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  1. Great, thanks for Mr P thats helpful and much appreciated. Martin
  2. My auxiliary socket (below the pointless cup holder between the seats) is suddenly not working so checked the fuse (33) and all ok. Swapped it anyway but no change. So assume maybe a wires come off behind, though Any other suggestions welcome. What's the method for taking it out and checking the connections. Is it simply pushed into its position? Thanks for any help as always. Martin S
  3. Look better now I have the alias 123 side skirts as well as the rear things look more blended.
  4. I did. Got mine from Elise shop and specified not to have red edging which made it slower to deliver. Easy to fit using rivnuts (though unnerving!.). I also added extra rubber washers. Martin S
  5. Its definitely sold, there just doing things to it prior to my friend picking it up. Weirdly, there is an die cast model of the exact car on line for sale! Same plate. Wonder how that came about??
  6. My friend is getting the wheels done in silver as part of the deal, should look better. It was once serviced at an independent. Is there any info that isn't listed in its notes, i.e. has it had a geo done with any camber changes etc. Thanks all for all the info, much appreciated. Martin S
  7. How do we get to to read the whole story while you had it? Thanks Martin
  8. That's great to hear. Thanks Bibs. Its at Bell and colville now. Its wheels have changed on it at some time, but its still a near immaculate car. Martin S
  9. A friend is buying this car but noticed it was in a long term test and, there's even a die cast model with that number plate on! Can anyone shed any light on its history. Thanks for any help with this. Martin S
  10. Indeed, you'll love the Exige, in standard from not much quicker than a well set up SC VX220 but a whole nicer car all round, sounds great and, it has air con yaaaaay Martin S
  11. C8RKH. By Lotus type 116, I assume you mean a VX220. One of Lotus's finest. Martin S
  12. Great cars. Once you've had it for a while I can highly recommend an alias123 intake system (notable power improvment and a great sc noise). Whether you use an independent or dealer depends I guess on whether you have a good independent nearby. While under warranty I stuck with a dealer. Martin S
  13. Driven mine properly now over the last few days and its great. Car pulls stronger and that's certainly noticeable at higher revs. The additional sound of the supercharger is amazing. The general driving noise is very slightly louder in I'd say (if you care, I dont) but not by much and, I would guess its changed primarily as there is now a big hole acting as an echo chamber where the huge airbox used to sit and soak up exhaust noise. Done over 200 miles since it went on and all is good. Top work that man.
  14. Just fitted mine. Took under 2 easy hours and I didn't take the wheel and arch liner off, all easy enough to do without. Instructions were great. Did the 10 minutes ticking over on the drive then went out to build up revs but hardly ever got over 4000 due to ridiculous traffic. Looks like tomorrow I get to see what it can do. Martin S
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