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  1. @Colin67 have an epic time at Spa, I can’t wait to go back!

    My exhaust is the Titanium one which I think might be the loudest OEM version. I popped a vid in the Picture thread.

    I'm confident the Hangar 111 kit will get me through the Snet noise police. Got to keep the noise down for the Pigs (actual pigs in the fields - I’m local in Suffolk  )

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  2. Evening all,

    so I have just spent about an hour faffing with the below kit trying to install it.


    I think I have ordered the wrong version but by the time I started tonight working hours are over otherwise I would have just phoned up to check.

    I am off to Spa and Zolder next week so am a bit keen to fit the removable wheel.

    Has anyone done this on this version of Exige? Effectively the boss is one piece with the non airbag wheel.




  3. 4 hours ago, MartynB said:

    Oh I do love it when racing teams use regular track days as cheap testing days and cause red flags every ten minutes. Means we can all have lots of fun sitting in the pits and queueing to go back out.

    No, that's not right, I f***ing hate that!! Grrr.

    Good to know on the noise limits.

    I do find it’s hit and miss on this. Clearly unreasonable for a TDO to allow this but their enforcing of TD discipline remains inconsistent.

    i sympathise with Mathew - I have a similar story with the Fiesta crowd at Snetterton a couple of years ago.

  4. I had very similar on my 400. I have a consistent starting from cold issue, the engine needs some throttle to stabilise revs.

    I tried it at the weekend and didn't touch the throttle. It sounded terrible and through an engine light. I put my reader in and cleared the misfire codes.

    Started up with usual throttle feathering and normal service resumed.

    The car has been behaving like this since it's break in service. I'm currently arranging with Dave H111 to get the car looked at. I believe has had arranged a Lotus tech to come and have a look.

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