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  1. Driven mine properly now over the last few days and its great. Car pulls stronger and that's certainly noticeable at higher revs. The additional sound of the supercharger is amazing. The general driving noise is very slightly louder in I'd say (if you care, I dont) but not by much and, I would guess its changed primarily as there is now a big hole acting as an echo chamber where the huge airbox used to sit and soak up exhaust noise. Done over 200 miles since it went on and all is good. Top work that man.
  2. Just fitted mine. Took under 2 easy hours and I didn't take the wheel and arch liner off, all easy enough to do without. Instructions were great. Did the 10 minutes ticking over on the drive then went out to build up revs but hardly ever got over 4000 due to ridiculous traffic. Looks like tomorrow I get to see what it can do. Martin S
  3. Cars looking great and is the colour I always wanted but couldn't find. All you've done is spot on, and please, leave the wheels silver, theres not many of us that have them and they look great on some car colours. I agree that like you, I found the alias skirts a good enough match straight off and it means you wont get paint chips later on. How about some rear canards now? Martin S ps Now toying with the black rear area and number plate mount removal. How easy was that?
  4. Did you still have to lift at the sound metres at Goodwood? Martin S
  5. Recently I had the front under tray off and the water washer bottle rubber grommet was leaking. So I thought I'd get a new one, but, it seems Lotus only sell the complete water bottle at around £180 and no doubt there's a waiting time as well! I resolved my leak in the end using another grommet but to stop yours going, next time you happen to be under there you might notice the pump is not supported and must wobble around all the time and this causes the split. If you just stick a foam pad on the back wall of the tank backing onto the pump, then hold the pump in place with cable ties going around the tank, this should greatly reduce the chance of it happening. It seems a minor thing but once you don't have a washer bottle it soon becomes a big problem and its not easy to get at easily, as its under the front under tray which has at least 17 randomly sized bolts and head sizes, holding it on (on my Exige S anyway, as it seems they are in different places on others.) For those into saving weight, keep in mind that the tank and pipes leading to it seem to take around 3 litres of water i.e. 3kg which is a lot, especially when its on your garage floor lol Martin S
  6. Great video and really like your whole approach to this project and others you've done. I've missed the whine of a supercharger ever since I bought this car having had that noise for ten years previous and actually laughed as you did that face on the last video clip as I know exactly what that feels like, really, really looking forward to getting the kit on my car. Great stuff. Martin S
  7. I knew it, you knew it and others had said it, but people still didn't seem to think they did, had 5 minutes spare so had a go. Hoping that might be useful to someone as there's plenty of VX soft tops around. Martin S
  8. Today I decided that I should put my soft top on, and as I also have VX220 here and that some V6 Exige owners are struggling to find soft tops, I thought Id try something out. So I fitted first the VX220 soft top (apparently also the same as later S2 Elises but I cant confirm that). It fitted perfectly, if anything its neater at the rear than the Exige. My daughters roof (its her VX220) isn't in the best of nick but it went on easily and was a good fit, even without doing any of the adjusting possible. Below are pictures showing the comparison. Hope this helps as there are a lot more VX220 soft tops (and S2 Elise) around than Exige V6 ones! Martin S
  9. A vx220 one fits and I have a friend who has one spare. Pm with an email if its of interest and I'll put you in touch. Martin S
  10. Great colour looks amazing. I wouldn't bother with intake vinyl, black hardly shows on that colour. Michelin Cup 2's are great all round. Martin S
  11. MARTIN_S

    New Toy

    Great stuff, looks lovely. Have fun. Martin S
  12. Great results. Its interesting how it runs out of puff a few hundred revs earlier with the new airbox. Martin S
  13. MARTIN_S

    Wanted - V6 Soft Top

    I know someone with a good condition one off a VX220 that will fit. Martin S
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