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  1. To be pedantic, he only wants to keep the car for 7-8 months so the significance of the mileage is not actually related to the durability but rather the ability to resell quickly. I totally agree that in pure condition terms 86k is nothing - original suspension components might be baggy and clutch if not replaced will be on its last legs, but the engine and fibreglass body will go on forever.
  2. I revise my earlier opinion. If you could buy the car for £20k and would be willing to take a small hit on resale I’m sure it would sell quickly, assuming it’s in good condition. Undamaged Evoras <20k are unheard of. And while 86k is a lot of miles for an Evora compared to what most cars rack up, it’s only average for cars of that vintage and there’s no question they can easily take the miles if maintained.
  3. I’m sure it’s a fine example but if the goal is to get into an Evora and out by next May as painlessly as possible, I’m not sure an 86k miles example is the best way to do it.
  4. I can’t tell any difference at all.
  5. I have a 400 clutch and flywheel fitted to my 2011 S recently by Hangar111. It feels identical to the original.
  6. plenty

    GT430 in Camden

    @Sizona saw you on the Prince of Wales Rd this afternoon. We haven't met but I checked the GT430 thread and saw your car. I live about a mile from there.
  7. Thanks all for the interesting feedback. Clearly despite being the closest thing that Lotus has ever created to a daily driver, many people use their Evora as a high days and holidays car. And why not? I agree with the poster who said this preserves the sense of occasion when you do drive it.
  8. plenty

    Pyrenees trip

    As you are in the area you absolutely must drive the L-511 from Col de Nargo to Isona, south of La Seu d'Urgell. If it doesn't fit neatly into the the circular route then you can turn around and do it again . It's one of the highlights in the area.
  9. My car is on 44k which is considered high mileage for an Evora yet it’s only 5,500 miles per annum. Looking at Pistonheads classifieds, of the 59 cars for sale only 2 are on 50k+ miles, 3 are on 40-50k miles, 3 on 30-40k miles, and the remaining 51 are <30k miles. Filtering to cars no newer than 2015 leaves 19 for sale, of which 9 are <20k miles. What’s going on? Don’t we like to drive our cars? I can understand low miles on an Exige, but the Evora is supposed to have a much wider usability window. Or are all the higher-mile cars being cherished and driven by their owners rather than being sold?
  10. Sounds like things are moving in the right direction. I would personally still invest in the rebuild with new gears if you are doing the clutch anyway AND your box has one of the serials identified as potentially suspect. The extra money isn't that much and will buy you peace of mind. Mine made it to 42,000 miles before suddenly letting go.
  11. Well we'll just have to disagree again...the old "you can't have an opinion unless you've driven the car" argument holds no water imo. I have seen enough reviews from various sources to be able to form an informed view. And as I said earlier, if I rarely use 6th in a CR box I wouldn't have any use for 5th or 6th in a LR. That's just a fact. I'm sure I would still enjoy a four-speed Evora, just not as much. That doesn't mean that a LR is a lesser car. It just means it's not the car for me. I don't care about MPG or relaxed cruising on the motorway. Others do and their opinions are also valid.
  12. That is all entirely sensible. I was simply disputing the earlier contention that the debate around boxes is "bollocks" and to "not overly worry about the box". I've no doubt many people are flexible on gearbox choice, but equally there are folks for whom it matters a lot. No, I haven't driven a long-ratio car but neither have I driven an IPS and that I wouldn't consider one of those either as I have specific preferences when it comes to transmission which for me are high up the priority list. I've read up enough on the ratios and other drivers' experiences to know that the long ratios wouldn't work for me, as there's nothing I love more than rowing up and down the gears rev matching (One of my fondest remembered cars was a 1993 Impreza RA - 4,000 rpm in top gear at 70!). The long-ratio 5th is longer than 6th in the CR box which given I rarely use 6th in CR means the top two gears in the long box would basically be redundant. Of course, if you do a lot of cruising then the long box could be a wise choice. As you say, there's a diversity of preferences out there. Personally I think it's mad when I read comments like "I'd never consider colour X" as colour is just about at the bottom of my personal list of criteria, but as the old chestnut goes it would be a boring world if we all liked the same things, eh.
  13. That does seem poor. Have you specifically asked about parts availability? My specialist has received gear sets 3-6 which would suggest you might be able to as well.
  14. Can't agree with that I'm afraid. Gear ratios make a huge difference to how a car drives. Personally not bothered about things like colour and 2+2 but would never consider a long-ratio car for what I want an Evora to do. On the other hand, the early CR boxes are prone to failure, as I have expensively discovered.
  15. What does the sales literature say is not included? MotorEasy has only been around since 2017 and there aren't many reviews available of claims experiences, only application experiences. This is worth a read however: I would specifically check the use of Lotus garages as from the limited amount I have read I have the impression you are obliged to use one of their authorised repairers which typically are Halfords Autocentre type outfits (the people behind MotorEasy are ex Halfords).
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