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  1. Hakim0v

    Evora GT430

    I wish Lotus made sexier changes to the Interior of the GT430, but I would choose it over any GT3 or 570s everyday! Even over a 720s, which i drove on road and on track: i know it is much faster, but it is less macho and less emotional than a GT430. this is my car, shot by a professional without my knowledge
  2. Hakim0v

    Evora GT430

    Yes indeed. I attended the Lotus 70’s Anniv but failed to meet any of you guys. Hopefully one day, we do a GT430 parade when they are “collection cars” abt the Komotec... I doubt I would be interested. A 500 hp upgrade and an LSD would be more worthy the pain, cuz this car can handle much more power than it has in its stomach right now. I believe it is abt time they seriously consider a DC gearbox also. GF
  3. Hakim0v

    Evora GT430

    My GT430 is Auto. Compared to my precious 400 auto gearbox, it is sharper and faster in gear changes and more accurate. This difference is more prominent after 20mn pushing on track on private road. Quite happy with it for now, but not equal to PDK by any means. Yet, I prefer it over a PDK for its brutality and its sounds on downshifting! GF
  4. I have set them in summer for Road use, 30F/33R (cold) but in winter they r dropping lower. Should I increase them?
  5. Guys, do you know the recommended Tyres (F/R) pressures for the GT430 for track, on a sunny day?
  6. Hakim0v

    Evora GT430

    It was a great event yesterday... i wish I met some of you guys, having come a long way from Beirut, but I didn’t find ur corner if any. Hopefully many of you, especially GT430 owners, enjoyed yesterday’s event.
  7. Hakim0v

    TLF GT430 Club

    Hi Guys, I got a Ticket (through my dealer) and I am awaiting a UK visa to Join U all. Hope to c u there but I will not be able to bring my Car from Lebanon, so don’t shut me diwn from ur corner . U think there will be an option to rent a GT430 for the track event? gracie mille
  8. Hakim0v

    TLF GT430 Club

    In fact the 400 had an Exhaust Valve Button, which I always left switched On (valve open). but also in my GT430, I had the same button installed and they did the necessary ECU mapping. It works same as on 400. Sound is amazing specially at high revs. But there are no backfires (or quiet one) on slow rev downshifting. I did notice though, that combustion is much more optimized on my 430 then the 400 MY16 (maybe that is the reason?) and no MAF sensor issues till now (unlike 400). any ideas?
  9. Hakim0v

    Evora GT430

    Johnny @The Pitsyou are truely missed. Lets sign a petition to bring him back.
  10. Hakim0v

    TLF GT430 Club

    Having owned a 400 Auto for 2 years and now a GT430 Auto for 2 months, I can objectively say that there is a significant improvement in the gearbox itself, which was already quite good with exquisite sound on the 400. Compared to a PDK, it is slower without being laggy or slow at all; but, it is much more enjoyable than the PDK at medium revs, and the changing sound is way sexier! Compared to the 400’s it is a bit faster, more consistent and smoother. Do not forget also, the gearbox cooler in the 430. Other than that, I have a question for you guys. On my 400, I had very nice backfire sounds when downshifting at low speed, which I don’t have now on my 430 (600km only on odometer). Any idea or thoughts? gracie
  11. Hakim0v

    Evora GT430

    They stay like that all the time while driving, then they zero when I switch it off
  12. Hakim0v

    Evora GT430

    The 2 gauges got stuck! When I turn it off, they go down, when I put ignition On, they go up and stay! Any idea?!! also did anyone find the Alpine Connect app on Apple store? Cause I did not!
  13. Hakim0v

    Evora GT430

    Guys did u get the Handbook of Evora 400 or a specific GT430 handbook? I got the 400 one!!! I need the Tire pressure recommendation thx
  14. Hakim0v

    Evora GT430

    Here is mine... finally 824B878B-6B81-438B-B263-4E0CE19E324F.MOV
  15. Hakim0v

    Evora GT430

    It will be Xpel Stealth PPF for matte changes 4-5% of the original shades I think
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