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  1. Hi Arun Going by your site name, are you near to me perhaps (I'm in Rustington). Wheels balanced yesterday with no problems so maybe my initial concerns are unfounded. Martin S
  2. That additional extension bar just wobbles when trying to tighten the bolts and feels like its going to strip the splines. I haven't tightened fully from inserting them, but was just checking them after buying the car. Am getting all the wheels balanced today and am aware they will give some grief. Martin S
  3. Can we just replace the original wheel bolts on an Exige S with normal wheel bolts as the tool provided by Lotus doesn't allow any decent leverage, or, is there a better, perhaps shorter tool I can get? I did a search here and looked at the usual Lotus shops and they just seem to offer the same splined bolts. Martin S
  4. I've tried sport and being able to blip didn't improve, not tried race yet as its been pouring with rain since I got the car. Still got my vx but haven't driven it since the Exige, am a bit worried I will have trouble getting rid of it as its so quick but don't have garage space for two. I looked or a while at various colours and red would have been at the bottom of the list until I saw it, then bam. Found myself buying it, picked it up onm my birthday and in particular love the silver wheels even though my wheels are always painted black. Cocopops is a bit concerned as I do like a bit of lime green on my cars! (Towing eye and mirrors possible on this one) Martin S
  5. Only a few have gone the Evora route I believe, more have gone Exige V6. It takes a lot to get people out of VX220's. Martin S
  6. Hi all, I have recently acquired a Red Exige S following many years of owning a supercharged VX220, so thought I'd say hi. I've been a Lotus on track member for 12 years so know a few people on here, especially a few that have also moved from VX220's. Initial impressions of the car are good, its quick, handles pretty well and it feels like a good solid, better built more adult version of a VX220 which is what I was after. Minor dislikes at this time, are that it wont blip easily when going down the gears ( does a komotec airbox and remap help or is there anything else that can be done?) and, I'm surprised that it has doesn't have any interior side pockets or an inflatable seat bolster and that the boot is even smaller than in the vx220! I'll try and use the search function as much as possible and hopefully meet a few of you along the way. Martin S


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