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  1. Great idea for a thread @Lo2zz and no doubt this is very helpful to learn about the dramatic effects slight changes in geo setup can have on an Exige. On the subject, I've just got a set of Michelin Pilot Cup2s fitted (215/40/17 and 265/35/18). The car is nervous/twitchy, and setting the geo did help with this but I still find it unsettled on a straight smooth road (eg it would try and pull you over the crown in the road at high leptons). I was thinking of increasing front toe (to 0 or toe in maybe) - and I did notice in the service manual that a 350 with Michelins, Lotus reccommend toe in on front rather than toe out for a v6 s on pirellis. Thoughts appreciated! (figures in degrees and minutes FYI!)
  2. I used Tee Nuts that you can slip behind the mesh and then turn 90 degrees, holds the plate nicely - Tee Nuts on Ebay
  3. At a recent cars and coffee - excuse the dirty snout.
  4. Doubting myself here so just went out to the garage to check. They definitely look great out of the box!
  5. Just left the plastic finish which is near enough a perfect match with the OEM front lip.
  6. Side sills courtesy of @alias23 now fitted.
  7. Time for the OEM Alpine Single DIN head unit to go. Normally I'd have a go myself, but this was definitely on the specialist end of things so I enlisted the help of an expert local ICE installer for this one. (inside part of the hvac you see in the back middle here has been blanked) Standard binnacle modified, fibreglassed and trimmed in leather to match the rest of the dash. Goal here was to make it look entirely OEM. And the final product - Pioneer SPH-DA120 double din with Apple Carplay, which I really missed since I sold my Evora. We also took the opportunity to create dynamat enclosures around the front speakers to help give some definition.
  8. Safe journey to all driving over. Flying from Belfast in the morning, have tickets! If you're talking to someone with an NI accent tomorrow about exiges it's likely me... Can't wait.
  9. I went for the 430 position for the front plate, tidies up the front end no end. And no rain last night meant of course topless...
  10. Very subtle change - had the fuel filler surround and spoiler brackets painted black. De-ripspeeded.
  11. I’m quite happy to leave the inside, inside Hint for new owners: Do not read any threads containing nitrons, TVS1900 or the GF Williams project thread. It may induce bankruptcy!
  12. Think I'm going to give the petrol cap surround a coat of black and see how it looks. It's a bit ripspeed for my liking!
  13. I've been through all the permutations in photoshop thinking it was a must do, but then go the car and haven't felt the need. But since you asked (and the things you let yourself do when waiting for a car)... My preferred is possibly the first one.
  14. Thanks. Still can't believe it. And you make a good point - you know seeing all the specials - 360, 350, 380, 430 etc and the various matt black bits, I thought it was essential to do to the car, paint the wheels black etc. Likewise the interior, that from constantly revisiting photos I had of the car I thought it needed toned down. In real life the interior is absolutely fine. And the exterior stands out because it isn't like the specials. Strange tricks the mind plays. Anyway can't wait for some decent weather to get the top off and am actively hunting for a soft top for reasonable dough.
  15. Down at Kirkistown, one of our local circuits. Manage to resist taking it out as it was only day 2. Did find a Lotus friend though
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