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  1. I've had wheels painted before and it can last a long time. At least yours would involve very little prep now! Martin S
  2. My top tip, is to keep when fitting the skirts is to keep the car on the ground and find things that will hold the skirt in its final position but allow you to move it around (I used two 3 lots of bricks with a rubber sheet between them and the bodywork). Then I could slide it around to get the right look and once I liked its positioning, I used a paint pen through the holes already in the skirt to mark the drilling points on the bodywork. To make sure I got the riv nut fitting right, I used a piece of old fibreglass bodywork I already had and tested for the correct drill size and got the right pressure on the riv nut tool before going near the Exige. Martin S
  3. The rear spats are from here. I specified I didn't want the red stripe which took a bit longer to get. I used riv nuts to fit as per the side skirts and they are a very similar finish.
  4. I love silver wheels which is why mine still has them and do think they look classy on your car, but, I think red would have looked way more exciting and exotic I'm afraid. Martin S
  5. Those look great with the carbon and coloured edge. Nice to see such effort being made on details. Martin ps The VX does look good and they are fantastic cars, one of Lotus's best.
  6. I used double sided tape just to add a softer layer between the sill and the body but left the sticky side down covered up along most of its length but, I uncovered it (so it was sticky both sides,) at the front and rear parts that did have some movement. I also added extra tape going outwards at both ends. If this doesn't work I will add extra holes and riv nuts. With the way I positioned mine, one of the holes was where there was already a bigger hole (maybe drainage type!?) so drilled a new one, but all straight forward stuff. Martin S
  7. yes, really pleased with them, a nice finishing touch. Its not an Elise, its my daughters VX220 that's had a few light mods along the way. Martin
  8. Got some of alias23 side skirts and finished fitting them. Took me 3 hours all in (I didn't rush it) and had fitted similar things before. (You need a rivnut kit but they're cheap on ebay). Main time spent was just positioning them how I wanted and as I didn't want them so far out, (I moved them 3cm in from their designed position) as I wanted a more subtle look,, I reshaped the front end slightly, which was easy. I had fully planned painting them, to match the splitter and rear canards but once the protective film was peeled off, they very closely matched the rear canards and very similar to the splitter so left them alone. To me they look absolutely correct to the point where my wife said she thought they had always been there when I asked what she thought. Great service, good price, good quality and a decent fitting kit and information, thanks Imran. Martin S
  9. I didn't like the V6 bit as it looked a bit Halfords to me and was removed soon after it was fitted, just looks like this now
  10. Shame about the red, would have thought someone could match it, but silver look good too. Martin S
  11. I used vinyl creations ltd and got them to do the V6 in red, so you could get it in orange. Any questions call Rick on 07956 144484. Martin S
  12. Not done them on the Exige but on previous wheels pulled off te original gel domes and inserted new ones. Nice cheap way of making your car just that little bit more original as you can dom any design or colour range. Martin S
  13. U used these people a few times as did many of the VX220 crowd and all seemed happy with the results I can try any colour combos you fancy, maybe even swap Lotus for Exige etc
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