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  1. Fantastic news. Spoke to them today and there's huge enthusiasm for Lotus, and with CH behind it we hope this means they will look after us Lotus owners in the province for a long time to come.
  2. Just spoke to Hethel. 8th July 21 deposit. Jan production for Feb collection.
  3. Got the email. Awaiting the call.
  4. Sadly no longer a Lotus dealer in NI, and although it would be fantastic to find a good use for the NI protocol, flying pigs come to mind. Must be the Irish Sea border holding up my checkout call!
  5. This should be released as a GCSE we all have to pass before getting our cars. Literally anything to take the mind off the wait. Section A. Question 4. Name the fishy electrical expensive smell coming from behind the dashboard
  6. Up for some track time, keep me informed.
  7. With a 7 week old nothing is certain so if you see me, you see me - don't keep me a space. And if I don't make it look have a great day regardless, its some event.
  8. Off the back of this thread put a call into Lotus Customer Service earlier this week. I'm a 8th July 2021 depositor with car originally due July, then August. Told by Lotus to expect 6-8 week delay putting me into October. No chance of spec changes (as we all know by now but hell its free to ask again), and yes factory collection could potentially put it back slightly but the call hander didn't have any definitive information on that. I realise that this is the same message we're all getting, so a positive is at least its consistent. It's frustrating that our dates are slipping but saying that a quick phone call to Lotus is easily done, and thankfully the price being held is a big deal when Kias are up 10% and Teslas up to 20% in the last few months. I'd say I would feel significantly different if what is the guts of an £80k car became £90k overnight. I think base cars at £60k at this stage are wishful thinking!
  9. Hoping to get down - will be in the Yaris as the GT4 is away. I'm actually hoping to interview Ronan, the organiser of the supercar sunday event on our podcast. Oh, RMS having a cars and coffee this sunday in Mallusk if anyone interested Andy
  10. Just heard they have been able to bridge the component gap so cars will be delivered on time from this recent press release: Just as BMW shipping X5s without touch screens, the stock team at Lotus have been working hard to address part supply issues, and in clearing the old parts warehouses at Hethel in preparation for another canteen, are pleased to announce some cars will now come with Vauxhall wiper stalks, mini metro mirrors and the First Edition I4 will be a K-series. In fact the K-series car was featured recently on a track test pitted against a Porsche in North Wales by a performance car periodical. We at Lotus were lambasted for not supplying a track ready head gasket for the affair; most of the Emira’s wooden chassis being terminally damaged after suffering explosive decompression across all cylinders during the test. However, Youtube commenters agree that the car would have comprehensively beaten the German sports car had the much lauded K series been rebuilt to race spec in the pits of Anglesey. Meanwhile, a farmer recently revealed that the K-series was “the one to have” saving the online reputation of the new car (and saving a purchasers bacon after an email destined for AMG engine sales was “stuck in his outbox”). ENDS
  11. Tesla have just increased the price of their base Model 3 from 41k to 48k. Kia just done the same in the same week. A price freeze is significant for sure.
  12. Nice touch from Matt.
  13. Phil McGovern from Caffeine and Machine’s review of the Emira and excellent photos.
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