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  1. This lovely cup on Collecting Cars at the moment.
  2. With all this time I gave the car a coat of Bilt Hamber - excellent easy to use wax. Also decided to pull the rims off and clean the rear faces. What I didn't expect was lots of caked on pad, likely DS2500 before I changed them. No problem though, time consuming but Auto Glyn Magma Iron Fallout remover did the job in the end: Highly recommend this as part of your Covid-19 cleaning schedule. A quick coat of bilt hamber on the rims and now they're lovey: Couple of tips (picked up from here) - hockey puck on the jack to catch the jacking point in the centre on either side, kinder to the chassis. Also when refitting rims I make a point of using the torque wrench on the wheel nuts. I think the book is 105Nm for the standard collared nuts, I've swapped for black ones without a collar so do a bit more. The car needs for nothing (as usual really) and is ready to do loads of miles in this fantastic weather.... the most it may get is an essential supplies run. Stay safe!
  3. Needless to say the current situation isn't conducive to updates, however had her out for a great run along with a mate yesterday around Lough Neagh - we self isolated in our fibreglass boxes for the trip. A few weeks back I was at a cars and coffee at a dealership and they had a turntable photo booth, so it was rude not to...
  4. Remove body pan. Beside jacking point C there’s a bolt - nearest to the silll. Remove it. Bolt in puck. Job done. Refit panel and measure up/apply label. When the two post rear legs line up with the label it will be tight against the puck on the inside of the pan, which is right on jacking point C. Yet to get it on a lift but I foresee no issue.
  5. Great idea these. Lift pucks from Elise shop. These hide abound the belly panel but allow you to jack at point C without taking the rear panel off. I also got some more jacking point labels to label the cover so there is absolutely no doubt as to where the jacking points are.
  6. For any of you that subscribe to the Gareth Jones on Speed podcast, he was at Hethel recently (after having a Evora GT410 press car for review) Some good stuff with Clive Chapman, Gavan Kershaw, Russell Carr and Matt Windle Also I don't know what he was on when he did this, but
  7. Well overdue some updates. Firstly, I binned the DS2500 pads and fitted Performance Friction PF08 as recommended here due to judder. I'd highly recommended this. Look at the pad transfer: I drilled them out then sent them off for a skim, as there wasn't many miles on the factory discs. Like new and transformed the braking for such straightforward changes. Next up a rear towing eye from Simply Sportscars. This made it from OZ to Northern Ireland in 4 days. Incredible, and a great job although I hope never need it. Black front transom badge, much smarter. Front eye poking through (normally only there if going to track). Squeaky drivers seat fixed. My car has the revised anti creak bars already in it. Turns out the culprit was a 10p! Back to a creak and rattle free cabin, which I think is a credit to Lotus and it's reputation. Reversing camera popped into the rear diffuser (WIP below), fitted with relative ease thanks to a helpful guide on here. Camera in action: Oh what's that to the right of the camera.... Why yes it of course is a Mk1 Ford Focus radio remote. Works superbly well with the double DIN Pioneer/carplay, and as I'm sure you all know if there's one thing you have to reach for in the Exige cabin is the radio so this really helps. Props to @MrP_ and his excellent guide I followed to the letter and it worked perfectly. In fact I was able to buy a brand new focus stalk for sensible money so everything is just right. Of course clearly the other thing I have fitted is the Garw dash. Really pleased with how it looks, although haven't used it on the road yet. I noticed it doesn't show the DPM modes (Sport, Race) on that view, and Garw support has been great in taking this on board to hit the next software update that will be released in the coming weeks. Special mention to @alias23 and @GFWilliams for showcasing these fantastic mods that my car has ended up with (and I have an order confirmation just in from GRP ffs ). This 'inspiration' is a clear attempt at bankrupting me at a distance! Hoping to hop on a ferry this year and get out on track with some of you guys this year! Andy
  8. Phil and yourself decimating all. Fantastic stuff. I used to compete in the drifting with Phil years ago, great pilot and building some awesome cars so you are both in good company. The E30 perspective:
  9. It was wet coming home this evening so hard to say. Feels sharper. The sound is incredible, as if the car could be any more addictive!
  10. I've mine in but now I've seen your stunning engine bay I'm not going to post mine in here. Great idea polishing the pipe! Superb kit, sounds fantastic!
  11. Fitted @alias23 intake last night. First of all, what a quality kit. Lovely ali welds, quality of everything is superb and the level of detail from the mm perfect silicone joiner to the P-clip and replacement wheel arch liner washers. Fitting guide also comprehensive. Took me a few hours to fit, and after a fairly tame run to work to let the ECU learn the whine is addictive. Added benefit that on light throttle its barely noticable, so my morning podcast was unaffected. Hopefully it dries off so I can get the roof off going home and really let it whiiiiiiine.
  12. I'm referring to Imran's which are different.
  13. They only go on one way. Well they could go on the wrong way I guess. Mine are @alias23 who is knocking out great stuff for the exige, looking forward to getting my hands on his intake kit!
  14. I like the silver wheels too! Rear plinth is tricky it’s held on by very strong double sided tape and bending it when you are pulling it can mark the clam. Then just a good coach builder to do the painting. Lotus give the paint they use for the black in the workshop manual. I also bought the masking kit but it was probably OTT, although has left mine perfect. Good painter helped that too.
  15. No problem @jcx its in the TDV section of the service manual - attached below sn_tdv_Exige_S_&_Sport_Cup_vehicle data _0.pdf
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