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  1. Fantastic Run. Smoothest roads in NI… thought I was in Germany for a moment! (Must be the pork!) Great to meet you all! Few pics here:
  2. Still in the GT4. And I am a TBC! Hopefully we get weather like right now!
  3. From what I've seen (and heard), the GT4 RS is worthy of a delay. Sadly they will likely be unobtainium.
  4. Keep me informed - as long as you don't mind pork tagging along!
  5. Part of Dickies article. Reads a bit like a spoiler free movie review. Holding back for the full production car no doubt. Still positive!
  6. Those two videos are certainly heartening, but if there's one thing I've noticed / heard from both of them, Lotus really need to see if they can nail that shift quality of the 'box especially when its under pressure. Nearly sure I spotted some mis-shifts in the vids. Been there got the T-Shirt.
  7. Got my call. 8th July deposit (evening). July delivery. Woop!
  8. Maybe the big update is a spool of yellow thread has been located to stitch our alcantara wheels! 😀
  9. Have the phone calls for deposit holders dried up? Haven’t seen anything in this thread since before Christmas.
  10. Spotted one of these on the road after seeing the Emira earlier in the week. Tail lights clearly a homage to Kia. 😃
  11. I’ve said it already but I’m not expecting it to be objectively a better track attacker. The Emira is more a GT car and I hope it’s different enough to love as much just in a different way.
  12. I've put together a piece including photos of my views on visiting the car at Rybrook in case anyone is interested.
  13. Great to see the car at Rybrook today.
  14. Feel for the call handlers but this is just fantastic news for Lotus. I know far more people new to the brand who have ordered than not.
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