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  1. I do find it’s hit and miss on this. Clearly unreasonable for a TDO to allow this but their enforcing of TD discipline remains inconsistent. i sympathise with Mathew - I have a similar story with the Fiesta crowd at Snetterton a couple of years ago.
  2. Was it an Alpine head unit in the S1 Graham? If so then I’m fairly confident it would be plug and play. However, should it be for example a Pioneer then the harness would need to be ‘spliced’ as there are no ISO connectors.
  3. Functionality of the Reversing camera and sensors remained exactly the same as with the original head unit. The only functionality you lose is a CD player.
  4. Hi there I have done this in my 66 Evora 400, it’s just plug and play. Same harness. Very good upgrade, you can plug your phone in and leave it in the glove box.
  5. I had very similar on my 400. I have a consistent starting from cold issue, the engine needs some throttle to stabilise revs. I tried it at the weekend and didn't touch the throttle. It sounded terrible and through an engine light. I put my reader in and cleared the misfire codes. Started up with usual throttle feathering and normal service resumed. The car has been behaving like this since it's break in service. I'm currently arranging with Dave H111 to get the car looked at. I believe has had arranged a Lotus tech to come and have a look.
  6. At least I think it was a 250, as I never got that close. I was a few cars back in my Evora on Colne Bank Avenue yesterday afternoon. Simply stunning!
  7. My 400 struggles on startup when ambient temp less than 7 degrees. It takes around 20 seconds to settle, often almost stalls!
  8. I think you are very local to me, I have a car trailer if you get stuck.
  9. I think I just passed Greg in his Elise? It's certainly bright in a dull and grey Thursday morning. I was a bit slow on the flash! @Gm77 Greg
  10. GER

    Evora 400 Registry

    Thats rather below the belt!
  11. GER

    Evora 400 Registry

    I'm sorry you feel that way old chap. I don't recall an incident as you suggest, but I would say that wouldn't I.
  12. And for the record, I think Pork pricing is nuts. Anyways - this is a Lotus forum. My 4 year old thinks the 400 is a Lamborghini and insists on his mother sitting in the back with him upfront and I can't stop driving it at every opportunity. It's living up to its claim as a daily driver very well. Nothing quite like a healthy drive home in the evening after getting off the train, with the pipes open on the twisties.
  13. I guess I'm pointing out that there is a big difference between a GT race car and a bogo 911. It seems you might also agree? as I have said, I think the 400 is a far more attractive package than a bogo 911. For the record, I don't have interest in the new Porsche GT cars. The 7RS was probably the last drivers car.
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