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  1. Hi Mark. I've been running my 1983 S3 carburated Esprit since I bought it from Paul C in 2004. Getting perllously close to 100k miles now and she gets a good thrash almost every weekend - as does the Esprit! Ex-Lotus employee Gerald at GST Performance, Newmarket, looks after most of the maintenance and with Geralds help the car is running better than ever, and still turns heads.
  2. Sounds like a good destination to give my '83 Esprit S3 a run out to from St Neots - count me in. Might even blag a test drive in an Evora!
  3. 31. Recalling the great Oxford meets, so ElTel with '83 S3 subject to date. Any news of date / venue yet?
  4. Lotus Esprit S3 M/Y 1983 Chassis No. SCC085912DHD11547 Engine No. CC912830921003 Terry Lovett (ElTel) St Neots, Cambridge, UK
  5. Guys, having ploughed thru' 13 pages looking for a Sunday convoy to join to head up the M1 to 'Esprit' day' at Donny as in the past, all I seem to find are pages listing the relevant merits of Indian v Chinese meals and hotel recomendations for the weekend. Surely not every Esprit owner is heading to Donny for the whole weekend?
  6. Yes Dave it was me in my red 1983 S3, returning to St Neots after visiting my father in Baldock. I had two new rear tyres (Avon ZZ3's) fitted earlier that day so I was on a trip to settle them in. Pirelli P6000 and Dunlop SP Sport 01 as recommended by Lotus no longer manufactured!
  7. It's that MOT time of the year again and my pre-inspection check reveals that new rear tyres are required to replace the worn Pirelli P600's on my 1983 S3. The harder compound of the Pirelli's has not impressed me, especially when doing track days (those that witnessed my off at Castle Coombe may sympathise!) so I'm looking for a pair of 225/60/15 Goodyear Eagle F1 GS-D2 for the rear (like Troy and Dodgy). I thought I had found a pair today thru' East Coast Tyres but they have emailed tonight to say they made a mistake and they are no longer in stock. Does anyone out their know of a supplier that has a couple?
  8. I was also disappointed at the poor representation at the NEC this weekend of one of the worlds most iconic sports car manufacturers over the last 50 years. Club Lotus should have a stand - surely there are many members like myself who would man the stand without payment and who would love the opportunity of introducing newcomers to the marque. There were many youngsters visiting the show who probably have never seen a Europa, Elan or early Esprit before. Stoneleigh is preaching to the converted, and is nowadays little more than an autojumble in a barn for diy enthusiasts.
  9. Hospitality Unit -what hospitaility unit? !!!
  10. ElTel

    Norfolk Area

    OK Mike, have noted your mobile and will look out for the services north of Peterboro' around 09.30. What is your route to Donny after leaving A1? Cheers, Terry
  11. ElTel

    Norfolk Area

    Mike, I'll be coming from St Neots (5m south of the A1/A14 interchange) and could join you somewhere on the A1. Any suggestions of time and route? Terry
  12. Welcome Darren, I'll be in my red S3 at Brands looking out for your yellow S3! Cheers, ElTel
  13. I've just emailed Paul for a ticket too - looking forward to it.
  14. Two more from the great PK: I said to the butcher "Do you deliver?" He said "No just pork and beef" Getting married is like stepping into a hot bath - the longer you're in it the cooler it gets" Boom-boom!
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