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  1. Thank you for all the recommendations I am talking to a few people you have mentioned and I will let you know when the wheels are turning again. Cheers Chris
  2. I will give them a call thank you.
  3. I have just had to take the engine out of my S3 Esprit Turbo and it is going to require a full engine rebuild. Has anyone got any recommendations of who to send it to to carry out this work?
  4. Hi All Update on this is good and we are all sorted... my uncles (both mechanics) came over to diagnose this with me. It was handbrake related and at some point the adjusters by the drivers seat have been set really unevenly so we think when it went in for the MOT they have pulled the handbrake on really hard to try and get both to bite and it has done exactly what Andy WW said it would. Anyway we have stripped it all down, reset the callipers, new hoses and re adjusted the handbrake and all is good in the world again. Thank you all for advice, very helpful and I know a lot more about my brakes.
  5. Yes ordered new hoses and should be with me tomorrow.
  6. Great thank you for this, I am going to tackle it this week and will let you know what we find but I agree that it seams to be the fluid returning.
  7. Hi, thanks for the details... can I ask about your description. You say after winding the piston in you rotate it back 45deg? is there a marker on the piston to say which direction it should be in as I thought these adjust themselves whichever direction the slot is in?
  8. I have had both rear callipers re conditioned and put on the car. The car went in for its MOT and failed on the rear pasenger side break binding on. I sent the calliper back and got a replacement which we fitted and went back for a re test and it has done the same but now both rear callipers are not returning and binding the pads on the disks. I have cracked the bleed nipples on the callipers and this does not release them and I have cracked the pipe at the reservoir and this does not release them, there was no pressure build up either. Could it be three faulty callipers or am I missing something??? Front breaks are fine. All suggestions welcome
  9. Great, thank you all for your comments and advice, appreciate it and looking forward to enjoying the car.
  10. I would love to have a garage like the one the Esprit is in but I think it will end up wedged in, right shape at least!
  11. I have to fess up that this is a friends garage as mine is also full of STUFF, soon to be cleared!!
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