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  1. I cycle almost every day and I've been "hit" twice by idiots in a hurry. The LR tires where on the side of the grass and the cyclist is irresponsible to cycle on a public road if she/he/it cannot control their bike. As far as I'm concerned the cyclist is a ducking idiot. The only thing I would fault the Land Rover for is "driving too fast for conditions", not causing the idiot to fall over. Regarding comments that cars should stop on public roads for cyclists I could not more strongly disagree.
  2. Was planning on a nut and bolt resto but I’m chasing an S1. If I can get that I’ll do the resto on that and then decide if I need a S1, S2 and a Turbo…
  3. Built in 11/79, no idea when the JPS cars were produced...
  4. I purchased an S2 and the paint is chipping off the wheels. The paint under the chips is gold. Did the factory repaint gold Speedlines in some cases? Bought the car from an estate and they thought the wheels were the original ones that came on the car. Factory data says it was a silver car with black interior; seems odd that it would have had gold wheels at any point... Thanks!
  5. Paint is coming along. Found a windshield, stupid expensive....
  6. So for the S2 project I acquired the interior looked like a crime scene. It had mold everywhere and my guy thought it was a goner. After some hard work it might be saveable...
  7. Over $400M dollars worth of cars on one ship. Amazing.
  8. When the Esprit was launched I was obsessed with it's engineering, looks and handling. The first one I saw was at the premier of the Spy Who Loved me at a theater in Dallas, TX. I was crawling around the floor looking underneath the car when I was politely asked to get up or leave... A few years later I was shopping for an "exotic" and the Ferrari 308 was on the top of my list. They were hard to find back then so the search took a while. I was walking through a mall in Dallas and ran into a guy who was wearing a Lotus Wizard Racing jacket. I struck up a conversation and learned it was Paul Rego who had a Lotus repair shop in Dallas. The conversation lead to the Esprit and he mentioned that a client of his was selling one. Turns out it was the one at the movie theater a few years before. I bought it and became a Lotus fan for life. I dropped by his shop this week to look into buying my S1 back and took a few pics. I thought you guys might enjoy some of the toys sitting around his shop. He owns the Sport 350, the X180r (1 of 20), the Lotus 78 F1 car that Andretti drove, 2 23s and a bunch of other stuff. The yellow one with the dust on it is my old S1 which I hope to acquire...
  9. Hey Tony, Nice cars! I did not know there were any S2.2s imported to the US! It's funny, I have Turbo an S2 and I'm trying to buy my old S1 back which is also yellow! I'd love to meet you someday... Roy
  10. My S1, S2 and Turbo back in the late 70s and 80s...
  11. @peteyg I noticed the exhaust looked odd as well. I actually don't have the car yet, I need to get it shipped. I'll check that out. ps. Love your blue. If I can find a good restoration firm I may have mine restored and go to that blue. I used to have a 1980 S2 in that color (Essex?).
  12. This one is 0237T. I used to own 0213 which also had full leather. I actually didn't like it much as it squeaked all the damn time while driving down the road....
  13. No, the 1980 US cars had full leather. This is the original interior (or so I've been told).
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