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  1. still problems....please help me ! Thanks a lot Alessandro
  2. Then, still a lot of trouble ! I replaced the O2 Sensor with the old O2 sensor because the car runned bad, now these're the all trouble sort out via freescan, the following faults are reported: 22-TPS circuit signal low 22- TIP ???? 24. Vehicle speed sensor circuit 24. TIP 34. MAP sensor circuit low voltage 44. O2 senso, lean exhast indicated Regarding TPS tested it with engine OFF and it go well from 0 to 100 What about???? Thx Alessandro
  3. I don't know the reason why the alarm fuse blew in the 1st time.....I think that battery and ECU swapping was the reason, I did only this. When I found the fuses I connected also the SIREN plug and looked this situation......but I remember that many times ago I connected the siren plug and it go on, then immediately unplugged but the fuse not blew. Now I agree with your about the siren broken and/or wiring problems....but I don't need the SIREN, the car was always without siren, the old owner disconnected it because he said that sometimes went ON without reason. If I leave the SIREN OFF.....should be ok ? Regarding the other plugs disconnected, your idea is ok, however is little strange have a lot of them see them when you check for some problems and you think immediately that the problem could be related with it...... Many thanks Alessandro
  4. PROBLEM IS SOLVED!! The problem was the ALARM FUSE, but finding this fuse is very very hard!! Is necessary put-off the driver seat and then find a little plastic box where there are the fuses. Now the heart of the car is working The fuses are standard and not cylindrical, and however they are located exactly where Jonathan said, helping with the light buzzer as Jonathan said is better finding. Exactly location is near the outside near door there the openingbracket for the frontroom is. I connected also the SIREN, now with the SIREN plugged the Alarm FUSE burn, I tried 2-3 time to see if it was and all fuses with the SIREN plugged burned.........What you think about ?? The SIREN on my car was always disconnected by the old owner, however I don't need it, but maybe its same electrical fault! Maybe is all related to my electrical fault problems so performance trouble. Thanks a lot Alessandro ps. near these fuses there a couple of connector unplugged.....why?? its a lotus, I know, but there are a lot of plug not connected on my car!
  5. last thing: is the alarm fuse under the dash steering wheel a standard fuse or its different fuse ??? like cylindrical fuses or other kind ??
  6. under the dash there are few connector unplugged (thats a Lotus !) MAH This is one located under the passenger dash (right side)
  7. I know Pbracing, but unfortunately they are 1,200KM so far.....and however their are specialist on Elise/Exige.....
  8. @ Bibs: Im not sure about the FUSE but probably its....the car was fine before put off the battery and swapped the ECU, maybe when replaced the battery something was bad @ Rich: do you mean the battery in the key-fob: its ok, I have key-fob its the same....but the car was ok before disconnect the battery ! @ Nick: its ok, the led is red when I push the key-fob, I can try to change the battery but this is not the problem ( I think) @ Jonathan: I will follow this wire, hope to find this fuse so I can understand if the alarm is ok or no. I tried locking/unlocking the doors manually this not helped me! the problem of a specialist, is that here don't know specialist!
  9. I was hours under the dashboard upside down .... but nothing seems there are no fuses, many wires, plugs but it seems to be fuses (not the classic fuses) I looked under the steering wheel column and nothing, I followed the Jonathan advice about "the light ON buzzer" but nothing sort out, nothing fuses near the buzzer I looked under the dashboard passenger footweel, but here only the COBRA6422 and seems no fuses..... it may be on the central dashboard ???? Someone know this FUSE....please for your help ! Thanks Alessandro
  10. Thanks Jonathan for your help! I think that the first thing to do is to try to re-activate the Alarm LED wich is located (in the V8 internal like mine) above the dash middle place. If this continue to stay OFF and it doesn't flash, the car will not start because the immobilizer is ON or however the alarm is ON I will try to find this fuse, my car is LHD so maybe it can be located under the dash passenger footwell, infact here there's also the COBRA-6422 that I checked if its ok and seems all ok here. I will update you ! If someone have a photo of this fuse or know exactly where is located on last GT3 or V8 will be fine! sorry about my "the car will not start because the immobilizer is ON or however the alarm is ON" this case the LED is OFF so the Alarm is OFF and the central door locking and immobilizer doesn't work!
  11. Hi All No news.....the car is still died....tried disconnecting the battery and again no news Where are the Esprit gurus ?????? have everybody sold their esprit ?? please help me !
  12. Dear All, Im doing some marketing research about Olive Oil consumption in UK - Do you consume everyday Olive Oil? - What you keep in mind thinking about Olive Oil? - What kind of Olive Oil do you prefer ? - What Olive Oil brands do you know? - What's the right price for the Olive Oil ? (average price in mind) Thanks Alessandro
  13. Hi Bibs Thanks for your advice. Unfortunately does it not help ! because in this case the LED is always OFF, it generally is a red led intermittent.....but now its always OFF I think that could be a FUSE but don't know where is exactly located.....its not in the front bonnet or rear engine bonnet it should be internal please help me! thanks
  14. no news about immobilzed problem??? please help me, the car is still died! thx
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