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  1. Evora Sport 410

    The Evora has great presence In numbers! I’ve just been linked up to the regional meet so will try to be ther next month.
  2. Black Evora P44.....

    Small world! Well Herts. Nice car(s)! Thanks for the regional intro. I’ll be there.
  3. Evora Sport 410

    I have to say I love my Sport 410 and shocked when I heard it’s now an outgoing model already! Does anyone have an idea of how many in total were made?
  4. Black Evora P44.....

    Late reply! That’s me, in St. Albans! What a car, love it, picture below and also one my friend spotted yesterday
  5. 410 Exhaust for road and track?

    Thanks! Hangar 111, will the exhaust restrict the power and will there be a switable version?
  6. 410 Exhaust for road and track?

    Thanks for both replies. Thought I recognised the colour CocoPops. I followed your website which led me to Paul at Auto Curators to detail mine, good guys as you know! Do you have any idea what the drive by dB would be? Also thanks Bibs, what is Ti/iconel?
  7. I'm doing some research after being blacked flagged at a track day last week in my 410 for hitting 102 dB, Even hit 100 dB when chasing at 4500 rpm!Some threads I've read talk about Lotus working on a solution at the end of last year, does anyone know if this materialised?I've come across a couple of systems but I believe they may restrict power which I'm reluctant to do. Any feedback on the 2ublar system recomendations?Thanks.
  8. Evora 400 insurance?

    Must be my postcode. I'll clear the burnt out cars from the past 10 riots ready for next years renewal. Manning's have come in the best at £1183 but unlimited miles and track days inc. Euro cover etc. etc.
  9. Evora 400 insurance?

    Thanks for your help re tracker and paint protection film. Cheapest insurance quote £1,100 from CLI for 8,000 miles a year, 8 years NCB, no convictions, garaged etc. etc. Inc. track day and euro cover. Requires tracker. Admiral want £1200 no track day no tracker. Competition Car Insurance want £1455! Not sure what mileage you guys are doing but maybe thats the reason for the difference?
  10. Evora 400 insurance?

    Thanks, much appreciated!
  11. Evora 400 insurance?

    I know. The paint protection film is coming in at £1250 plus VAT for the front end. I'll see if there are any recommendations on here but I like the idea of going somewhere proven. I'll be insuring the car tomorrow, will try CCI and Classic line.
  12. Evora 400 insurance?

    Thanks, more money but a must have I guess. I followed your blog and met Paul at Auto Curators yesterday. I trust they did a great job?
  13. Evora 400 insurance?

    I'm due to pick up my 410 very soon. Please can you advise which Tracker I'd need to fit?
  14. Gunner44