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  1. Thanks for the super quick response, Bibs! That sounds great.
  2. Hello, I'm wondering if anyone has a suggestion. I placed an order on the TLF shop on March 4th, emailed the address listed on the shop's contact page a week ago on April 1st for an update, but still haven't heard anything. Does anyone know of another contact person I should check with? The status shows payment received, but not shipped yet. It was a pricy order, and I'm just getting a little worried it was lost somehow. Maybe they are waiting for an item to come into stock, but an update would be great. Thank you for any help, Ryan
  3. I finally got my car back from the dealership (my AC stopped cooling a second time). This time instead of just refilling the freon, they had to replace the clutch that engages the AC and all the pulleys. It made a terrible noise when the AC clutch failed...because it melted... and I saw blue smoke in the engine compartment through the rear glass. It's working fine, and hopefully it's fixed for good. Today I installed my GRP's. I love them! I had a hell of time getting the left stock light separated from the black bezel before I could install the GRP light. I called GRP and Greg picked right up! I was having to put A LOT of force on it and I was afraid I was going to break it. Seeing how long it takes to get parts from Lotus to the Texas, I stopped. I didn't want to be stuck without a taillight for 2 months. Greg assured me sometimes this happens, and to try a rubber mallet and a towel. It worked. Then, I had an even harder time getting the GRP light in that same bezel because the light had a small lip or flange that the other GRP light didn't have. I had zero problems with the other stock light or GRP light. Both are in, no error messages, and everything works perfectly. These lights kick ass! No more bug eyes. They have a clean factory look, unlike the afterburners (in my opinion).
  4. GRP's ordered: blood red everything/no reflectors. Afterburners look cool too, I just preferred the look of the GRP's more. Will post before & afters when I get them installed. -Ryan
  5. Hello all, I'm a newbie from Texas, and definitely a fish out of water in Texas because of my taste in cars. Don't get me wrong: I still daily drive a 3/4 ton diesel truck, and love spending time on our ranch property, but I didn't want the typical Hellcat or Z06 like most people in Texas would want. Nothing wrong with that, just not very refined or unique. I grew up in karting (TonyKart all the way), and wanted a true drivers car. Side note- congrats 3X to Hamilton. He's my boy. No, not a Nascar fan. I opted for a manual '16 Lotus Evora 400 after thinking on it for a couple years. As soon as I saw the review by Matt Farah on his YouTube channel TheSmokingTire, I knew it was my car. I went down to Lotus/Jaguar of Plano in North Dallas (no longer in business) just to make sure, and test drove a 400, with paddles (the only part of the car that was terrible). I'm loving this 400. Not only does it sound great, it's a real head turner. Especially in Texas lol. I barely have 1,000 miles and it's spent a lot of time in the shop, twice. Primarily AC issues, but I'll bring that up on another page because this is just the intro page. Park Place Premier, the dealership that took over service for Lotus in this area, has me in a new Maserati loaner, so I can't complain too much! So far I've purchased a car cover through the site, and look forward to learning more. -Ryan
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