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  1. Hi, I have a pair of non air con Elite S1 front springs, less than 12 months old and only 300 miles use. I’m running a 502 with air con and as you all know the spring rate is different causing a little too low stance at the front. I’ve now swapped to the correct ones and these are redundant - any takers for these nearly new springs at £40 the pair?
  2. Hi Tony, I’ve used the standard Excel seat runners, or to put it simply: the seats came out of the Excel and bolted straight into the Elite, no mods no brackets - away you go. I must admit I was totally surprised, so if anyone is any doubt; there is no doubt the holes aligned mm perfect.😀. The rear seats though might be a totally different story, I can update shortly as I have the Excel ones too.
  3. Thanks Pete, it’s just the colour which is a shame but I’ll look to re-cover accordingly when time/funds permit. I’ve a new carpet set to go in too (correct brown colour) but the seats are a big thing as I’m just trying to get some miles under its belt from an engine rebuild and the position is so much nicer. Re:original seats, I was adamant to reuse the old ones for sentimental reasons but after new sponge, new covers etc, it will only be the original frame left, so I’m pondering to keep the excel ones now, decisions-decisions!
  4. Hi all, a question came up a little while ago regarding the compatibility of the excel seats into an elite/eclat. I recently purchased a pair of low mileage seats from a donor excel to temporarily replace my original 74 Elites and they fit perfectly with no mods required. All dimensions of the seat mounting frame are identical allowing for a quick and easy swap out. Although the wrong colour I’m pleased that my rear is now not on the floor vastly improving the driving position. Hope this helps, Matthew.
  5. In fairness that doesn’t sound too bad and as you say you will have a new 1975 car, what’s not to like? Best of all we need Lotusbits, SJS, Spyder Eng etc, etc to be around for another 20+ years especially with the advent of the recent interest in the 70’s wedges. If we lose these cottage industry businesses who else is going to support them?
  6. If you paid £3.5k you did very well, look what this recently went for. 10 years ago that would be one tenth of that or unfortunately scrap. From the pictures of yours I would have thought a ‘recommission’ was needed rather than a restoration? Could you not put it in for an MoT and see what it fails on and go from there? I wouldn’t be surprised if you could make change from £20k if you were sensible….very sensible.😂
  7. That is a good shout….watch this space.👍
  8. I suppose the question is do you want a fully restored car that is very precious and could potentially become a garage queen or something that you can use on high days/holidays but you wouldn't mind parking at Tesco while you pop in for some milk and a loaf of bread? Something that is too nice, is just that and part of a cars character are the blemishes of wear and tear, something that has a story, a stone chipped front end that may suggest a cross continental blast from a LeMans Classic run - that sort of thing 🙂 With regards to 'who to trust' I'm sure you have owned other marques of cars and have built up some trust with these mechanics, maybe speak with these, you'd be surprised how many classic car specialists will be willing to have something new to extend their portfolio. Personally I'm currently using a TVR specialist in Norfolk to complete a 'recommissioning'. The main factor being that he knows how I want the car and how the car will be driven - which as above will be for high days/holidays but will also be used for trips to the office, the school run and parking at Tesco (or similar)....I'm just waiting for it to come back which is now likely for September and I can't wait.
  9. Hi All, is there a link to Lotus Cars re: Heritage Certificate? I know of the latest fully boxed presentation for £170.00, however my daughter is looking to buy me a ‘little something’ for my Birthday and I believe the original was c£35/45 and is more in keeping with budgets etc. Can you still get the ‘cheaper’ certificate only? Thanks for reading and any on-line links would be much appreciated.😀
  10. Hi Cameron, I recognised this car from eBay, did you manage to make a cheeky offer before the end date? The restoration will be worthwhile and there’s a nice example on-line for £16k at the moment. These are definitely on the rise and whatever you invest will be money we’ll spent long-term. Children of the 70’s in a fortunate position are certainly looking at these with rose tinted glasses and quite rightly so! Enjoy!😀
  11. Hi guys, I purchased Toyo Proxes CF2, OK not exactly a premium tyre but certainly a nicer tyre (IMHO) than Nankang etc, I’m also using the Proxes on my Alpine GTA and 888’s on the TVR. The CF2’s come in 205x60x14 HR and not VR, but in fairness HR are fine for the performance of the Elite. Hope this helps and lends another option, I’m sure they were c.£60ea too.
  12. Richard - David, thank you for your replies - much appreciated. OK, I have only accessed the passenger side and the radio then seems to hit possibly the heater matrix, I'll try later after work with the drivers side and go from there. Yes, this is original S1 with the radio held in by the two volume/tuning nuts. Now, how easy is it to remove the clock without pulling the dash out!??! 🤣 Thanks again👍
  13. Hi, I hope everyone is well and apologies not to post on here for such a long time! I'm slowly making head way with TWC 21N - Lotus 502 and I've just got around to looking the radio functionality or the lack of it. Do you really have to remove the dashboard to remove the radio?? I really must post some updated pics shortly..... Thanks in advance, Matthew.
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