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  1. Im selling my 5K mile 2008 Lotus 211 on Bring a Trailer , listing next week perfect condition, many spares #200
  2. I am selling my 2008 Lotus 211 with 5k miles .....street legal / titled , many spares . Located in Santa Fe New Mexico excellent condition , will be listed in Bring a Trailer next week
  3. @Coffee - Please place your ad in our free classifieds -
  4. Good Morning, it's January of 2017 and I just purchased a lightly used 2008 Lotus 2 Eleven, with 1750 miles and lots of spares, its production number 200, in Launch Configuration. Im going to wire in head lights ( high and low beam) a horn and a few other convenient items, and trailer it to a few local rentable tracks. Any other 211s in the neighborhood?
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