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  1. SoRry for such a later reply to this.  Turned out they had set the suspension to almost the softest settings which wasnt what I wanted and the geo needed some tweaking to get it how I wanted it. In the end they (Hoffmans) were very helpful and did a great job. The car feels amazing and rides even better on the road than on the original race pack set up and now has with slightly lighter steering (it had a 380 geo before) in a straight line and far less edgy than it had been at speed.

    It is overall far more stable and more controlled handling. They were 1 way nitrons and I went with 575lb front and 750 lb rear. I could maybe have gone stiffer at the rear but am more than happy with the way it is. 

    Martin S


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  2. I had Nitrons fitted which involved some lowering of the car and since then my traction control light randomly comes on and does actually turn the traction control off. If I go into race mode it will occasionally just drop out of race mode (you can hear the tickover slow).

    It can sometimes work all day and then others the light will come on afer just a few minutes there really is no pattern to when it will happen.

    I was told by someone sat Hoffmans that this can happen due to somethig to do with teh sterring rack? 

    Any thoughts/ideas welcome.

    Martin S


  3. Just had Nitrons fitted and with that a new geo and would be interested to hear any thoughts from people who know about these things.

    The numbers recorded  were-

    CAMBER         N/S    O/S                       N/S    O/S            

    Front  NEW     1.75   1.75         OLD      0.25  0.25

    Rear   NEW     2.25  2.25         OLD       1.5     1.5


    Alignment         N/S    O/S                         N/S      O/S     

    Front  NEW     0.5 out  0.5  out      OLD  1.5 in       1 in

    Rear   NEW     1.5 in  1.5 in             OLD   2 out      3 out

    Car had sharp steering great weight and instant turn in, now floaty on the straight, little weight to it and delayed turn in with understeer. Is that you'd expect from these figures?



  4. I'm thinking of getting Nitron 1 ways and would welcome some info from those who have them.

    I have the race pack (spring rates apparently 425lb frnt, 580lb rear) and they feel good and a comfy ride on the road but you can feel there a bit soft on track.

    I dont do many track days but would like an adjustable set up that can work on road and track. The upgrade seems to be 550lb frnt and 850lb rear for that sort of use(though Hoffmans also offer a 700lb rear).

    Any thoughts very welcome.

    Martin S


  5. I swapped my fronts last week for the focal; and did the cup underneath using mat that came free with the speakers. Screws were hand tight but I also a cut down small screwdriver to do them up a bit tighter. If not rubber gloves (for grip) and the screwdriver head only from a socket set does the job.

    Main problem was where the grill wouldn't move or the panel underneath, but a quick blast with a hair drier solved that as they had just stuck in.

    Notable improvement to the sound so plan to do the rears as well now.

    Martin S

    ps The bent paper clip idea was a great one for getting the mesh off.


  6. Finally got around to sorting this (car hasn't moved for 8 weeks due to Covid situation).


    Had checked fuses and now fitted a new auxiliary unit (fag lighter part). Made no difference.

    Plugged in the electruical tyre pump (the main reason I need this to work) and turned it on, nothing. So then went to the fuse box again.

    Pulled out the fuse and then, as I put it back in, the pump started to work. Seems it works, as long as the fuse is not fully engaged (i.e 90% in not 100%).

    Weird, but we're used to weird, so just thought I'd post in case anyone else has had similar issues.

    Keep well all.

    Martin S


  7. Had this problem yesterday and found this write up. I too had had the front panel off so it seemed a good place to start.

    I checked everything and all seemed ok and then thought, that to make sure the pressure sensor is fully pushed down, maybe I'd glue a slim rubber grommet or something under the bonnet to push it further down. Guess what, that's what Lotus had done, but mine had unglued and moved a couple of cm away from its correct place.

    So, get better glue (it gets hot under there) and glued it back in its proper position. All works fine now. Simples.

    Martin S


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  8. My auxiliary socket (below the pointless cup holder between the seats) is suddenly not working so checked the fuse (33) and all ok. Swapped it anyway but no change.

    So assume maybe a wires come off behind, though Any other suggestions welcome.

    What's the method for taking it out and checking the connections. Is it simply pushed into its position?

    Thanks for any help as always.

    Martin S


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