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  1. TpupNomad

    [PICS] 1986 Lotus Factory Tour

    Glad you enjoyed it. 👍
  2. Name: Lotus Turbo Esprit (1980-1986) Click to view: Lotus Turbo Esprit (1980-1986)
  3. TpupNomad

    Esprit Picture & Video Thread

    So long story but in the mid 90s I was doing a project for Lotus and they offered to pay in cars (I kid you not). At first I rejected the idea; I had a small startup and needed the cash. I finally decided to do it and took delivery of two S4s Esprits. I sold one immediately (yellow one) and kept this red one for a while; it was the last S4s built. I never titled it and finally sold it to help fund my small company. Far and away it was my favorite of the Esprits I have owned. My favorite body styles were the S4s, the 97 V8 and the Sport 350 (we didn't get the Sport 300 over here...). Here it is in all it's glory...
  4. TpupNomad

    Esprit Picture & Video Thread

    My first Turbo. It was an 85 and I loved it. It was my daily driver for 6 months before I decided to get a "family" car and use it for weekends. On one hand I wish I had never sold it but I had my first child so I moved to a 911 with a baby seat in the back. It has come up for sale a couple of times in the past few years (most recently on BAT) but the timing of the deal did not work for me. I'd love to have her back...
  5. TpupNomad

    Esprit Picture & Video Thread

    My S2... It was a beautiful car but a mess mechanically. Sold it to a drug dealer in Miami who paid me in cash in a Disney bag at a grocery store parking lot at midnight... They came on the car. They just slipped under the rear window trim so you could install/remove in a few minutes. I lived in Texas at the time so having anything that kept the heat down in the rear was a good thing...
  6. TpupNomad

    Esprit Picture & Video Thread

    Hey GTK, They are "Gotti" wheels who is out of business. As I recall they were 15 ins; don't remember the offsets. Roy ps. I used to live in Glyfada - Miss Greece!
  7. TpupNomad

    Esprit Picture & Video Thread

    My old S1...
  8. TpupNomad

    The new Esprit is here

  9. TpupNomad

    US Evora

    Has anyone seen any recent, reliable, information regarding the Evora for the US? Specifically when the GT430 and/or 430 Sport will be available? And, if/when they will make a standard 400 for the US market with the updated body-style from the 430... Thanks in advance
  10. TpupNomad

    Just broke 3,500 miles!!

    Got the old girl out of storage today. The storage place is 45 mins from the house, I Uber’ed over only to find out I forgot my keys. Then I Uber’ed back, and the back again. The good news is that after 8 months of storage the car started after 3 turns (I’ll admit it; I was shocked). Here’s a quick video on the drive to the new storage place! Roy
  11. TpupNomad

    2018 Limited Edition for US Market

    Yea, I called LCU after reading this, and after reading the Pistonheads article which said the same thing. I was told no. A month later I was told maybe.
  12. TpupNomad

    2018 Limited Edition for US Market

    Lotus in the US leaves a lot to be desired. Website is always out of date and they cannot provide any info on virtually any thing. Most dealers don't even know what a 430 is and the few that do all seem to make info up. For example I've heard the GT430 is coming as a limited edition model later this year. I've heard it is not. You cannot get a straight answer about the 410 (with the new body) or the 430 Sport. So I just bought a GT3 Touring (July build) and just put in my order for a green GT3 RS (since the Pits won't give me his car...). Wake up Lotus.
  13. TpupNomad

    Diagnostic Advice

    No, put away for winter. I'll get back to it in the spring.
  14. TpupNomad

    Diagnostic Advice