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  1. I've tried Super Sport, PS4S (rears only) and PS4 on my car (also 18F/19R) which was tuned to 425/400 via Komo-tec. I drive reasonably briskly (my car used only for Sunday morning blasts and driving trips), getting through a set of rears every 6k miles. The PS4, despite being ostensibly the lowest performer of the three, were more than adequate for my needs. I see no point in spending the money for PS4S let alone Cup 2s unless it's for the track.
  2. The first owner of my car did the upgrade in stages up to EV430. In his opinion the best in terms of bang for buck is EV410.
  3. Thank you. The Exige V6 is also much simpler, not requiring engine out for clutch or gearbox.
  4. Just to close this one off, the rebuild has been completed with various new parts and furthermore, the specialist has extended substantial goodwill. I am completely satisfied with the way they have treated me.
  5. 3rd and 4th synchros are being replaced with new second time around. According to the specialist, it's 100% my fault therefore the only option for stopping it happening again is for me not to drive the car
  6. Thanks Bruss. To be clear, it's the not the same failure happening again. The first rebuild was due to a failed gearset, a documented problem as you describe. This second rebuild is due to a failed synchro, which as far I have been able to uncover so far is the first documented instance of this happening to a V6 gearbox.
  7. Thank you. I won't disclose any details of the specialist other than to say it's a company you will have heard of. Make no mistake, my Evora has been absolutely wonderful to drive and for the first two years of my ownership the car was faultless. I am on record saying these are reliable cars. Sadly now with a £10k spend in less than a year and <4k miles, I've learned my lesson. If I am to believe the specialist's diagnosis that I am a destroyer of gearboxes then it is foolish to own a car that requires so much work to fix its gearbox.
  8. 4th gear only. 4th was one of the gearsets replaced in the first rebuild although the original synchros were given a clean bill of health after inspection and re-used.
  9. Thanks Justin. The original issue was something completely different...loss of sixth gear, traced to a failed gearset. The fundamental issue is that these cars require 30+ hours to undergo a diagnosis. Had I known that the synchromesh was about to fail necessitating a second repair I would have installed a new box rather than authorise a rebuild. Hindsight, etc. There have been hard questions asked this week, and the specialist is standing their ground. The gearbox removal work has been done. My options are to either fight it and potentially incur a long delay with no guarantee of a positive outcome, or pay up and move on. I have no fear of a fight however for reasons I won’t go into here I need the car back fairly soon, so my hands are fairly tied. It is safe to say sadly that I will not own another Lotus.
  10. Thanks Bruss. In the three years I’ve owned the car I’ve crunched gears twice, maybe three times. The specialist insists that he damage is caused by me changing too quickly. I don’t see I have any option other than to pay up and chalk it down to experience.
  11. All excellent advice which I take on board. And perhaps if I am prone to this sort of self-inflicted issue (albeit it’s never happened before to me or anyone else with a V6 as far as I can tell), then it’s unwise to own a car that requires 30+ hours of labour to remove and refit its gearbox.
  12. Thank you Jep and Bruss. Unfortunately it looks like I'll just have to suck it up and pay up again. That now pushes my spend on the transmission alone to five figures in less than 12 months.
  13. Thank you jep and andyj007. I have of course queried along all possible lines as it seems too coincidental that I should experience such a failure a few short months and relatively few miles after a complete rebuild. i have been assured that the rebuild was done thoroughly, that there was no problem with the synchro when the box was rebuilt, and the failure is 100% due to poor gear-changing technique on my part. I appreciate the box does not like to be rushed, but surely one must be trying really hard to grind off synchromesh teeth particularly on a freshly-rebuilt box that has passed QC inspection and therefore to all intents and purposes should be as new? The car has had no track usage in my ownership, and as mentioned above I've never broken a synchromesh before in more than 30 years of owning cars of all makes. I've done a pretty comprehensive trawl of publicly-available info. When the internal gearsets failed I was able to find a number of other instances of the issue. So far I haven't come across another instance of synchromeshes failing on V6 'boxes. Justin if you wouldn't mind asking B+C I'd be most grateful.
  14. As this is live case I'm going to be guarded with the details. For now I'm specifically interested if anyone else has had any experience with a damaged synchromesh. Damaged as in teeth worn off the synchro ring as well as wear to the baulk ring.
  15. Apparently I have broken a synchro, months after my CR box was rebuilt at great cost. So I have to pay for a second major repair including engine and box removal in less than 12 months. Anyone else experienced synchro damage on their car?
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