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  1. Thats good to know then, il maybe have a bash ?
  2. I suppose i will need to see lotus bits about these then? Unless someone knows where there is some? I guess regular plywood out my shed will not do? ?
  3. Blimey never would have thought really.. Thats ok then plywood can go back in then, thought i best double check!
  4. Hi chaps, thought it was about time to check in on my progress, plus im abit lost for words, came across this in the pictures earlier.. Am i seeing this correctly!? Really? Plywood?? Is this genuinely from factory?? Anyways progress is good, have a running functional engine in at last, just started on the cooling and came across this ?
  5. Yep this car has been sat out for a long time, quite alot of moss on the carpets and even more green in the wiring haha, this was the earth joint bolted on the side of the pedal box joining everything to the bays main earth, still many more gremlins to find
  6. Dont worry chaps found it, bad main earth, could still do with a diagram if anyone has one? Still got no blower or indicators at the moment
  7. Yes i have good strong 12v, at the main live terminal below the fusebox right upto keyswitch enough to crank fast off, but there must be a fault past the keyswitch, hotwiring live to the ignition and acc points on the switch does nothing, the circuits that dont require ignition have all gone too at the same time, (interior lights, hazards, main beam flash ect) quite stumped really
  8. Hi there, already put a new barrell in when i started as was too pitted to repair, but no constant live circuits appear to work anywhere..
  9. Now chaps, its been a while sorry, im deep into a project 84 excel engine conversion, just on wiring the engines loom in, but before that im having issues with the cars electricals first, i did have a good working ignition circuit with about all instruments working, just now tonight i have nothing, good 12v at the fusebox and keyswitch but seems like a main fuse or something must have gone when ive been on with multimeter, i assume this as boot light has gone off too. Checked most of the fuses but wondering if theres any more hidden anywhere, i could have sworn i heard a puff from mid dash when flicking main beam when it all went out. Is there any wiring diagrams or even a fusebox layout out there? Cheers all, luke
  10. @johnpwalsh do let me know if you want to sell ?
  11. By the way chaps abit overdue but heres a couple pictures when i brought her home, before and after a well needed wash, couldnt help myself and had to wash her in the dark ?
  12. A couple good what @johnpwalsh? Hinges or frames?
  13. I may be able to make a new front section, door hidges too they are totally gone at the bottom, but ive managed to recreate many old ford door sections with good spotless results so il have a bash
  14. Picked her up today chaps, will get some photos tommorow, first thoughts of parts i will need for the body are probibly a couple window frames, passenger door handle and a rear lens, interior is rough and inner doors are rotten and abit waffy but i can boss them
  15. So what engines and boxes conversions do people know of? Just something short to fit over the crossmember..