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  1. Where there any LHD Essex Esprits?
  2. The very rough specs I received say 3.8 sec 0-60 for the manual. No weights listed.
  3. Here's renderings of the Evora GT for the US...
  4. Regarding the car I'll wait and see what the final spec and pricing looks like and then consider it. Love the look of the 430, 400 not so much. I agree that Lotus Cars USA and/or Lotus Cars has not handled this well. I've ordered many, many cars and this experience is not optimal. In my experience with other brands, primarily Porsche, you put down a deposit on a "hot" car well before it is released. When it's released and the dealer gets an allocation you build and submit your order. In this case I put a deposit down on the Evora 430 based on rumor. I then got a call and an order sheet that had to be back to Lotus in 24-48 hours. At that point I had no pics and no specs or pricing. A week or so later I got specs and pricing (I think from another dealer). In typical Lotus fashion I got the call yesterday regarding the front and spoiler and was told I needed to re-submit or confirm my order in 24 hours. Again, I had to ask for pics to see what the car would look like and I got a rendering which looks like Photoshop or something. I know of several US deposits that have asked for their money back. I think Lotus would have better luck with an organized approach including full specs, pricing and pics.
  5. Some additional context to this thread. I ordered an Evora GT and my price with options was well over $130K US. The car will not have the J hook brakes or Olins. Seats were unknown at the time of my order as they still needed to crash test it. I got a call today and was told that the front splitter did not pass the crash test. Without that the rear wing was also removed. I asked for pics of what the car would look like and got some renderings. The car looks like a 430 sport with a 400 front bumper on it. Still no word on seats. Very frustrating. I asked for my deposit back. Roy
  6. Hey Charlie, They actually did release a price list, options, and specs. When I say “release” I mean the dealers have it but customers were told not to disclose them. It will look like a Euro 430 but will have a few differences in terms of specs. Rumors are a bit less hp than the Euro 430 due to a 3rd cat (which one could remove...).
  7. And they are telling customers June/July build with deliver 2 months later...
  8. Thanks Tony! Would like to connect with you by phone or email if you are interested. I'm in MKE. Please PM me a good way to get in touch if that's ok. Roy
  9. Wondering if any S1 cars had leather or partial leather interior? I had one back in the day and it had the two town brown/beige interior. I don’t remember ever seeing S1s with leather but now I see S1 pics with leather that look pretty “stock”. Is there a source for the old material (not leather) if I want the original S1 look? Just looking for the materials (assuming someone does not have a kit) since I’m in the US and I don’t want to ship all the bits to the UK. Thanks
  10. Bought them both. This should be interesting.
  11. Been looking for an S1. Let me know how much you want for it. Thanks Roy
  12. What color is that? Really a great color!
  13. TpupNomad

    Evora GT430

    Thanks for the comments and link to the videos; I have watched many of those. Sorry, I'm a bit jet lagged and didn't ask my question very well. The UK GT430 lists "Sound Insulation" as an option. I was asking how livable the car is without it and how the noise levels (with/without) might compare to an Exige which is my only other Lotus reference point (my comments about owning an S1 and S2 Exige). Thanks! Roy
  14. TpupNomad

    Evora GT430

    I know this is a very difficult question to answer but any feedback would be appreciated. Can anyone comment on the real world differences between a GT430 with and without the sound deadening? As a point of reference I have owned an S1 Exige (Motorsport version which was basiclly a german spec car with a roll cage and without AC). I’ve also owned an Elise Sport 190 (track only Motorsport spec), and an Exige S240 (USA Street Car). I’m building out a spec to order the US GT430 should they announce them and don’t have any idea what the relative noise level would be. It would also be helpful to understand if a GT430 with the sound deadening is similar or the same as an Evora 400 (I can test drive one of those). This car will be a street and track car but not a daily driver. As a point of reference, if someone has the Evora and a GT3, I have a 991.1 GT3 and a 991.2 GT3 Touring. Thanks!
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