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  1. Thanks CocoPops and Colin P, Theres a ~£25K 2010 car for sale at the moment with around 60K miles; No obvious 'walk aways', to my untrained eye at least... Various cars available for not much more on AT with sensible miles too. Im aware of how well these hold their prices, but havent been watching them for long so interested to see if experts feel they are close to 'bottoming out'. Great to hear that model year isnt too much of a
  2. Hello all, New to the forum, so please excuse any faux pas I make! Im currently a trainee Optometrist, and will (hopefully) be fully qualified by September 2018. I plan on treating myself to a 'proper' drivers' car that I can actually do 5-6000 spring/ summer miles in every year once qualified. Not looking at a true daily driver then, but not far off either... I have set myself a budget of ~£25000. Until recently, I was looking at 997 911s which are plentiful at ~£25K. I am however having a major rethink after seeing an Evora in the flesh, which rekindled my Lotus curi
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