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  1. I just want to sanity check my plans before I spend my day tomorrow removing my old four pots and more importantly, getting rid of them. Right now I have Lotus spec AP 4 pot on 308mm fronts and standard Brembo rear on 295mm rotors. It's clear to me that the braking is not right - I guess too front biased, which means they lock fairly easily and the car dives a lot under braking. I far prefer the braking of a friends car with standard brakes and upgraded discs, although that's still not perfect, especially in the wet. I found the BOE article suggesting the Elise works well with a ~55% static front bias, so I've picked up some lotus motorsport rear callipers with 38mm pistons. (Standard rears are 36, standard 2 pots are 44) I plan to remove my 4 pots, and put the original 2 pots on the front. According to a basic static bias calculator, this would give me 59% front bias. 57.5% if I stick 308mm rotors on the rear as well. 4 pots front and the old 2 pots rear would give 56% front with the same size rotor, but would that require a master cylinder upgrade? Has anyone tried it? Am I missing anything else that the four pots are offering me, though? Does anyone else run with 2 pot front and rear? Obviously, ideally, I want to be running a balance bar pedal box, but I've yet to settle on anything to do that yet, so I'm just looking for a short term win initially.
  2. I have a VBox for learning and a GP7 for Youtube. With the GoPro I use Racerender 3 to add the overlays based on the GoPro's GPS data, which is pretty damned accurate being 18Hz.
  3. I saw a few Elise, a VX220 and an Evora, anyone here? For £75, I was treating it as a garage for the day and some track time to test/shakedown the car after being rebuilt. But it turned out to be a really good day! The car performed flawlessly and having ditched my supercharger, I found the car a lot more fun!
  4. I have some gauges wired to the old stereo loom that seem to have intermittent power failures. Sometimes it's just small drops in voltage causing attached devices to restart, others it simply sits at around 1v with ignition on. On one occasion, turning on the heater fan brought power back to the stereo loom. Certainly some weird gremlins. I wonder if it's a dodgy earth, how is the front of the car earthed? Is it just via chassis or is there a feed somewhere? Car is a Honda converted S2 K.
  5. I found the traffic a little frustrating, but overall it was OK while trying to learn the track. At the end of the video the car basically stopped working at part-throttle/low boost, perhaps brought on by either slowing suddenly, or my trip across the kerb. It's been mapped properly this week, it needed quite a lot of work and a new throttle position sensor amongst a few other bits but it should finally be making decent power when Martyn gets it back. It is a little oversteery, but not as bad as it was on Martyn's suspension and tyres. I thought the handling was near perfect, though. While it was quite loose, it was super predictable on the limit. I need to work on balancing the car better, though. You guys don't need engine swaps, you have perfect reliability to enjoy and yes, definitely, let me know when you're on track again!
  6. I assume you're the chap I met with the Orange 220? Nice to meet you. It was a great day, wasn't it? Did you get any video? I had a lot of fun!
  7. mikehhhhhhh


    I have gloves and shoes because practically, they improve my driving situation. The gloves offer warmth and grip on the wheel, the shoes offer feel and dexterity. I have HANS because it offers a lot of safety in the event of a shunt and I already know from getting rear ended many years ago the pain and suffering even minor neck injuries can cause. I own a one piece race suit but I generally find it impractical to wear it at track days. I do use it for sprints and have used it when hiring a Caterham on a track day before, however. The rest of the time, I just wear a pair of jeans and long sleeve t-shirt. The point of the suit is fire protection, I guess only you can weigh up whether you think fire is a risk worth offsetting against comfort/practicality/cost around a race suit. One thing I would say is do what you want to - no one takes any notice if someone is wearing a race suit or not - except for the guy I saw turn up to Brands in a 458 and a race suit before proceeding to lap the circuit at sighting lap pace.
  8. Yes that’s me It does indeed have a K20 as well as a supercharger. I have a video that might have a few of you on there, too:
  9. If I had known there was a TLF get together I'd have come and said hi. I was there in my little Elise. 38608744906_b70c170d63_o by mikehhhhhhh, on Flickr
  10. So the aforementioned work it was in for turned out to be a little more than I was expecting. Owing to some unseen chassis damage that had been repaired to a standard I wasn't happy with, the car is getting a brand new chassis from Lotus! Here's the progress; So the strip down has started. IMG_5793 by mikehhhhhhh, on Flickr IMG_7962 by mikehhhhhhh, on Flickr On the plus side, I did manage to pick up some pretty cool seats IMG_6044 by mikehhhhhhh, on Flickr and an LSD while the engine will be out IMG_2414 by mikehhhhhhh, on Flickr So things have slowed a little bit recently, there has been a lot of non-productive time. Issues finding the correct adhesive and sourcing a roll cage. Diff has been fitted and gearbox reassembled, supercharger is currently getting some love with some new seals and bearings. Went to collect the cage from Wayne at Essex Autosport. What a gent, he's been incredibly helpful and even helped the guys building the car with his wealth of knowledge on fitting it! IMG_1637 by mikehhhhhhh, on Flickr It is starting to look like a car again now, and the build can proceed now the rollcage is here. IMG_1638 by mikehhhhhhh, on Flickr IMG_1639 by mikehhhhhhh, on Flickr IMG_1641 by mikehhhhhhh, on Flickr More progress. The cage is in and engine back together - it's starting to look like a real car now! IMG_1657 by mikehhhhhhh, on Flickr IMG_1658 by mikehhhhhhh, on Flickr IMG_1659 by mikehhhhhhh, on Flickr IMG_1660 by mikehhhhhhh, on Flickr IMG_1661 by mikehhhhhhh, on Flickr Sporting an engine again! Untitled by mikehhhhhhh, on Flickr Progress has been a bit slow waiting for some bits to be painted, but back on track now! I have entered a sprint for the 8th and a trackday for the 16th. Fingers crossed! It'll be interesting learning how it behaves with the diff on a sprint course rather than the track, ideally I'd have preferred it the other way around but fun times ahead IMG_0198 by mikehhhhhhh, on Flickr
  11. I had a similar issue with my M3 where wheels an tyres were replaced, car was aligned and the final fix came when I replaced some bushes and replaced the hub. I'd be looking at bushes and checking hub runout (check mating surfaces between hub and disc are clean, too!)
  12. Hi! I figured it was worth introducing myself - I'm Mike and I live in NE London I caught the bug after borrowing an Audi engined S2 for a while and ended up with my very own Supercharged K20 S2. Within two days of purchasing it, it was flying around Spa - sadly not for long, though as a leaking supercharger/slipping belt cut my track time short It's away at the moment having some work done, hopefully it'll be returning to a track again soon!
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