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    Exige 380 Cup, Evora 400 (sold), Ultima GTR (LS7), Porsche 996 9e27, GLA45
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  1. Is the shark fin the body protection in front of the rear wheels? if so mine is body coloured in Olive.
  2. Good advice there Dave. Equally good choice in colour.
  3. Hi Mark, This is the famous bit of rubber seal, stuck to the back of the roof. Mine came off when the glue heated up in the sun and fell off whilst I had the roof off. There is thread somewhere recently detailing the reinstall. I shall have a look. This is it. Very helpful.
  4. I only got a glimpse, but a neat looking Green Elise in Woodbridge. I had driven my sister to her wedding on Lockdown2 -1 in Olive (Exige Cup380)
  5. From memory, my Titanium exhaust on the Cup hits 122db at those sorts of RPM. Only useable for me at Spa and Zolder. For the track my H111 silencer gets me through all the noise tests in the UK.
  6. GER

    500bhp Exige

    I would like to see more onboard footage - very much enjoyed that.
  7. Was it tricky to get to the ‘inside’ of the subframe George? This is a neat solution, I too have had the same problem. I change my Titanium back box out for my H111 Track box each time. I’m fairly quick at it now except for a few issues trying to align these bolts up, normally requiring me to try to hold the nut from the back. Did you make the fixing or were you able to buy it and repurpose?
  8. Olive Green 380 Cup 😀 I’m told that this was the 1st in this colour as it was ‘ported’ from Porsche.
  9. Great choice to have! I have an almost 20 year old 996 Turbo running old Skool 700 bhp, no traction, 2WD etc and a Cup 380. The Porsche is a very practical car, easy to get in and out of. Has two useful child seats in the back. 911’s have great storage. It’s things like cup holders, door pockets, glove boxes etc you realise you lose when in the Exige. Now, iro of driving, no comparison. Ignoring power delivery and traction etc the first thing you notice is weight. The Exige (even in V6 form) is a very light modern car. Most appropriate word for driving experience is Visceral. I track both cars and they have their faffs. I have to change the exhaust over for the 380 and the Porsche chews very expensive Giro Discs! I swapped my Evora 400 for the Exige Cup. I sold my 996 GT3 CS prior to that. have you thought of an Evora Cup car? It’s a mid way car I think. Very fast, practical (ish), more storage but still tricky to get in and out of. Plus they sound brilliant on n WOT. oh , and stay away from turbo 4pots (wife has a GLA45), Porsche or Merc, they are clever but not sixes!
  10. Hi George, Great to meet you at Snetterton, ‘‘tis true I was impressed with your car. Looks great, specifically the digital dash and interior. Your car has some serious grunt! Nicely driven also 😃 My CUP 380 just got blasted on the straight! Would you be so kind to consider me for when you do a wing mirror stalk order, they look brilliant. Thanks Greg
  11. I think that I am describing this incorrectly. Is it a cross beam?
  12. To be clear about what I am going on about.... The subframe has a CUP380 cast plaque on it just to the right and below of the tail pipe. I didn't appreciate that the CUP had bespoke parts like this?
  13. So the team at Hangar 111 fitted their QT exhaust to my Cup today and we noticed this... Does this suggest Cup specific items?
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