial is not good.
  12. Just to add to the register - Hoffman's original demonstrator: Metallic grey, Black Pack, Black Alcantara, Black Gloss Forged Wheels, Cruise, Amp + Subwoofer, VIN 0077. Also battery replaced under warranty and transmission chatter but loving it. So glad I didn't buy a Cayman.
  13. Just back from the car audio shop. The DAB unit control screen now stays visible when driving. I don't know what they did because they were quite secretive about it. Protecting their business I suppose. They tried their best external DAB aerial and the reception didn't improve, the assumption being that the Alpine TUE-DAB1u is not a strong unit. They did contact Alpine though who suggested either trying their recommended aerial or sending the unit back for service. Not sure what to do. Whilst there they also tried to tweak the subwoofer to improve performance but that is still pretty weak.
  14. jmmonline


  15. Thanks for the welcome Bibs. I've read a fair bit about what needs to be done. With other Alpine units the system has to be fooled into thinking you're not moving. I've seen solutions involving dual switches, diodes, or a 3rd party device marketed as a PAC TR7. If it is as simple as earthing the handbrake wire I'll be very happy. No DIN extractor tools though so I'll keep my appointment at the Alpine agent tomorrow. There are some settings in the Alpine head unit's menu titled "Park" and "Reverse" but they are not changeable. Maybe there's a button sequence to enable them? Should know more tom
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