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  1. Direct line won't even touch my insurance quote ! They won't even try and give me an extortionate £7000 quote like most try! Haha
  2. Yeah that would be tru with the insurance butttt im guilty about liking the diffuser! also admiral are the ones i have the lowest quote of so we will see ! i have both parents and an older brother on my policy which dropped it a little bit but i want to be the main driver just to keep the no claims bonus going!
  3. Yeah ive gotten between 2k-2.4k on usual sites which i was prepared to pay before i even bought the car id just thought id ask to see if i could save a little bit of money is all !
  4. It seems like it could be the same car ! I don't know if I could keep the stripe for my own sake !!:S Also does anyone have any insurance providers worth using ? I will be paying £2000 if I can't find any better quotes ! Haha cheers
  5. Yeah it was sold by snows not long ago and the previous owner needed to switch cars due to his mother having to move in apparently!
  6. I think changing the wheels to black and removing the stripe will be my first order of business! And thanks
  7. I only have a photo of it from the dealer but I bought it from a garage named "Elite car co". It's still on auto trader actually. Itl be getting sent to me on a trailer from Hampshire to Newcastle so I'll be expecting it the end of this month thankfully ! (I think I'm definitely going to be getting rid of the stripe!)
  8. Just thought I'd update the thread and tell you guys I finally purchased a 2010 evora! Yeah it's no 400 or a supercharged version but it's a beautiful car ! Thanks to everyone for the help and advice it's been amazing !
  9. I can totally agree with not using the car in certain places which is a fear of mine but due to the fact i couldn't afford/don't have space for another car id have to grit my teeth and be super careful! Also i definitely wouldn't be driving a £80k 400 to the local ASDA ! Lucky you don't need to !
  10. This has helped me a lot and put my mind to rest on a lot of issues! I think I could handle doing some minor work myself with proper research and some tips. I work as a toolmaker so I'm Used to fiddly and precise jobs ?! But your savings are amazing ! Well done for that man ! I think this has sold me into evora owndership! I was giving up hope before I made this thread and considerimg waiting it out and getting a R35 GTR but 2 friends have them already so I can't wait to cruise in with the smooth yet aggressive looks of an evora one day!! Thank you again. Did you use the evora as a daily driver all the time ? thanks.
  11. Thank you for the amazing help guys! I've been looking for advice for a while and finally decided to make an account and ask because the money is just sitting there waiting to be spent ! Thanks a lot
  12. That completely fair i sort of have the same issue with BMW :S! And again its no particular reason haha
  13. my mind was bouncing around so many different cars but they simply dont have the looks but more importantly the handling of a lotus. i looked into Audi RS5 but its just not the same trill or charm! im sure im sold into lotus now. Thanks alot for the help!
  14. Thanks for the reply. Ive loved lotus in general for years now and loved the curves yet aggressive styling of the elise however its just simply not practical for daily use! so i looked into the evora and fell in love. the only problem i feel when stepping in this direction was the price tag for a 7 year old car. i feel like alot of love and care could keep this car feeling new for at least another 4 years if possible.
  15. Hi guys im currently looking at sinking roughly £30K into an 2010 Evora with around 30k miles. Im wondering if any of you guys could give me a rough idea of costs in general, servicing mainly (Dont worry about mentioning insurance prices as they will be high due to my age (21)). Also im wondering if there are any major problems in the evoras and anything i should look for specifically when buying one !! Thanks alot guys.
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