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  1. Guys I need ur advice

    the ESP light went On twice today in my GT430, forcing the car in normal automatic mode. I couldn’t active any mode before turn the car Off then On. 1st time it happens. It had 7000km on it. All is ok otherwise.

    any idea about that?

  2. Guys, I need ur help

    I’m hearing noise in my steering wheel when I turn it left and right. But it is not constant, comes and goes. I hear it inside the dashboard. Lotus dealer changed my column 2 months ago, but could not identify the problem. And now the noise is back. Any idea or similar experience? 
    also, does ur steering wheel make a knock sound at full lock?


  3. 1 hour ago, C8RKH said:

    But you could disconnect the valve so it's always open. I mean, why have a beast of a car with the roar of a puddy cat?

    No open exhaust valve on startup/all the time would be a reason for me NOT to buy a GT430.... lol...

    Totally agree, that’s why I had the button switch reinstalled

    but I noticed that thing on startup.

    do u think this is normal, and due to no back pressure on exhaust when valve is open?



  4. Guys I have a technical question:

    is it normal to have slower gas pedal response when revving slowly, if the exhaust valve is open compared to closed? The car is cold and in parking mode. U feel, with valve open, like a bit of choking from the engine when u press the pedal, in the 1st 2500 rpm, that goes away when I close the valve.


  5. Having driven a 400 for 2 years and a GT430 for 1year+ now, I can confirm, with all modesty, that the drive is not comparable, neither on track nor on any road. GT430 makes you feel... different, better, more confident, quicker... I’d sell a 400 any day but not the 430 with its surf board...

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  6. 1 hour ago, Tex said:

    Pity your not a bit closer as would like to have met up .

    As there are so few Auto GT430’s I think they may become very sought after . Have you considered the soon to be available 460 Komotec upgrade or are you happy with the 430 power ?

    Yes indeed. I attended the Lotus 70’s Anniv but failed to meet any of you guys. Hopefully one day, we do a GT430 parade when they are “collection cars” 😂

    abt the Komotec... I doubt I would be interested. A 500 hp upgrade and an LSD would be more worthy the pain, cuz this car can handle much more power than it has in its stomach right now. I believe it is abt time they seriously consider a DC gearbox also.


  7. My GT430 is Auto. Compared to my precious 400 auto gearbox, it is sharper and faster in gear changes and more accurate. This difference is more prominent after 20mn pushing on track on private road. Quite happy with it for now, but not equal to PDK by any means. Yet, I prefer it over a PDK for its brutality and its sounds on downshifting!


  8. In fact the 400 had an Exhaust Valve Button, which I always left switched On (valve open).

    but also in my GT430, I had the same button installed and they did the necessary ECU mapping. It works same as on 400. Sound is amazing specially at high  revs. But there are no backfires (or quiet one) on slow rev downshifting. I did notice though, that combustion is much more optimized on my 430 then the 400 MY16 (maybe that is the reason?) and no MAF sensor issues till now (unlike 400).

    any ideas?

  9. Having owned a 400 Auto for 2 years and now a GT430 Auto for 2 months, I can objectively say that there is a significant improvement in the gearbox itself, which was already quite good with exquisite sound on the 400. Compared to a PDK, it is slower without being laggy or slow at all; but, it is much more enjoyable than the PDK at medium revs, and the changing sound is way sexier! 

    Compared to the 400’s it is a bit faster, more consistent and smoother. Do not forget also, the gearbox cooler in the 430.

    Other than that, I have a question for you guys. On my 400, I had very nice backfire sounds when downshifting at low speed, which I don’t have now on my 430 (600km only on odometer). Any idea or thoughts?


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  10. The 2 gauges got stuck! When I turn it off, they go down, when I put ignition On, they go up and stay! Any idea?!!

    also did anyone find the Alpine Connect app on Apple store? Cause I did not!


  11. 2 hours ago, The Pits said:

    Matte PPF rarely looks great from the ones I've seen. Probably better off doing the whole thing if you can stretch to it then at least you'll have a consistent look.

    I have full front, roof, all of the rear bumper and some interior done for about £2k. Still seems quite expensive to me for what it is but I thought those vents would eat the paint alive. They don't actually so you could get by with less PPF if you wanted.

    It does offer some peace of mind. A bird let rip on my roof and I could relax knowing the PPF was there. Worth doing the carbon interior sills too, they will get easily scratched otherwise and they are no doubt very expensive to replace.

    It will be Xpel Stealth PPF for matte

    changes 4-5% of the original shades I think

  12. Guys, 

    who had gone for full PPF on his GT430? And how much it costs in average?

    I have a Charcoal Matte paint (semimatte in fact) and the remaining in Glossy Carbon as usual. 

    Would you advise full PPF or just front bumper? Cost average on matte?

    thx for ur feedback

  13. Guys

    what do you think about the Glossy Black Machine rimmed wheels on the GT430 Vs the Matte Black ones?

    It seems all of us chose the Glossy ones... but I believe Lotus (or the provider) could have done better on the design, no?

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