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  1. Mine is themed for Le Mans trip these year, had to be 75th Anniversary of D-Day landings . 3 cars, mine is the UK element.
  2. Has yours just happened too or have you got it fixed?
  3. Window on passenger side has dropped this time now has a gap of about 3mm at the top! Not much luck with this window Is it easy to adjust back?
  4. No problems with roof, they’d already done the prep. Do need a security torx t40 though.
  5. Managed to get out for a lovely drive today, now over 500 miles so getting closer to 1st certainly gets louder above 4500revs just wish I had the switch the old one had My boy loved it, drove it like he stole it well walked away as if he had. 1st decent clean , then went topless looking forward to more drives, and hopefully a few track days, before Le Mans in June
  6. There is no doubt they are great cars to drive
  7. I have a noise as the suspension loads up, but on both sides, I’m hoping it’s a 410 thing
  8. I’ve just been out on my local roads and I’m getting a noise from both sides which sounds like suspension expanding! Didn’t notice on motorway as no loading of suspension, anyone else had something similar? Or is this what you’re hearing?
  9. Worth checking as I’m on the 3 year deal but was offered the 1st service free after having a few issues with my car
  10. Dealer worked their magic, apparently it was the switch that had failed, hoping to get it back ready to drive next week then I might get a chance for a few photos
  11. Had a look behind the door card, switch looks connected fine, card obviously needs a good pull rear as didn’t want to play for me and I didn’t fancy breaking something else! Will have to wait until I can get it to you at the dealer
  12. Thanks Byron, might try it tomorrow when it’s lighter!
  13. The joy of ownership Thought I would go for a quick drive this afternoon to check all is well since it returned from my local dealer. Took my boy out for his first drive and thought I’d let him wave at his Mum on the way out. All went well until I went to put up the window and no response, I can hear the relay clicking, but nothing else. Any ideas? Is it easy to take the door card off ? I asked the dealer and they said there is a few tricky bits! Last time Lotus assist came out he didn’t know how to start the car, not sure I want them fiddling with the door! The gloss of new car ownership is getting tarnished
  14. Going to try and get a few miles on mine too, this 1000 miles is taking a while this time of year
  15. Car returned after some diagnosis at Leeds, seems a bent pin on the fuel pump connector was to blame! Let’s see if it’s ok this weekend
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