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  1. I'm back with more questions! My Esprit doesn't have that long crash pad jobbie that extends from the edge of the instrument binnacle all the way across the passenger side along the dashboard surface. You know, the thing that looks like a giant leather sausage roll?! I thought that it was something that I would need to get manufactured so that my interior looks as original as possible. Anyway, I was just looking through the web for photos of Esprit interiors to assist the upholsterer when I noticed that other Turbo Esprits don't have the sausage roll either. Was it a later addition? Does anyone know if my 1982 car should have one? Thanks, Keir
  2. I recently removed the A pillar trim on my S3 and it just pulled off, held in place by clips. It did require a fair bit of force but the trim is a reasonably sturdy GRP construction and at no time did it feel like it might be damaged. Cheers, Keir
  3. Wow, we are doing pretty much exactly the same thing at this point in time! My interior is completely gutted at the moment and I'm awaiting new carpets plus leather upholstery. In the meantime I bought a label printer and labelled every single wire in the dashboard and beyond. I've also been replacing those awful, single spade connectors with modern multi-plugs. It makes things so much neater and more reliable. I have a new, modern fusebox on the way too. I have already drawn up the new instrument panel/fascia in AutoCAD along with a couple of other panels I'll get manufactured in aluminium at the same time. The plywood (yikes!) covers that go on top on the fuel tanks weigh 1.5 kilogrammes each! I've replicated those in AutoCAD too. With the instrument fascia, I'm going to keep it looking at close to original as possible without of course being able to source that flimsy plastic mask. Let me know if you'd like a copy of my AutoCAD file for the instrument panel. You'll need to make a few changes to it for your car no doubt but as a starting point it may save you time. I've also replaced all of the dashboard and interior bulbs with LEDs. Some of the instrument lighting is just poor design though so it'll take more than LEDs to light them up sufficiently. The lighting arrangement for the boost gauge for example is very bad. I see that your car is naturally aspirated though so that's one less thing for you to worry about. Cheers, Keir
  4. G'day all, Can someone confirm for me that the black pipe/line attached in the centre of the photo (behind what looks like the oil line for the turbocharger and to the right of the distributor) is indeed the oil pressure pickup point that heads off to the gauge in the dashboard? If so, does anyone know if there is an off the shelf oil pressure sender of the electronic variety that I can use to replace the oil line? Regards, Keir
  5. You're right about the MDF, that would be an easy material to work with. I'm trying to take weight out of the car though; I can't help it, my other Lotus is an Elise! I'm a bit alarmed by just how much plywood I'm finding in this Esprit haha!
  6. I have all of the warning lights in the left and right 'wings'. They're not in bad condition and the fascia in these, although a little split here and there, can be repaired. It's just the central panel that is my issue.
  7. Yeah I have read that thread before, that's some good work! Unfortunately it's not the same at the S3 layout and I don't have any knowledge of 3D printing so I can only design for flat sheet cutting. Thanks so much for those pics! I'm really surprised to see that there are no tell-tale lights in the lower centre like I expected. So there is not oil warning light at all, just the gauge? I'm pretty confident that I can get an aluminium fascia designed at cut to mimic this closely.
  8. Hello all, My 1982 Turbo Esprit doesn't have the vacuum-formed instrument mask. It must have died and been discarded years ago. The previous owner made a wooden fascia which I have removed, exposing the black steel plate to which the instruments actually mount. I know that the original instrument mask is long obsolete and although there have been various discussions about 3D printing fascias and perhaps other methods of manufacturing them, I've not found anything available to solve my problem. So the plan is that I will draw up a replica panel on AutoCAD and send it off to be cut out of aluminium and powder coated black so that it looks in keeping with the original design. I'll mount the instruments directly to this instead of the steel plate (which is flexible, heavy and bent!) and that should all look quite acceptable. The instrument bezels will of course overlap the new panel and be visible whereas with the original plastic mask, I understand that they were covered. I'll just make sure that the bezels are all painted black and everything should look pretty sweet. A couple of questions: Is my plan okay or can someone point me to a better solution that will help the car resemble the original more closely? Does anyone have a photo of their 1982 (or thereabouts) Turbo Esprit original instrument panel so that I can see what it should look like? Of particular interest to me are the two (I think) tell-tale warning lights centred at the base of the panel. I don't have any lights on my car that go there. In my tidying and labelling of all of the wiring I have found a coolant level warning light output but I have not found an oil warning light, which is what I'm sure one of those tell-tales should surely be. As always, any information is greatly appreciated. Many Thanks, Keir
