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  1. First off I've owned Lamborghini Miuras and Countachs before the market went crazy and I've also owned as Esprit. I've been intrigued by the engine swap LotusRoss did with the BMW and Mercedes V12. Trying to get details so as to pursue my own transplant I found a Road&Track article which mentioned Nav Mechanical...has anybody every dealt with them? Are they still in business?
  2. Thank you for all the advice, I have much to think about, Like many gear heads I started with 1/2 owner ship in an AUdtin Healy Sprite and worked my through, Triumphs, Prosches, Lotus, and Lamborghinis. I remember checking out a Miura in 1993 when I still had the S1 Esprit. I was overwhelmed by the complexity (ie cost) of the Miura. The asking price was 18.5K (nowadays their too expensive to drive) but the hook was sent and much like patron of strip bar I kept being lured to the L section of the NY Times classified and Hemmings. When Miura came up in the times for 28K I bit. Eventually sold the car and bought another 2 years later. I then traded it for a 4 litre Countach which I then traded for a 6 lite Countach project. This turned out to be a good deal because the new owner of the 4 litre spun a bearing. What this all means is that I want my last car to be the capstone. The mid-engine V12 was not well realized in the Lamborghini P400 and LP400S and LP5000S They were heavy and truthfully felt like the Pontiac Firebird. I know the LotusRoss V12 was on craigslist for under 10K and fixable I think the advice to watch ebay, craigstlst, bring a trailer and this forum for a project is the way
  3. If anybody necomes aware iof any Lotus/V12 projects available or can offer assitance i'd appeciate the contact
  4. Do you know if LotusRoss did the work himself. His video didn't show a lisf or even the hoist
  5. I was hoping to find somebody who has done the transplants or put an ear out for any projects that look promising to complete. I had a Countach project (back in the 90's) which proved to be a real money pit (sold it bought a Piper PA23/160...another money pit (so much for pre-buy inspections) sold it and bough a Porsche 928 which now won't start... The Lotus V12s were built by LotusRoss and asside from the youtube videos how successful were they? Did LotusRoss blow the tran? BTW V12s wont fit in most kit cars but they are not much longer then a V8 but there is a problem routing the least in the F5 GTM
  6. I've owned a Esprit once and loved the car but it didn't have the low-end kick of a touring sports car. I've seen a BMW V12 and Mercedes V12 transplant done but little flow up of how it worked out. The V12s are out of aluminum so it's not like dropping in a Hemi.
  7. 7 years ago a BMW V12 was installed in an Esprit does anybody know the long term results...I an Esprit back in the '80 (got all the "Does it go under water comments) and loveon d the handling but longed for the music of the V12...Actually any info on a V12 transplant into a mid-engine would be great
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