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  1. I have one of these taking up space in the garage if you want it.
  2. I got my knobs from deroure, did you try changing your color? I originally ordered gloss black then switched and was able to get the knobs
  3. Just noticed the Toyota part sticker in that pic. I googled Toyota Camry fuel sender. Looks like it's close. Definitely the same connector
  4. Unfortunately the S1 uses a different connector. It's more like a triangle 3pin holes(2 used for fuel level) and 2 pin holes for the pump next to it. Wish I got a pic of the connector itself. If I can track down the correct connector. But that just leaves the unit as the last part of the puzzle. Can it support up to 20 amps or should it be modified..
  5. Yeah, it was swapped. I'm surprised it lasted as long as it did. Almost 15k miles. So the next place that could burn up right now is the connection at the unit or the wire itself.
  6. So had a slight issue with my car, I burned the inertia switch plug. I currently have an upgraded fuel pump with a 20amp fuse with the tvs1900 supercharger. I wonder if this is too much for the stock wiring. Do they make a unit where I can run a new connector to it? I would want to use the stock fuel pump wiring to activate a relay that has upgraded wire from the junction block to the fuel unit
  7. "home safe" in the owners manual about when they are on and you get out and use the remote to lock the doors the light button will flash and the lights will turn off after x amount of time.
  8. I ended up going with the hethelsport bumpers. I was rear-ended and needed a rear bumper and I hit a raccoon one night and cracked the front one.
  9. Anyone manage to get a pic of the oil cooler or have the install directions? Just curious how they mount.
  10. I have seen a few kits for an aftermarket transmission cooler. I don't see any installation pictures. Anyone do this and have pictures? Or can tell me where the cooler mounts? Thanks, John
  11. I was just curious where it attached to. I'd imagine it attaches to the galvanized frame along the bottom. I already have an Evora 400 style undertray to help with cooling.
  12. I've had this on my NA for almost 10k and the clutch is still ok. Approaching 45k on stock clutch.
  13. Just make sure you contact deroure before ordering. The PN for the S and NA is showing the same. The hose is different.
  14. If you give me a few days, I may have 1 laying around from when I added the SC to my NA.
  15. I can't seem to find any pictures of this kit installed on any cars. Wondering if its worth it for a street/less than a handful of HPDEs a year. car is around 500HP. The gears, diff and clutch are going to be swapped out when this one fails, just trying to have my ducks in a line.
  16. Yes, in an email I was directed to the parts operations manager and he assured me the parts were in stock and that there must have been a miscommunication of sorts. So that's all taken care of. Following that email exchange Brian and I had a few more emails and I spoke to him yesterday for almost an hour. Very knowledgeable of the car inside and out. The "known gearbox issue" was a bit of a sticking point between us, as he did bring up good points as he had mentioned some customers had claimed they drove like a little old lady then the ECU would show time sitting on the limiter was exceptionally high and it turned out the guys kid was beating the piss out of the car without his dad knowing. Im still not sure if my gearbox is one of the "bad batch", or if there is infact a "bad batch" anymore. The service manager at my dealer brought up a point that it probably should have blown up by now if there was a defect in the gears. I'm just going to drive it and see what happens.
  17. I received a response from lotus. Somehow they are not aware of any gear box issues even after I had linked the to lotustalk and thelotusforums threads. I was waiting for Brian Shepherd to get back to me, but its been a week and nothing. Hi John, We would recommend a full gearbox overhaul due to time and or mileage. This overhaul also depends on many factors including vehicle usage since 2011. We are not aware of any reported concerns from other owners with their Lotus cars. Thank you This was my response to him: Thanks for the response, It's been documented online between the US and the UK. The forum I sent on page 1 has a link to the UK forums. According to some posts Lotus is aware of an issue There is more information here: My car has 40k on it, daily driven. Done 1 hpde event. Normal cars don't need a gear box rebuild at this time. My previous cars have all done over 100k. And even if it needed a service, changing gears is not a normal task to be done at this time. I don't even need a clutch, I am just stocking up on parts to have it ready for when it does. That's why I'm emailing you. It's almost 40hrs at $150 an hour to change a clutch. I don't want to spend that money twice because my gear box is one of these possibly bad units. Could you find out more information please. I will also follow up by emailing the parts help email about supply issues. Thanks, John That was sent on the 7th of January, I followed up again on the 16th and haven't heard anything. So much for customer service from lotus! Its not like I'm contacting FCA where they produce thousands of vehicles. Lotus is a small company and id imagine should do better.
  18. I'm sorry, I didn't mean an email from you. I meant an email from lotus since I had already emailed customer services. I just tried emailing again... I found this: Just haven't heard any reviews on it.
  19. Who did you order them from? I just had my clutch master replaced and was at the dealer today and we were talking and they said they can't get it thru their lotus USA channels.. BTW, still waiting for a response to my email
  20. sorry for the delay, was away.. i was told none of this is available. that's my main issue. i honestly don't expect Lotus to know if my gears is bad or not.
  21. I know its a CR box, its just that some of the CR boxes have been breaking due to a defect. I am trying to find out if they know if mine falls under that small percentage. Also, if i do have a defective box or if they can't tell me if i do, why i can't order gears at the moment. if I'm going to spend nearly 40hrs labor to swap a clutch eventually, what's another 10hrs+parts to take care of a potential problem.
  22. That's who I emailed, this was my email: "I have a 2011 Evora NA SCCLMDTU0BHA10718 and was wondering about the gears used in the transmission. I am currently setting up to have my clutch replaced at my local dealer Autosport Designs in Huntington Long Island NY, and I mentioned I had read online about some transmissions that had gears that had a potential to fail. Would it be a good idea to just have the dealer replace gears 3-6 preemptively? I would just hate to do a clutch replacement to have a gear fail a month later. Thanks for any information you can provide. John" perhaps he's on holiday, that email was sent 10 days ago if i can't get a definite answer if my box is one of the CR boxes, I'm going to do the gears. but being told gears are not available either isn't helping...
  23. I ordered a replacement clutch(for just incase) at my dealer and asked them to look into 3-6 gears and got an email back saying the gears are no longer available as well as the transmission itself. this makes no sense to me since the gears are the same as the current 400 gears. Ive been trying to contact lotus(via email and multiple calls) and i have not had any any luck getting in contact with them. The reason I'm looking into the gears is because i have a 2011 box and there is a rumor that some of the boxes have bad gears i don't wanna pay for a clutch swap and not address the gears just for it to go a month later. when i did the factory tour in july the guide said that every bolt and part on the car is recorded so they claim they know everything about these cars.. i can't even get in touch with them to see if that is true or not. also, how much labor should a rebuild cost?(when the case is already out)
  24. no worries. just for others though: Gregs post included some great install pictures:
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