  9. Hello all, While the interior and dashboard is out of my 1982 Turbo Esprit, I'm taking the opportunity to sort out some issues, mostly messy wiring but there's also another concern. I'd like to replace the oil gauge with an electronic equivalent. The previous owner of my car experienced oil leaking from the gauge input pipe which wrecked the carpet. I know that this is not uncommon. I'm also not keen on the concept of an oil pipe coming into the cabin at all, it seems like a fairly crude and hazardous solution. Having said that, I have read that a mechanical oil pressure pipe and gauge is very responsive and accurate compared with an electronic system. Can anyone comment on that? Has anyone converted their car to an electronic system? Is it possible to fit an electronic sender at the point on the engine where the existing pipe starts its long journey? I'd be very interested to hear about people's views and experience of this. Thanks, Keir
  10. Thanks for all of the responses! I have made contact with Steve and judging by the quality of his work in the photos above, I think we have a winner. Cheers, Keir
  11. Hi all, I wonder if someone can help me with some carpet advice. I'm replacing the carpets in my 1982 Turbo Esprit and have been looking at the Coverdale website. Unfortunately they only list Esprit carpets to suit 1988-1992 models: Email communication with Coverdale has been hard work but they did reply once to say that they have a pattern for a "Lotus Esprit S3 which was taken from a 1983 model" and they sent me a rough looking hand drawn sketch of that pattern. That sounds like it would be correct for my car but I'm a bit worried that the pattern looked so rough! Has anyone else ordered carpets for a series 3 Turbo Esprit and can they suggest where I might find the most accurate cuts? I'm just after plain black as per the original spec. If there's a supplier other than Coverdale that might be better then I'd be keen to check it out. I'm in Australia so it doesn't matter where it is, as long as they can ship! Thanks, Keir
  12. Thanks for the help guys. My Esprit only has the small drainage hole at the base of the headlight pod well and not those two access holes pictured above. I was able to remove the two bolts hidden behind the licence plate and also the fixings each side of the bumper which I could access by passing my hand (and a 10mm spanner) between the headlight well and the car's body on the inside. It's always very exciting putting your hand into those kind of blind spaces in Australia but fortunately I didn't encounter any spiders. So that is a total of 4 fixings that I have removed. The bumper is all wobbly and moves a lot but won't let go and I can't for the life of me work out where else it's attached. I know that the bumper has been previously replaced because I can see it's been resprayed and also, the fixing on the driver's side was a nut and washer which fastened to a captured bolt on the bumper whereas on the passenger side it was fixed using a bolt which went through to a captured nut on the bumper. Dodgy!
  13. I'm sure a few people will see the title of this post and roll their eyes! However, I have read all of the other posts on this subject that I can find and I am having no joy. My Esprit has two bolts in the recessed section behind the front licence plate and there are two small bolts (one each side) on the inside corners of the bumper. After disconnecting the pop-headlight linkage and lifting the lamp out of the way I can categorically state that there is no rubber grommet or any other kind of aperture inside the well to allow access to any other bolts. Furthermore, my Esprit's front bumper appears to be attached differently to what's described in the parts manual. I need to take the bumper off for painting. Any other tips?
  14. Keir

    New Esprit owner

    Yeah it's fitted with adjustable suspension so it's possibly running a little lower than standard.
  15. Keir

    New Esprit owner

    Thanks for the friendly welcome! Here are some photos: The valance under the rear bumper has obviously been replaced at some stage and is Calypso Red rather than the correct Jupiter Red so I'll need to sort that out shortly. Also, the front bumper and the wing mirrors need to be returned to their original satin black. Then it will be well on the way to looking beautiful again. We had a Terribly British Car Day here in Canberra late last year and I managed to get both of my Lotus along. That number plate on the Esprit will be replaced shortly with a Canberra one.
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