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  1. Was garaged every night and polished every Sunday. Same cant be said of my Disco now lol. I'f I'd mothballed it would be touching £20k now :-( All the best - and good luck with that 'other' black composite vehicle you are embarking on ! #TGB
  2. In it's former life when I had it .................... neighbours cars date it well !
  3. The power of Google never ceases to amaze me (despite being in IT for 32 years) ! So, less than 2 minutes after my son asked me where I thought my S2 JPS#75 was now, I have the answer, sad to see it eventually fall into the hands of some dubious 'enthusiasts' after LoteUK sold it (twice). LoteUK - Unless there were two #75's you must have purchased the car from me in the late 80's ? (I bought it in 86 as the 2nd owner, 3rd on the log book) I received a call many months after I sold it to you, from somebody who purported to be from the police asking if I had fal
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