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  1. Had a bit of a photo shoot today. Got a teaser through and think she looks great. Whilst I’m minded I’m possibly thinking of selling up to fund another Lotus purchase. Not at the placing an ad stage yet but at the same time would prefer to give anyone here a heads up. Give me a PM if interested.
  2. When they get tight just a very little bit more! Torque is very low, below what my wrench goes to - likely under 30Nm. I don't actually see a rating in the Lotus workshop manual, NGK or Toyota perhaps have one.
  3. Recent cars and coffee with some other tasty metal. Honestly we were all 2m apart.
  4. I noticed when going to her recent service at Lotus plugs among other things were due. Simple process so job done and popped a guide together for anyone else: Otherwise no changes to report other than getting out for a few miles now and with the top off in good weather... I couldn't imagine anything more fun to drive!
  5. Straightforward process, but didn't see an obvious thread so took a few snaps whilst doing this tonight. Time required: an hour or so including a cuppa. Firstly you will need: 6x NGK Spark Plugs, Lotus P/N A132E6503F - at just over £5 a plug from the dealer handy as anywhere. These are NGK ILFR7B8 spark plugs for reference. Same plug used in the S/C Evora. You will also need: 1/4" socket with 8mm and 10mm sockets and extension 10mm spark plug socket, 3/8" or 1/2" drive. Double sided tape if your boot carpet doesn't tidly stick back up
  6. This lovely cup on Collecting Cars at the moment.
  7. With all this time I gave the car a coat of Bilt Hamber - excellent easy to use wax. Also decided to pull the rims off and clean the rear faces. What I didn't expect was lots of caked on pad, likely DS2500 before I changed them. No problem though, time consuming but Auto Glyn Magma Iron Fallout remover did the job in the end: Highly recommend this as part of your Covid-19 cleaning schedule. A quick coat of bilt hamber on the rims and now they're lovey: Couple of tips (picked up from here) - hockey puck on the jack to catch the jacking point in the centre on either
  8. Needless to say the current situation isn't conducive to updates, however had her out for a great run along with a mate yesterday around Lough Neagh - we self isolated in our fibreglass boxes for the trip. A few weeks back I was at a cars and coffee at a dealership and they had a turntable photo booth, so it was rude not to...
  9. Remove body pan. Beside jacking point C there’s a bolt - nearest to the silll. Remove it. Bolt in puck. Job done. Refit panel and measure up/apply label. When the two post rear legs line up with the label it will be tight against the puck on the inside of the pan, which is right on jacking point C. Yet to get it on a lift but I foresee no issue.
  10. Great idea these. Lift pucks from Elise shop. These hide abound the belly panel but allow you to jack at point C without taking the rear panel off. I also got some more jacking point labels to label the cover so there is absolutely no doubt as to where the jacking points are.
  11. For any of you that subscribe to the Gareth Jones on Speed podcast, he was at Hethel recently (after having a Evora GT410 press car for review) Some good stuff with Clive Chapman, Gavan Kershaw, Russell Carr and Matt Windle Also I don't know what he was on when he did this, but 🤣
  12. Well overdue some updates. Firstly, I binned the DS2500 pads and fitted Performance Friction PF08 as recommended here due to judder. I'd highly recommended this. Look at the pad transfer: I drilled them out then sent them off for a skim, as there wasn't many miles on the factory discs. Like new and transformed the braking for such straightforward changes. Next up a rear towing eye from Simply Sportscars. This made it from OZ to Northern Ireland in 4 days. Incredible, and a great job although I hope never need it. Black front transo
  13. Phil and yourself decimating all. Fantastic stuff. I used to compete in the drifting with Phil years ago, great pilot and building some awesome cars so you are both in good company. The E30 perspective:
  14. It was wet coming home this evening so hard to say. Feels sharper. The sound is incredible, as if the car could be any more addictive!
  15. I've mine in but now I've seen your stunning engine bay I'm not going to post mine in here. Great idea polishing the pipe! Superb kit, sounds fantastic!
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